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Whoop it is now for WSF but used to be for Winxmas Exchange. Hopefully, I got everythiiiiiing right

1) A Linphean Dress/civilian casual for Rosemary (you know, it was in Winx Club Season 6, as shown here  16110279 247450229026160 7713838319624257536 N by RebelWinxGirl) There are numerous references on the internet so I don't know if it qualifies as a "new design"....? I have a casual design for Rosemary. It is actually her casual in the Fairy Tail universe, but meh... casual nonetheless. I think it fits her style, anyway. It's in the references.

2) Something with Jordyn (Surprise me, lol, because I can't decide on a specific design)

- Let's be very clear. All of the designs I have for Jordyn are finished and done by florianamar (with the exception of her MW and Enchantix, those were done by WhisperingIllusion and AshianaAquaris , respectively), so if you can't do something in one of them, for whatever reason, you ARE allowed to make minor changes. But keep them as close to the original
as you can!!!!!
-She is a tomboy in terms of fashion style, so NO SKIRTS UNLESS THERE ARE LEGGINGS UNDERNEATH. 

3) Celeste Cosmix. Being a Fairy of Comets, I think the transformation fits her wonderfully. It's a space transformation, after all! Let's be honest. Celeste's main color is purple, but I don't care if you use her secondary color more as is shown in her palette.

4) A screenshot of Rebecca using her magic powers in any way (she's a Fairy of Gardens).

 Bullet Orange I would prefer one of her attacking, but you could very well surprise me and do
     something totally in the opposite direction. I will be OKAY WITH THAT.
 Bullet OrangeThe red ends to her hair are an ABSOLUTE MUST. Please do not forget to include


Jordyn's Folder
1 2 3  (For Rosemary)
1 2 (For Rebecca)
1 2 (For Celeste)

And that's everything.

I'm sorry for all the tags, really, but I need to keep track of things...

:iconxxtwiggy: - Jordyn Cosmix 
:iconpunkfairyofgreenday: Rebecca S5 Casual
:iconthemagicinyourheart: Jordyn Pyros Casual

Here's hoping I forgot nothing xD
Soooo Google Chrome Is back to its "I-will-not-load-for-you-despite-a-great-connection" thing.


I feel so guilty now... ;-; Bai...

an 'x' indicates it is done. I plan to make one for every OC of mine at some point, hehe.

Season 1

[ ] Casual 1 (Pyros Outfit)
[ ] Pajamas
[x] Casual 2 (After Arriving in Magix)
[ ] Shopping Outfit 1
[ ] Shopping Outfit 2
[ ] Shopping Outfit 3
[ ] Formal Dress (For her time at Alfea)
[ ] Explorer Outfit
[ ] Casual Dance Outfit
[ ] Miss Magix Intro Outfit (pink)
[ ] Miss Magix Gown
[ ] Cowgirl Outfit
[ ] Motorcycle Outfit
[ ] End-of-Year Outfit

Season 2/3

[ ] Charmix Items
[ ] Dark Winx
[x] Enchantix, w/ Wings
[x] FDB
[ ] Raincoat
[ ] Dance Formal
[ ] Disco
[ ] Alternate Civilian

Season 4

[ ] Civilian
[ ] Band
[ ] Exercise
[ ] Painting
[ ] Pajamas
[ ] Frutti Music Bar
[ ] Date / Dressy Civilian
[ ] Swimsuit
[x] Believix
[x] Sophix
[x] Lovix

Season 5

[ ] Civilian (same as last season)
[x] Harmonix
[ ] Disco
[ ] Cafe
[ ] Pajamas
[ ] Flower Princess
[ ] Underwater Explorer
[ ] Zenith Snow
[x] Sirenix

Season 6

[ ] Casual/ Alternate School Outfit
[ ] Pajamas
[ ] Linphea Outfit
[ ] Gym
[ ] Domino Dress
[x] Bloomix
[ ] Egyptian Outfit
[ ] Winter Outfit (First one, from China)
[ ] Greenhouse 
[ ] City Outfit
[ ] Zenith Outfit
[x] Mythix

~S5 Casual Design
~Enchantix (without wings) or FDB
~Sophix (don't ask, I'm attached to it)
~WoW Casual (or something in the style of WoW)

~DREAMIX (Any OC works but preferably Jordyn, or Lucia) 

~Casual Design (preferably S6 or S7 Style)
~Believix or Lovix (not Sophix, because it'll just look weird on her due to her color scheme being so dark)
~ Mythix; w;

