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Crop by RebelWinxGirl

Waking up that morning, Lila felt like something was off. The fairy of flowers slowly opened her door, just in time to see

Terra slip out of the dorm. Frozen in fear, Lila did nothing, but simply watched as Terra left. Lila waited for a few hours,

hoping Terra would come back, but she never did. Instead, Lila called Zelina and the other girls, who were at Magix City to go shopping, and told them.

Suddenly, Jordyn's voice exploded from the phone Lila was holding, full of anger. Lila was so startled by the explosion of noise, she dropped the phone on the floor and was scrambling to pick it up as Jordyn spoke again. "WHAT! What do you-"

A  crackling noise came from the other end of the phone, followed by another voice, commanding yet friendly. "Be quiet Jordyn, I can't hear what she's saying!" That was Reyna. Jordyn muttered something, in addition to a few curse words, unaware that everyone (including Lila, who still had the phone by her ear and was about to put it on speaker) could hear what she said. "Break it up, you two," Zelina said from beside the girls, her voice slightly hoarse.

'Why are they so loud?' Lila thought, her ears pounding slightly from the noise. "Girls? Are you OK?"

With a sudden burst of smoke and sparkle, the other three girls appeared in the dorm room, Jordyn and Reyna arguing while  Zelina just calmly listened to a repair manual audiobook (her idea of an interesting book) with special soundproof headphones. Well, not so calm, but more like.. trying to stay neutral in this particular fight.

Deciding to break up the fight before it got any more intense,Zelina clapped her hands to get their attention. "So start from the top," Zelina said rather loudly. The other girls winced and covered their ears, and Zelina took her headphones off before looking at them with a small smile that soon disappeared. "Start from the facts."

As Lila opened her mouth, a letter floated off the table. Bending down to pick it up, Lila discovered four names written on it in Terra's handwriting- theirs Zelina, Reyna, Lila, Jordyn. "u-uh..girls.."

The other Elementix Club girls looked over at the note that Lila was holding and Reyna began to read it over Lila's shoulder. "Girls, if you're reading this, it's Terra. My mom is sick and in the hospital, but the doctor didn't say why. So I will be leaving Alfea, and probably never come back. As much as I had fun here, my mom deserves my full attention for now. I'm sorry. Terra."

Jordyn, normally a fighter to the bone, went quiet. The other girls looked a combination of sad, angry, and terrified. "T...Terra, she's never coming back?" Lila whispered into the now-silent room.

"Shh.." Reyna replied, whispering into Lila's ear. "I'm trying to think." But the bell rang and interrupted her thoughts, and since none of the Elementix wanted to be late, the girls grudgingly went off to Potions with Palladium. 

Part 2

Lena looked up during potions, and was trying to pay attention. She was having a whispered conversation with the other girls, and so she wasn't fully concentrating. Her memory was better than most people's, and so she thought she would be prepared when asked a question, but when Palladium called her name, she jumped in her seat. "Since you obviously know the lesson well enough to not pay attention, how about you show the class how to make a smoke cloud potion?"

Ignoring the laughs and stares from her classmates (minus Reyna, Jordyn, and Lila), Lena stood up and walked to the front of the room. She poured most of the right ingredients in, but the final ingredient was a spark of magic 'imagining what you want to happen'. She was so embarrassed inside, she was just wishing to change her appearance. And that's what happened. Upon contact with her skin, Lena.. changed. Her auburn hair became black and yellow, her blue eyes brown. Her skin tone even changed, becoming less pale and more tanned.

When the smoke cloud disappeared, Lena stood frozen in a state of shock. "Well," Palladium said with a slightly strangled sound to his voice, "it wasn't the intended effect. But there certainly was a smoke cloud, which was the intended effect of the potion. Good job, Lena."

She dropped the glass potion bottle in pure shock, and ran out of the room through a side exit. Most of the students only looked shocked for a few moments, but then they began to talk and gossip. Almost like they didn't even care about her.  But another girl from the class stood up, nearly tipping it back onto the floor, and ran after Lena, a small cell phone hanging from her bag.

"Those people laugh.. I'm going to make them regret the day-" Jordyn's hands lit up with orange and red fire, prepared to attack the students. In her mind, she was back on the island of Dragons, training. But when she felt Reyna's  hand, Jordyn extinguished the fire she was aiming to throw. "They're gonna pay later.. but Zelina comes first."

"Now you're thinking," Reyna said with a small giggle. "Let's go."

When the Elementix girls ran into the hallway, they found a girl they didn't recognize comforting their friend. "Don't cry, you look cool. It's not bad. See?"

Holding up her cell phone, the girl took a picture of Zelina and then turned the phone around so Zelina could see. "Doesn't that look pretty cool?" Lena gave a small, sharp nod and wasn't as upset, but when they felt they were being watched, the girl stood up and put her cell phone away. "It looks like your friends are here.." she pushed some  hair out of her eyes and extended her hand to Lena.

