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I could not resit drawing Bea!

Oh, I was away from DA for a while! (Though I actively keep drawing and posting on other places)

I can't resist drawing a fan art of new Pokemon Heroine, Bea!!
Muscular, Tanned, Fighter-type Gym Leader? Oh my...

Indeed, recently I really hoped to draw Nessa ... but I resisted it because I had so many tasks. But finally I dive into fanart world of Pokemon characters. Then, I should draw Nessa... (and more dark skin Gym Leaders if I can!)

Please support me for more art activities! :happybounce: 
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I just saw the 3 new Yokai Girls in Anime Tamae

and with their muscles and pose all i could think was the "awaken my masters" scene from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

since u like Thicc girls, that purple haired lady Wicke from pokemon would be good for you to draw her! ;3

and if you've seen Yurukage/great acta (akuta) he does thicc version of Hex Maniac & thicc gyaru version of Yuka Uchida From minami-ke. I wonder how you would draw those two.
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Yes, please do more dark skin pokebabes.
great tanlines!

She needs a little more oppai hehehe ;3
AMAZINGLY PERFECT!!!!!!! do u do any kind of commissions please note me to let you know
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So many tan lines! Hooray tan lines!
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Why would you try to resist :D
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Wonderful work Heart 
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Wow Rebis, your art is perfect.
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Amazing work with her rebis
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