~As mentioned above, DREAMIX. I am majorly attached to it
~Casual Design, like I mentioned earlier, preferably in S5 or S6 Style. But a random outfit works too XD

This is extremely short, I am well aware. I also want points, haha.
My birthday is actually today, and so I'm feeling bad about not making this wishlist earlier. And. pls comment below if you plan on doing something, haha, but feel free not to if you want to keep it a surprise.
That’s right, everyone! Check out my new Twitter account:…

There’s nothing on it yet, I have to finish setting it up. But is there a block function? Lol. I also made a typo when setting the name up, MysticalFairy6 was supposed to be MysticalFairy. It was a total shock WHEN I TRIED TO LOG IN THIRTY SECONDS AFTER SETTING MY ACCOUNT UP. 

We made all of these posts, to celebrate Winx Club Amino's 2nd year as a community! I want the Winx community here on dA to see them! We put this entire thing together in one day. ONE DAY! And we definitely surprised the staff :D the expressions on their faces were priceless!

Let me know what you think of the posts, and I'll pass the message to their respective creators. :heart:

Here (by Flora)

this post (by Crowdin)

Interviews (by Crystal)

Special Song (by Honey-sama)

Post #1 and  Post #2 both by Ayumu

Special Story + Edits (by Ava(Bloom)

Art by Yami and Art by Bloom

WCA's Top 3 Qualities (by Stella)

A magical poem by mythicaldove

THIS IS MY POST!!!! (by me, Kelli)
<da:thumb id="750169887"/><da:thumb id="750169887"/><da:thumb id="750169887"/>
Sorry, but I feel like I have to say this now. I put up with it for a long time, even though it bothered me a lot, but..

please, please, PLEASE  don't call me Rebel. I know it's short for my full username, but I can't say this enough. CALL ME KELLI. (Side note, I want to change my irl name to Kelli at some point.)

and yes, hiatus is ongoing.

sorry if any of this is rude.. and I don't want to name anyone who's been calling me Rebel a lot, but I've been feeling like a bit of a doormat lately (in the figurative way). 
Hello Deviants, this is RebelWinxGirl here. As you can probably tell by the title of this journal, as shown above, I will be taking a small hiatus from DeviantArt. But not just here, from all other media as well. (Bonniebun4 I won't be on Amino either, because that's included under 'social media'.) However, this hiatus is not my choice.

my finals are coming up in just over a month, and I cannot afford to do badly. Actually, that's how my parents see it. They wish for me to focus 100% on school and keeping my grades up for this final quarter, which means no social media during the week (or keeping it at an absolute minimum) until June 22. That means that, for most of the next two months, you will not be hearing much from me, if at all. I'll still be working on things behind the scenes, as always, but this time... the hiatus isn't my choice. 

I love you  guys and I'll take any amount of luck you want to wish me!!


to everyone in Chrystix (tiffanymagicfairy, PunkFairyofGreenDay, yokai-haruka and WhisperingIllusion )- I will still be involved in the project but I'm thinking of changing Zelina's personality to be a bit less.. emotionless and a bit more fiery and lively. I'll keep working on things to do with the club ^•^ count on it. 

To Nachtlichtje , as well as Gerganafen , gloryart-W and WhisperingIllusion (again), don't let Fairyix die just because I'm not online for a bit! ^^ feel free to get the screenshots done and upload the chapters that you've got.. well, whenever. I'll be sure to check in!

to mythicaldove and Bonniebun4 , as well as BlayzeFairy and NessaLILY , I'm sorry I have to bail on Amino (AGAIN) but don't worry, I will be back. Even if it's not immediately. 

anyway, if I'm forgetting anyone, sorry.... 

Kelli Rose 
Here I am, doing an update journal.. yokai-haruka must be affecting me xD 

1. Gallery Folders

I am aiming to fix my gallery at some point, because.. let's face it, my gallery is a total mess because I have no idea how to fix it or organize it in general. I want to make images for my folders so they look PRETTY and are also organized! 
Lucia will obviously be on the top, along with Alison, because those two are my most prized OC's on dA as it is right now.

2. Requests, etc

Im asking for help in a lot of things as it is, and I don't want to feel burdened with paying everyone back for what they've done for me as well as my own projects. I am working on things but they're remarkably slow pace XD which is quite normal for me honestly, because.. well, school. And even though I did take requests at some point, as well as commissions, but within the last few months I changed my requests and commission status to something you aren't used to seeing on my page: closed. 

