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It is some weeks later at Lynphea College. It is the end of the day and Skyler is saying goodbye to her new friend Iris; then Lily calls with the news that she will propose to Emily that night. Lily informs the other girls (even Rose) who all say they will be attending. Since Erika's school is in Magix City, she visits that day and is asked by Lily which ring Emily will like.

Erika chooses a ring and then goes back to school for a few hours (Lily will propose that night at the dinner). Vanessa comes into the dorm and is informed as well, and then the other girls show up that night. A few hours later, the girls come to the dinner and Lily proposes. Emily says yes, and then Alison proposes to Skyler (and she says yes.)
Their attire:

Emily: sta79       Lily: gid69     Rose: kgkmer886
Skyler: 1     Alison: 2       Vanessa: 120506
Erika: 117346   Dara: 5c420b5  Jessica: 
Kelli:  127874a by RebelWinxGirl
Rose looks at the time and curses, the girls are chatting about their new schools when this and they look at her funny. Rose explains that her school is basically a prison, Dara is enraged and vows to get Rose out of the school. She disguises herself with her shadow abilities and they go. 

Emily is very upset and she teleports to Rose's school, where it is revealed that the Headmistress is Emily's grandmother and they fight until the Headmistress agrees to let Rose leave. Somewhere along the way, Rose breaks her ankle and Dara carries her into the office. Emily heals Rose and then they teleport back to Alfea, just in time to interrupt an argument between Skyler and Erika. The girls go their separate ways, with Erika staying over the weekend since her school is not that far.

Skyler returns to Lynphea College and enters her dorm. Her roommate Iris is there and Skyler finds herself telling Iris everything. Iris promptly faints.

Some weeks later, Vanessa and Erika lose their powers temporarily. Kelli finds out that she needs glasses and decides that she will go shopping for them later. Emily cannot come with her, as she and Lily have to plan their wedding. Just then, they realize that Jessica went to turn her evil mom normal (by herself). Kelli has to go get glasses (her chosen pair is here: prettypurple) and Rose will go with her.


Very excited. This synopsis way of doing things is much easier on my fingers..
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May 16, 2017
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