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Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine and Belle

Cambio de sexo
Blancanieves, Cenicienta, Aurora, Arel, Jasmín y Bella
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My take on the genderbent names...

Sam White, Cid, Arnold, Arnie, Joe and Benny.
I would keep the name of male Ariel the same, because it is both a boy name and a girl name. Male Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, and Belle would be called Ivory White, Cinderemmett, Arthur, Juniper, and Beau.
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Let me see if I can gender-bend the names...

Sir White Snow, Cinder, Auron, Arian, Jasper, and Brent.

Not the BEST names for these few, but it's a start.
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all of them looks stunning
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Hot...........I don't care if Disney gave Hades blue hair and made him look like a fricken blue berry
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This one rocks! These guys all look very male, while still being very recognizable as the Disney girls. And you put Aurora in the right color! 
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I want to see these as movies
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I can picture Professor Sycamore as Belle
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Is it weird that I'd want to date all of them at the same time??
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The Ariel is quite hot! This is a very excellent piece!
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Love them, especially the costume for male Jasmine!
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So we've got Sean White, Cinderemile, Archibald/Thorn Bud, Armand, Jamal and Beau.
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Dat Genderbend Jasmine...
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Aw, they're adorable!
do you take requests?
well aurora will be arthur.
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