While this was a change for me, I feel it was a good decision. With exams and restricted internet access to boot (computer password change via parents), it's not like I have tons of time to sit in front of my crappy computer and work with my crappy program to work on requests! Which I never got anyway. So I will most likely not be opening requests again until the summer. 

3. Characters 

I sold a few of my characters last time and those girls are no longer mine. However, there are some girls who I will be keeping, and those include:

Lucia, Jade, Alice, Zelina, Jordyn, and Alison.

NONE of them will EVER  be for sale because I value them so very much. ^^ you are welcome to search my gallery and draw fan art of them if you wish, but only as gifts or commissions/art trades, etc.

hopw this helps 
Hey you never know. You could win. 
I know that one of my friends did a similar blog like this, but I want to explain my own stressful situations now on my own terms.

In school, we have the dreaded 'Regents Exams'. Now I know that a lot of you (especially those who don't live in the USA) have never heard of these, but they're like final exams for us. Except they are called something different and are organized by the State :'D minus the language one but that's besides the point. The point is, I have a Regents this year in math, which wouldn't be a big deal on its own, except I suck at the subject itself and I can barely remember how to do things right after a few months of not doing them- it's like my brain refuses to make the connections. My grades aren't good enough for me to pass math this year if I completely bomb the exam- and it's in a few months..

Another stressful situation is my possible summer plans. I want to pass the math Regents with a good grade and so that is my primary focus, rather than my plans for over the summer, but both my parents and this lady I see every week (to vent and help manage my nerves) want me to find a more 'constant' plan for summer. I can't get a job so they are thinking art camp or something. I found a fashion program that I like- we get to see how the fashion world operates on a local scale- but both my parents have jobs and work, so whatever I find has to fit their schedules as well as mine. My parents and I have had a lot of fights these past few weeks over this particular topic and I just don't know what to do.. I had a nervous breakdown this morning and more might be coming if this doesn't get resolved.


I have the dA user blocked, so good luck trying to comment on this! *snaps fingers* I've been dealing with a bit of a tyrant, on this social app called Amino. There are two leaders now, but there used to be another one who I'll call Leader A. Leader A and the tyrant had a fight and there was a whole drama thing about it, but after that.. the tyrant doesn't want anyone to have contact with Leader A because we are so-called 'betraying the amino'. Leader A and another one of my friends got banned from the Amino (but have since been unbanned as of yesterday because the tyrant wants them back, even though they have no desire to have any contact with them) and now we are all very afraid. This person is nice until you do one thing wrong, until you do something suspicious in their eyes (even if it's really nothing) - they abuse their power as a leader sometimes and even send messages with sexual themes, which are not allowed on the Amino. Yesterday they sent a PM to me and one of my friends, demanding the truth from us about whether we were on/active on the other Amino. I had a panic attack because of that situation, I thought I was going to be banned right then and there..

Luckily I wasn't but I can't keep myself from being scared. I'm really afraid. The user who is doing this no longer means anything to me and I want to quit, but I can't because I simply won't leave my friends to face the user's tyrant ways on their own.

They've made me afraid to speak my mind whenever they are around or if there's a possibility of them finding out about any messages I send disagreeing with them. Yesterday they decided to use one of my chats for an upcoming event WITHOUT TELLING ME and upon commenting, saying, "I'm fine with you using my chat but I would have preferred you ask my permission before deciding to," they DELETED MY MESSAGE!… this is them. Please, if you're on the Amino, BE CAREFUL.

*takes a deep breath* 

I'm fine now.
Honestly I don't know anymore... Waaaah! 
Hello, my watchers!

Well, I think the title of this journal explains pretty much everything, but I'm still going to do a bit of explaining in case you're confused. My secret project is still in the works, but due to a mistake, I have to do a part of it over again and that is definitely frustrating. So in order to prove that I'm not dead, and this page is still alive, I'm doing a Q and A! Is it that obvious I'm desperate? ;-; #helpmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

Some of you might be wondering 'what is this?' Well it's simple! You ask questions and I answer them in a journal. If your questions are too personal (what is your time zone, how old are you, etc) I won't answer it. I'll tell you to change your question(s) politely. :D Plus my age is already in my profile, I really should change that..

Happy asking!! ^^
I think the title explains everything XD
I got into a pretty big fight with my parents and lost the use of my laptop, so I won't be able to use it as much. Even so, my drawing pace has slowed down considerably. My project is taking up most of the scant time I have to be on dA sooo you might not see me for a while. :XD:

if I don't respond, please know I'm NOT ignoring you!

