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TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Name: Jade Aurian Rana
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Nickname/Alias: Jade (None)
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet  Age: 16 (Season 1)
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Birthday:  April 2
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Occupation: Alone and Afraid, Alfea Student
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Origin: Callisto, Linphea
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Fairy Sign: Phoenix (I hate not being Core ;p)
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Favorite Weapon(s): Vines
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Dislikes: Bullies, thinking about her past, boring classes (which prompt her thoughts to wander and she thinks about
her past)

TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Personality: Jade tries to be open to everyone,  but people who remind her of the people she hurt-
she can be  closed off to them..

TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Appearance: has narrow, blue eyes, with pale skin and black hair
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Dream: To be a event planner

TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet History: Jade is originally from Callisto but it's not that simple. She has made many mistakes in her life, especially before she could use her powers well and knew control. Trees would come to life and do much damage, branches would wreck homes and places.. she hurt many people, many many people, she could not control her powers and appeared as a snob to many. One person was hurt more than any of the others, and she yearned for revenge..

TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Love Interest: None
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Family: Also none. She doesn't have any family, she has been an orphan for such a long time..Shrug 
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Best Friend(s): Vitia
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Affiliation(s): :iconfairyixclub: (member)

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TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Fashion Style:  She prefers short dresses (in green colors) and open-toed shoes, since she spent so
long on Lynphea.
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Favorite Color(s): Any shade of green, but mostly emerald greenEmerald Emerald 
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Favorite Food(s): Organic chips with salt..Popcorn 
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bulletSexual Orientation: BisexualRainbow Pride dA 2.0 
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bulletOfficial Relationship: Well, she doesn't have one Sweating a little... 
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bulletFairy Type: Natural, I guess
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bulletPower Meaning: Trees means, well, trees. Tree branches and tree roots.
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bulletIntroduction: "Oh hi. I'm Jade. Have fun doing stuff."

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TLoZ -- Green Rupee bulletRealm of Influence: Trees
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Pixie: Amaya, Pixie of Lights
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bulletSelkie: Mari, Selkie of Callisto's Gate

Bullet Green Last Transformation: Sirenix

Random Document which I will figure out later.
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July 7, 2017
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