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Magic Combat Class

The professor leaned over her desk to look at the assembled fairies. "Your task is to practice a convergence spell with some of your classmates over the coming week. You'll be using these spells at the end of the week against simulated enemies, so keep that in mind. The strength of the spell is important, but so are its effects. The better the technique and strength, in addition to teamwork, the better."

Just then, the class bell rang. All of the students began to pack up their things and leave.

Alfea Courtyard

"We are doomed," Jade let out a moan. "I've never done a convergence spell before, and you heard the teacher.. Technique and the strength of the spell are very important."

Vitia shook her head to disagree with this statement, pushing some blonde hair out of her face. "Magic isn't hard, so how much worse can a convergence spell be?"

Everyone looked at her strangely as they neared the fountain in the schoolyard. Jade sat down on the ground beneath it with relief, while Isabel and the other girls leaned against or sat on the benches. Artemis was deep in thought, fiddling with her cap and thinking back to the royal guards' training sessions back on Eraklyon. She remembered how they had used their spears together, to distract the opponent and then attack.

A bound of coughing interrupted the blue-haired fairy's thoughts. Looking up, she saw several of the students collapse on the ground. There was some kind of thick smoke on the ground, rolling through in waves like mist. Jade and the other girls were now paying firm attention too, and the black-haired fairy summoned some bracelets that looked like laurel wreaths. "What are these?" Artemis asked, taking one from Jade and looking at her curiously.

"Something infused with tree magic," Jade whispered with a small smile, shoving a bracelet onto Vitia's wrist even as she loudly protested wearing the accessory. "Trees breathe out oxygen. So these will help us breathe."

Inside the school, some of the other Alfea fairies flew out through the open doors. But before they can get down the steps and to the courtyard, they are blasted back by some kind of barrier, that won't allow them to come outside. Madelinne and few others pounded their fists against the barrier, even hitting it with their spells, but nothing happened. The barrier absorbs the spells and leaves no trace of them behind.

The Fairyix girls are the only ones outside and awake.

Then, fast as it came, the smoke disappeared and a hole in the barrier opens up. "Get them and bring them inside," a familiar voice said, referring to the unconscious students, "Then the barrier closes again. And don't try and funny business. No sticking around."

Madelinne and a couple of other fairies flew outside through the hole, and to the courtyard. The two girls grabbed the unconscious students and fly back through quickly, but Madelinne turns to Lo and has a rarely seen expression of concern on her face. She's worried for her cousin. "Lo..."

With a quick shake of her head, Lo said, "no. Go back inside Madelinne, and bring the unconscious students." The tone in her voice left no room for argument- in this moment, she was like a mirror Madelinne in terms of personality. And Madelinne raised no arguments or objections, she simply.. listened.

As soon as every fairy is back inside, the hole in the barrier closes and a few witches come through the Alfea gates. Dressed in witch uniform, they glared at the fairies for a long time and then began to walk closer, until there was only 6 feet between them. One of them steps on Artemis' dropped pale green hat on her way and her heel pokes a hole clean through it, but doesn't care.

Vitia lets out a loud noise at the sight of them, before she balled her hands into angry fists. "The nerve of those witches, showing up like this! You don't belong here!" she called, cupping her hands to project her voice. But instead of getting angry, the witches simply fired their spells at the girls.

Ducking the blast, Isabel flung herself towards the ground. The edges of her hair got burned off by the magic spell, while another spell  that resembled pollution came flying at her like a whip and stung Isabel's wrist, leaving it red and irritated.

"That is IT!" Vitia yelled. "These witches are going to be blasted to hell. Vitia Magic Fairyix!"

The other girls exchanged glances with one another, and transformed too.

Inside the school

Madelinne sent another blast at the barrier angrily. "This barrier won't come down!"

"And yelling at it is going to help?" a fairy asked from behind her. "You heard her, it isn't going to come down no matter how much you fire your magic at it."

Both girls glared at one another for a moment but then turned their attention back to the scene outside.

Outside, Alfea Courtyard

"Ooh I'm so scared," the witch in purple said, waving her hands. "Like a couple of basic fairies can do anything against me." Artemis' hand was trembling slightly but she made it into a fist. Was it her imagination, or did the witch glare at Jade for a second? "Girls, get them!"

All of the other witches flew up into the air and that was when the fight began. Tabitha was versing Jade, while Vitia and the others were fighting Nimeria and a few other witches. Vitia fired a blast, called 'Rocky Arrows' at the witch, who simply dodged. The spell kept flying until it hit the purple witch, causing her to be sent back into the gates. "Nimeria, you idiot!" She yelled. "You're supposed to get rid of them, not let them cast magic willy-nilly!"

