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Alfea College

Here is a new school year for everyone. September, it is rather windy for this day. And a campus map, lost by a girl named Jessica, ends up in someone else's hands..

"Hello there," Jessica said softly to the other girl. "Hey... HEY!"

The other girl removed her earbuds and smiled at Jessica. "Hi! I am so sorry about that."

At that moment, the girl seemed to finally notice who was talking to her.

"I believe this  map is yours," the girl explained. She pulled the map out of her bag and handed it to Jessica. "I know it isn't mine. Mine is right here in my bag."

Jessica laughed and took her map from the girl. "Thank you. I would have gotten so lost without this!"

"But don't you have any siblings, do you?" the girl said. "Most people do. Then they don't get very lost!"

Jessica put her map in her bag. "No siblings. It's just been me for the longest time. Well, me and the other normal girls back home. They really don't handle magic that well, or any of this."

To show her point, she gestured to a girl with a husky tail, swishing back and forth. "I have wanted to come here for a while, but it took so much convincing...."

The girl laughed. It was then she realized they had talked through the entire opening ceremony! They had managed to tune out the boring old 'Stay away from Cloud Tower' speech, but they had also talked through the roomming announcements!

"Why do I get the feeling we should have actually listened for once?" Jessica muttered. "We can never find our rooms now!"

The girl dragged Jessica over to a board. "You really should listen," she said. "This board has all the dorm assignments. And let me see... here I am! Rebecca, room 210!"

Jessica scrolled down the list until she found her name. "There I am! Jessica, room 210! Wow, we are in the same dorm!"

Rebecca took her suitcase out of her pocket and held it up. "Maybe I will make this big again when we get to the dorms. It is way too much work, lugging it up and down stairs!"

Jessica laughed and adjusted her bag. "Let's start heading upstairs. This is going to be exciting!"


All the way across the school.. 

"This is crazy," Gloria said. "Where am I?"  

Gloria was not supposed to be here.. Wherever 'here' was, it was certainly not Boston College. She had signed up weeks ago and had been one of the last people to get their acceptance letters from the school. She had packed her things and had been all ready to walk in the door.. but had ended up here instead.

"Seems like school is in session here as well." She took a look around and walked through the Alfea gates as they lowered for her. "Woah, what is this? Some sort of invisible lines? It's creepy."

And it wasn't the only creepy thing. Most of the students had finished settling in for the afternoon and were now spread across the grounds in groups of two or three. They were all chatting amongst themselves and probably thought Gloria was a student looking for her friends. But Gloria was nowhere near being a student. Not yet, anyway.

"There are so many rooms in this place," she thought as she walked.

After a brief discussion with the Headmistress of the school, Gloria was given a map. Her powers were out of control, the Headmistress had said. She needed to learn control, the Headmistress had said.

It was all too crazy. Too much stuff that didn't make sense. Magic powers? That couldn't be. Teleportation? Crazy impossible.. But not so crazy impossible after all. Because she teleported. Ugh. The whole situation was so confusing, she wanted to scream. Quite loudly.

"Just pick any dorm in the 200's," she said to herself. "Hopefully the people there are nice."

And so she went, pressing random rooms at random until there was only one room left. "Room 210, okay. Now where is that room?!"

Navigating the strange place was not easy for Gloria. Especially since she had no map, no way to figure out where she was. The floor where room 210 was located was relatively easy to find, since there was a big arrow that pointed in that direction. With the words 'Rooms 200-220' on it and pointing left. So she headed that way. 


Rebecca and Jessica reached their room and began to unpack. The place had a relatively simple layout, for a strange reason both of the girls got their own room. No sharing for them!

Jessica finished putting up her dance posters from Earth and stared at it. She took a few steps backward. Then a few more. Then she tripped over her suitcase, half open, laying in the middle of the room.

"OUCH!" she yelled, rubbing her ankle. "I am beginning to think I should have cleaned up the suitcase before I started decorating this room.."

She found a box of old papers. They didn't appear important, even after looking them over a few times, so Jessica sighed. "Maybe it is time for a break from decorating," she said. "I need to clean up."

Jessica picked up the box and carried it into the main room. As she set the box down, she noticed a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes standing in the doorway, holding her suitcase and dressed in dark purple-pink.

She slowly straightened and looked at the girl standing there. She didn't have any idea who this girl was. And apparently this girl didn't know who they were either, since she said, "What are you doing in my room?"

Jessica's mouth fell open at that. "Woah woah woah! Who said it was your room? We are sharing. And who are you anyway?"

Gloria was very upset now, and she put her suitcase down before she opened her mouth. "My name is Gloria Lillie Watters. And I am not supposed to be here, you know. But here I am anyway!"

Jessica had no idea what this girl meant. "What do you mean, not supposed to be here? You registered, didn't you? You came here to learn or something, right?"

Gloria shook her head. "I was supposed to go to college back home. But this is NOT home. This is some strange dimension, which I have no business being a part of!"

At that very moment, Rebecca walked into the main room holding a blanket. "Hey Jessica, I found this and thought it would be great for the couch here.." her voice fades as she looked around at Jessica and Gloria. The tension between them was obvious, mostly from the way the two of them were glaring at each other like they could shoot laser beams from their eyes. 

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