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The next day, it was utter panic.

As it Monday, nobody was really prepared. Sunday tends to make people tired.. Even Artemis and Lo were kind of tired. Artemis was dressed in a white top patterned with hearts, plus dark green pants and shoes. It wasn't what she had planned out, but after a week's worth of mismatched dreams about Jade and hearing the other girls' struggles to sleep, she wasn't exactly thinking straight. There was some drink called coffee that was popular on Earth, but she didn't want any of it.

Across the hall, Lo was standing in the doorway. Artemis thought she saw a scratch on Lo's leg, but then Lo ducked behind the door to get ready, leaving Artemis standing there by herself. As Lo's door was shut in her face, Artemis shook her head. She looked over at Jade's door, expecting the fairy to come out of her room, but a feeling of dread settled over her.

'This isn't good,' Artemis thought. 'How are we going to explain this to Griselda?? Oh jeez...'

Vitia opened her own door, opening her mouth but quickly closing it. Similar thoughts seemed to be going through the blonde fairy's head, because she was holding a finger to her lips like she wanted to stop herself from speaking. But she spoke anyway.

"Well, there's a situation," Vitia said softly. "No Jade means no Jade In Class, which means an unexcused absence." It kind of sounded like she actually cared about lessons for a minute there..

"I thought you didn't care about classes," Artemis replied. She rummaged around for her hat and put it on, looking at her friend with a puzzled expression on her face.

Vitia stiffened and blushed a bit, but then quickly shook her head. "I don't care about them for me," she said. "You're an idiot to think I would," she muttered.

"What was that?"

Vitia looked up. "Erm... nothing! And don't you have classes to get ready for??"

Artemis was trying to not roll her eyes. This girl was really beginning to get on her nerves, and since the door leading out into the hallway was still open, both their voices were carrying out into the hallway. At that very moment, a girl with red hair was walking to her own dorm room. She had arrived late but wasn't worried, she figured helping someone was a perfectly acceptable excuse for being late to class. 

The girl walked past the room, hearing voices coming from the open door. 

"We need to figure something out, missing classes.. even if it's because of sickness or something, Griselda will notice something is wrong."

"But we can't exactly pretend to be Jade. One of us will be missing class either way," a second voice said.

The girl peeked into the room, her dark red hair hanging. She spotted two girls talking in the center of the room, one of them had blue hair while the other had blonde. The two girls were glaring at each other and seemed to be arguing about.. pretending to be someone?? She couldn't have heard that right.. could she? 

"Maybe I can help," the girl spoke up, causing the two arguing girls to jump in fright.

"I don't want to hurt you at all," the girl explained. "I'm Amore, and maybe I can pretend to be your friend Jade.. if it'll help." (picture of Amore down below)

Amore Casual PNG by Ontrai
The two girls looked at one another. Both of them noticed the girl's red hair and clothes, it didn't really seem like she had a fashion sense similar to Jade at all. But if she really wanted to help...

"Okayy," Artemis said, hating the idea already. "If you're sure that you want to do this.."

And then they agreed to the plan. 

Amore wobbled in Jade's heeled shoes. "Wow these are a nightmare to walk in," she said. "But I can handle it.."

"You sure?" Artemis whispered to Amore. The girl nodded, swallowing nervously, but she seemed more confident as she walked down the hall a little bit more. Soon enough, the girls arrived at the classroom and Vitia opened the door, trying to keep her hands from trembling. 
"Here we go," Lo whispered. "Here we go."
Gerganafen Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2017
So cool! Very nice of Amore to offer her help :)
Nachtlichtje Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017
Oh boy, I wonder how Amore's going to pull off being Jade with her bright strawberry hair. xD
RebelWinxGirl Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hehe, it'll probably backfire, but I'm not making any promises :D you'll just have to wait and see
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