The purple-haired witch fired a blast of her own that resembled oil, but her anger was putting off her aim and so the spell hit a pillar near the fairies. "Look out!" Artemis yelled, shoving the other girls out of the way as the pillar fell with a loud noise and much smoke. Closing her eyes due to the smoke, Artemis got blasted back by the impact of the pillar hitting the ground and landed on her butt. Opening her eyes, the pillar was laying on its side, an inch from the fairy's left foot. Had she been just a little closer, well... it wouldn't have been pretty.

"Artemis, you crazy thing," Lo helped Artemis get into a crouching position while Isabel said softly, "Not to be a bother, but is there a plan for how to defeat them?"

A blast flew right over their heads. While Isabel patted at her partially burned hair, hoping it would magically restore itself, the other girls' minds were running wildly to think of an idea. And then Jade got an idea.

"A convergence spell." she said, attracting the attention of the other girls. "If we combine all our magic together, it might be strong enough to deal those witches some damage." There was a slight expression of fear on Jade's face, and looking back at what she said earlier, it wasn't difficult to realize why.

Brushing some purple hair closer to her face to hide a bruise forming there, Lo gave a firm nod. "We have to try it. Those witches cannot be allowed to remain here." The fairy grabbed Vitia's hand with her own, and she grabbed Jade's. Lo and Artemis were on the ends of their 'line' and each of them held out their free hand towards the group of witches.

"Fairyix Club convergence! Natural Emotions!"

Taitha, Nimeria, and the other witches barely managed to escape the blast- but Samantha wasn't so lucky. The convergence spell hit her head-on and she fell to the ground. "Samantha!" Nimeria yelled, grabbing her. "You fairies.. you're going to pay.."

Forced to reatreat, off they went. The barrier separating the school from the courtyard vanished, and Isabel, looking exhausted, promptly passed out and fainted. Lo and Vitia caught her, and with help from the others, got her to the medical wing.

Medical Wing, a few weeks later

"Forced to retreat," Isabel read from a newspaper. "The witches responsible for the damage to Alfea College have yet to be apprehended, but sources say Headmistress Griffin is dealing with them  and is responsible for the public's lack of sighting them. Meanwhile, the girls who successfully defended the school against the witches are quickly becoming known as the 'Fairyix Club', and-"

"To think we're famous now," Artemis said with a giggle. "Someone get me a pen!"

Isabel, Lo, Vitia and Artemis all burst into laughter. "I don't have one," Lo admitted.

Vitia stood up and noticed a girl that looked like Jade standing in the courtyard, directing groups of people who were holding all sorts of things. The girl was holding a clipboard and didn't seem to notice the fairy watching her. She elbowed Lo, who looked over with an impassive yet curious face. Coming over to see what the commotion was about, Isabel and Artemis quickly followed the girls as they ran down the stairs.

As they entered the courtyard, Jade turned around and extended her arms with a barely suppressed smile. "What do you think?"


"You did all of this?" Lo said in a slightly awed voice.

Jade shook her head. "Of course not!" she admitted, her smile growing broader. "I had some help from everyone here. They were more than eager to thank you all for defending Alfea.. when I pitched the idea to them, they practically jumped at the chance to help out."

From somewhere, music began to play. Jade waved her hand and the clipboard disappeared into thin air with a poof of sparkles. The other girls were looking absolutely shocked, but gradually they recovered and began to have fun. 

End of chapter

And in a little while, Season 2 will start! I had a super time doing this first season, and I'd like to thank everyone. Without your help, this wouldn't have been possible.

Vitia- gloryart-W 
Artemis- Nachtlichtje 
Lo & Madelinne- WhisperingIllusion 
Isabel & Jade- Me, RebelWinxGirl 
Unnamed fairy- Electra898331 
Here is the finale of Season 1 and I hope you enjoy.. I am soso sorry gloryart-W but since you said you were busy with exams I decided I couldn't pressure you like that with making a screenshot, and I went ahead and made my own. It's not that good but I hope everyone likes it! :D

Credits for all of the OC's are in the chapter, and Electra & 5FriendsLotsOfCrazy could you please contact me on what you would like your OC's roles in the group to be? (Main OC, minor character, etc.)

Thank you. To Gerganafen you can begin uploading the S2 chapters you've written at any time,
but I would like to write when Isabel and Jade earn their Charmixes myself (with a little help from WhisperingIllusion )

Enjoy~! :)
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But one little reminder. This takes place around.. Season 6 of Mysterix? Which is way after the Winx..
Gerganafen Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018
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Well, I remember we already discussed that and all members agreed it to be rather something like an AU - because Samantha and her friends are characters from the Winx time, so our story can't really be from the future. I don't think Fairyix will interact with the Winx anyways, our club follows their own storyline.
RebelWinxGirl Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018  Student Digital Artist
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