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Jade Enchantix! by RebelWinxGirl Jade Enchantix! by RebelWinxGirl
Here is my lovely OC Jade in her Enchantix! The design was a bit of a struggle (especially since I can't design good hair even when my life depends on itI think I've fainted. , and the gloves were kind of hard to do.) But I'm very happy with how this turned out. Dirty Little Secret: Jade's fairy dust bottle is actually a laurel wreath! Like the ones the Greeks used to give to the winners of the Olympics!! I think that the laurel wreath looks so much better than an acutal fairy dust bottle but that's just my opinion:happybounce: :happybounce: 
Wings are by Coloralecante (again)
Signature by Ultimix (please don't leave deviantart Ultimix you are one of my fave artists)
Fairy dust bottle by
sparkles/gloves are from (THEY ARE NOT BY ANOTHER DEVIANTART USER! Some people are accusing me of stealing someone else's work, just because I uploaded some blue flowers into my resources folder!! I DIDN'T STEAL ANY PART OF THIS DESIGN, SINCE I GAVE THE PROPER CREDITS TO EVERYONE!!!)
Also would someone adopt my OC's already?! Sorry if I sound impatient but I just think nobody wants them because I haven't gotten any commissions yet Waaaah! 
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November 10, 2016
November 10, 2016
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