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Alfea College, two weeks later

"I'm Lo, and I am from Whisperia."

Lo stood in front of the class, wearing traditional clothing of her homeworld. Vitia, Jade, Artemis and Amore all stood off to the side, wearing traditional clothing from their various planets. Amore had a long sleeve red dress with grey leggings and the other girls were looking at her kind of strangely, like 'that is an outfit from Magix Mall...' 

[Family Tree]|Cardea Family|FC+MC| by WhisperingIllusion  A peek into Vitia's origins by gloryart-W

 After Lo is done, she sat down. Her cousin Madelinne is standing in the back of the classroom, causing some students to whisper at the sight of the Mysterix fairy. But when it was Amore's turn, however, she simply did not move. A comforting hand, put there by Artemis, carefully guided Amore to the front of the room.

"I.." Amore paused, swallowing nervously. "My name is Amore and I come from the planet Eshao. It is a world full of Magic that is located near Lynphea, so they both have a strong protection instinct over nature. My mother is named Melanie and my father is Sammy. I have a little sister named Anita, she is only three years old."

Jade clapped for Amore, along with the other fairies in the room. She took a few steps forward to the front of the room and opened her mouth to speak, but then the bell decided to go off from the hallway. The fairies go to pack up their things and then quickly hurry out. 

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 After school, the Fairyix girls were sitting at a table in the cafeteria. Jade was poking a salad with her fork while the other girls talked.

"I can't believe you are related to a member of the Mysterix Club," Artemis said, leaning back in her chair. "Why did you not tell us before?"

"Come on, lay off the girl." Vitia was still wearing the traditional clothing of her planet but didn't seem to mind. "If you had a relative who was famous, would you like to tell people you are  related to them because then you always get compared to them? I think no. She didn't want to tell us so don't hold a grudge for that, end of story."

Except for Jade, everyone at the table stared at Vitia for a few silent minutes, until the fairy rolled her eyes and went to get some napkins. Lo breathed a sigh of relief and smiled gratefully. "I did want to tell you, but with everything..." she rubbed the spots on her back where her wings were in her fairy form. "I just felt like it needed to wait."

At this, Amore tore her homework paper in half. She let both halves fall to the table and then groaned loudly, snapping her fingers to repair the damage with magic. "I can't blame you," she said quietly. "But did you see the way Maddy and Mimi were staring at each other? If those two are not in love, I will eat a meatball."

The other girls burst into laughter at that, and once Lo calmed down, she shook her head. "Madelinne will kill you if she hears you call her that, especially around Mimi. She doesn't really like people staring at her."

A few minutes later, the girls packed up their things and headed out. Amore was staring at the floor and was so lost in thought, she banged into a wall and fell to the ground, dropping her books.

Vitia and Artemis both raced over to help her. Artemis quickly restacked the books while Vitia helped her stand up. "At least this is the worst thing that will happen today, right?"

Lo nodded quietly but then got the strangest feeling, like they were being watched. She turned around, but no one was there.. 

Flowers and stars - F2U  divider Flowers and stars - F2U  divider Flowers and stars - F2U  divider Flowers and stars - F2U  divider Flowers and stars - F2U  divider Flowers and stars - F2U  divider Flowers and stars - F2U  divider Flowers and stars - F2U  divider

 When this story resumes, it is after a time skip.

Close to 11 pm in Cloud Tower School, all the witches were sleeping, even the teachers. Except for one..

A girl with dark purple hair sat on her bed, being careful not to wake anyone up. She worked on her Potionology homework in silence for a long while until a knock at the door made her pause. With a flick of her wrist, she summoned a vine-like string of pollution to open the door without looking up.

"Hello, Nemy. Did you destroy Jade as I asked of you?"

There was no response from the witch, and after a few moments, the girl looked up. To her shock and horror, the witch shook her head.


With a flick of the witch"s wrist, a hologram of Lo appeared, floating in the air. The girl slashed the hologram to bits with her hand and sighed. "You got distracted, by your daughter?!" She threw the sheets of homework and watched as they fell slowly. "Nemy, just get OUT OF HERE. Go do whatever selfish things you want, I need to formulate a plan..."

The girl pulled some amnesia potion from underneath her bed and the witch took it before teleporting back home. She would not remember a thing and would act as normal- which was what she wanted. The girl whispered into the room, now empty and silent again, "My name is Samantha. And you will pay."

Here is the next chapter!! I thought, 'not every single one has to be full of drama and surprises, right?'

So this chapter is more of a light-hearted one (I feel) with appearances by Madelinne and a cameo by Mimi. It is mostly just the presentations (which I promised ages ago) and them eating lunch. With, you know, a confrontation between Samantha and Nemy at the end. I hope it doesn't deviate too much from what WhisperingIllusion had planned because Nemy will not remember anything.

Artemis- Nachtlichtje 

Vitia- gloryart-W 

Lo- WhisperingIllusion 

Jade- RebelWinxGirl 

Collaborator- Gerganafen 
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Gerganafen Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017
Oh, awesome! :clap: I really enjoyed this chapter! So Nemy worked for Samantha after all.EVIL Laughter! Looking forward to read what the next move of our main villain will be! :excited:

Btw, now Amore is a Fairyix member too, right? :)
RebelWinxGirl Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yes she is!

And as for Nemy & Samantha, it was just the 1 time. And next move, hmm...

Shrug I'll think of something.
Gerganafen Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017
Cool! :) That mystery about her story and her real personality/name is interesting. :)

Can't wait to
RebelWinxGirl Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hm.. do you want to write the next chapter?
Gerganafen Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
Ok, I can try! :) 
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Ok :)
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