Oh and it gets better..


Here: not only did they take art, that people worked on and spent their time on, and use it without permission, there is absolutely no credit anywhere! And this has happened multiple times from what I discovered.
People WORK HARD on things you little... (insert curse word here) and oh, it gets WORSE. They actually have subscribers,
426 of them to be exact. No asking for permission to use, and it's so obvious! Right here at 17 seconds, it is NessaLILY 's artwork. And there's white lines that mean it was plainly somewhere else before and the background was just erased (very poorly, but that's besides the point), but nooo. The little bitch doesn't even ask to use Kira! Gina works so hard on all of her OC's, plus many other artists, and just plucking art from someplace, like 'oh this is perfect! I'll use it and not even bother to credit!' WTF!

Back when I first joined dA I didn't know how much a problem art theft was. Then I gradually began to figure out that it wasn't okay, and people had worked hard on their stuff. Now, I don't do it, and if I don't credit someone... well, just tell me who made the thing and I'll fix it. :) no need to make a drama about it.

Now, here's a totally random idea! (note the sarcasm in that statement) #StopArtTheft would be a pretty good hashtag, don't you think? So let's put it into use!

Gina, I hope this helps your problem :hug:

Your Friend, Kelli Rose

P.S. Share This and This to your pages, and help spread awareness about this problem (& get that thief kicked off YouTube!)
I just feel I've written myself into a corner with this new chapter. It's supposed to be the last one for the group, but maybe I should make an Elementix: Next Generation kind of thing? Where I have Reyna and Jordyn as the only two 'old' members and add some new OC's in?

But who would I add?? 

Since this story takes place around Season 5/6 of Winx Club, I would have to do some serious changing to the storyline and even come up with some new things. But there's also  H E C K  of a lot I want to accomplish...

Oh, I'm getting off topic!

Like I said, I feel like I've written myself into a corner. I want to continue writing new chapters for the girls, but I also feel that selling Terra was the trigger for this whole thing- that maybe Elementix was supposed to end a while ago anyway.. I've had all these girls for so long, since they were my very first Winx OC's and I've gotten rather attached to them, that I don't want to abandon their project yet but I don't have any ideas for continuing it.

What do you think I should do?
So, yeah. My Elementix Club OC's were in desperate need of a redesign, and so they will be getting one (minus Terra, because she was sold XD) 

Lila's old look:
Spring Flower BulletPlain black hair
Spring Flower Bulletblue eyes
Spring Flower BulletPale Skin    

Lila's new look (Still a WIP):
Arrow leftBlonde hair with multicolor streaks
Arrow leftFlower birthmark on her left wrist
Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider 
Zelina's old look:
:bademoticon:Auburn hair
:bademoticon:Blue-green eyes
:bademoticon:  Basically Tecna but with auburn hair (aka a winx clone)

Zelina's new look: (Palette by xXKahArtsxX )
Arrow leftBlack hair w/ yellow
Arrow leftWears mostly yellow but w/ blue bracelets
Arrow leftBallet flats
Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider 
Jordyn's old look:
xBlack hair
xDark blue eyes, dark skin

Jordyn's new look: (palette by @zorofly )
Arrow leftBlack-blue hair with blue streaks
Arrow leftRed eyes (but not vampire-red)
Arrow leftMore purple in her outfits, less red/ black

The only change that Reyna got was her hair color, which became a pineapple-y blonde. (That palette is by FeeEnchantresse)         
My dad managed to find an antivirus and that made the computer completely OK.

Still not going to re-download SAI, but thanks for your help GeekySiren and DreamofWinx with some of the bits-and-pieces of SAI (& finding the version EnchantingRainbow has up, even though I won't be getting it..) :D and a shoutout to everyone!! :)

And I'm looking forward to submitting more art!! :la:
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Yeah, so. I tried the version of SAI Solrosy has up but something went wrong so I found another version and got that one but there was a not-so good surprise attached. 

And my laptop now has a virus on its system due to me being an idiot. This problem is hopefully going to be fixed within the next few days but I don't know for sure. I will be (for the most part) unable to respond to any messages or comment on anything until it's fixed.

I kind of snuck onto the computer upstairs but can't use it for long due to old parental controls. (it's that old). So don't be mad if I respond to your messages 2 days late ^^;

  • Listening to: Beautiful Trauma- Pink
  • Reading: Sailor Moon Manga
  • Watching: Aikatsu Stars
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