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The reaction was almost instant.

"Woah woah woah, why?!" Artemis said with a very confused expression. The other girls had similar thoughts running through their heads, but... "OK."

Everyone in the room looked at the person who had spoken, and Jade smiled back at them. "I'm not just going to think this is a pleasure visit.. something is wrong isn't it? Let us help."

Lo mentally opposed the idea with every fiber of her being, but she also couldn't think of a reason to say no. "Fine," she slowly said. "Get your things, we're leaving in five."

Amore went into her room, and pulled out a book. It was titled 'My Diary' and had her name written on the first page. But the name written there wasn't Amore.

"My heart wishes for others to be healed, and so that is my power.." Amore traced the letters with her finger as a knock from Lo came on the door. She quickly put the book away, as the other girls walked inside. They were all dressed in travel outfits, even Jade, who had flat-out refused to go back to the Nurse's office and get checked out.

All the other girls were staring at Lo, who saw Amore walk in with a small nod. She teleported them all to Whisperia without saying a word, but without any warning either. 

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The girls reappeared in a slightly dark area, one that was a clearing of some kind. Out of all of them, only Artemis and Amore actually seemed scared. Vitia just glanced around, and Jade.. well, she could always make the trees turn course and attack the enemy instead. She was good at that.

"Stay quiet and follow me," Lo ordered. "Fairies born here..."  she didn't bother to finish that thought, and instead made a small gesture with her hand. The others followed for 10-15 minutes, until they arrived at her house. Then a groan of pain came from inside, in her father's voice, and they all followed Lo as she ran inside, only to get hit in the back from a magic bolt.

"Lo!" Vitia knelt down next to her friend, shaking Lo until she sat up. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Lo pushed Vitia away, and although she struggled, managed to stand up within a few minutes. "That is not my father.. he isn't here. So it can only be one other person."

"Your father isn't here." said the voice of Lo's father from the shadows. "I am, though. Surprised to see that you're still alive. How would you like me to remedy that?"

"NO!!" Lo yelled. "Where is my father? What have you done to him? You will not kill me, not  until I get the answer I need!"

A hand was on Lo's shoulder. Then two, then three, then four. Amore, Jade, Vitia and Artemis stood by their friend and looked at her. "No, we will fight together."

The shadowy figure came into the light, and looked them all up and down. "Fairies are never that impressive, honestly. I bet you don't even have your wings, you worthless brats."

Jade stepped in front of Lo, and put her hands out. "We are all fairies, despite what you think. Ready girls?"

"Magic Transformation!" 

[Com] Jade- Magic Winx by merjana(Jade)  [WC][C]:|Amore MW| by strongball (Amore)  Vitia Magix by gloryart-W (Vitia)  [FCD]|FC|season 1|'Meet Lo!'| by WhisperingIllusion (Lo)  Magic Winx By Whisperingillusion by Nachtlichtje (Artemis) 

Nemy scoffed and looked them all up and down. "So you do have your wings. What are you, some kind of Fairyix Club?"

"We are all fairies!" Vitia snapped. "And what are you?"

With wide eyes, Lo whispered, "No, Vitia.. girls, don't.."

After that, things were kind of a blur. Nemy fired a bolt of dark magic at Artemis and Jade, and it hit them both in the back, causing them to yell loudly as they fell to the floor. Both fairies lay on the ground, trembling for a few moments, and then detransformed with a sigh of.. not relief, exactly, but something along those lines.

"Jade! Artemis!" Amore said, kneeling down next to them. "Don't worry, I'll teach her a lesson.."  

Amore stood up, her wings fluttering. "Heart Shot!"

The magic bolt exploded against Nemy in a burst of sparkles, but it didn't seem to do much damage. She simply retaliated again and again, and the girls could barely dodge the blasts she was sending at them. Eventually they were forced to hide behind a table, breathing heavily, while they tried to come up with a plan.

"Would someone tell me who that is?!" Amore said, popping up from the table for a moment.

There were a few moments of tense silence between them. "It's my mother," she said quietly, feeling guilty about it.

Instead of a 'why didn't you tell us sooner?!' , which was what Lo expected, Vitia simply stood up from behind the table and shouted her shield spell, while Amore did.. well, nothing, really. "Get Jade and Artemis," Vitia yelled. "Now!"


WhisperingIllusion is doing the next episode- episode 11!

Lo belongs to WhisperingIllusion 

Artemis belongs to Nachtlichtje 

Vitia belongs to gloryart-W 

Jade belongs to me, RebelWinxGirl 
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