"Don't mean to be rude or anything, but who the heck are you?!" Jordyn said out loud. "And what are you doing with Zelina!?"

The girl ignored Jordyn. Instead, she helped Lena stand up and then stood by them. "I was helping," she said with a small smile. "My name is-"

"Terra!" Lila burst out, apparently forgetting her own volume and then she quickly closed her mouth. "I mean, shouldn't we go and comfort her? Her mother.." Lila hurriedly ran back to the dorm room so quickly that there was just a smoke cloud. (Cartoon scene brought to life XD) She opened the door and dashed into her room, grabbing a jacket. Lila sat down on her bed, slipping on black sneakers just as the other girls came inside. They looked slightly out of breath from running, and the new girl peeked inside the room, appearing to have followed them. "I'll make up an excuse to Griselda," their new friend whispered with a small smile. "And I don't think the Winx will mind.."

But when she looked back at Lila and the others, the girls were gone. The door slammed behind them as they ran out of the dorm and to the teleportation room, before teleporting to Earth.

Once the girls arrived, Lena extended her hand and a ponytail holder appeared. Carefully, she put her hair into the ponytail and then flipped it over her shoulder. Looking around, Lena soon spotted a sign pointing to the nearest hospital. "Okay. The hospital is that way."

While Lena had been locating the hospital, Reyna had been busy in her own way. After a few taps on her phone, Reyna found a nearby taxi stand that still had a taxi waiting. Reyna let out a whistle from a few feet away, and then pointed to the taxi she was now standing next to. Lila and Jordyn looked over with mixed expressions, and Lila did a double take while Jordyn just looked impressed. "On Pyros, the only method of transportation was by dragon or by foot. And dragons don't like passengers. Or people."

Giggling under her breath, Reyna climbed into the taxi, patting the seat next to her. After her, Lena climbed in next, then Lila, with Jordyn taking the window seat. Leaving the window open helped her imagine that she was back on Pyros, with the dragons and Maia, and had never left.

Both Jordyn and Lena were so lost in thought with their various problems (Jordyn being slightly overwhelmed with the immensity of the city, Lena with the freak accident from potions), that the two girls only noticed they had arrived when Lila tapped on their shoulders. "we-we're here.."

 The four girls climbed out of the taxi and Reyna fished some money out of her pocket, handing the cash to the driver before running after her friends and inside the hospital. The slightly startled driver looked at the cash with shock, then simply shrugged and drove away.

They had just walked inside when the express lift dinged open. Jordyn looked at Lila, who looked at the express lift before shaking her head. Looking around for another way, Lena used her magic to open the door to the stairs, and looked at the currently-occupied receptionist before turning back to her friends. "Let's go!"

Once inside (and with the stairwell door shut) Jordyn and Lila transformed into their Enchantix forms. Reyna and Zelina transformed into their Charmixes, and the girls flew up the stairs together.

"so... so high..." Lila whispered. "Look, there's the exit!"

With a blast of her fire magic, Jordyn sent the door flying open. The fairies landed on the platform and shut the door behind them, quickly turned back to normal before anyone saw, but the hospital was so busy, nobody even noticed them. ((Odd, but true.)) "what the heck is this...?" Jordyn whispered in horror. "No wonder people don't like hospitals. This place is like a prison."

While Jordyn was looking around at the hospital floor, Reyna had, by some miracle, found the floor receptionist and gotten the number of the room Terra's mom was in. Jordyn tore herself away from staring at the hospital floor, but was shoved to the wall when a group of hospital workers ran past the girls and into the room over the sound of beeping.

"What the hell is that noise-" Jordyn covered her ears but then her voice faded. "Oh no.... Terra's..."  

end of chapter

And now what happened to the girls after this is over... after the EPILOGUE! :D I'm not going to leave you guys hanging like that ;p 

As the beeping from the machines slowly began to silence, Terra stumbled out of the hospital room, crying. Tears streamed down her face, and she ran out of the hospital, unaware that four girls were watching her as she went out. "We can't just let her face this alone," Lila whispered. She grasped Lena's hand and tried to drag the other girls out after Terra, but only succeeded in exhausting herself. "girls, please! We need to.. we need to.." 

Jordyn shook her head, disgusted with herself for staying still, but she had to think rationally... For once. "Let's get out of here. Terra plainly doesn't want to see anyone. Especially all of us."

And they left.

And if you're crying by this point, I'm letting you know that I'm sorry.. ^^; I tried to make this dramatic.
Now I have to figure out what to do with the other girls. Reyna and Lena both need their Enchantix forms...
But how?
I hope you like it. It took me a long time to get here.

All characters are mine, with the image of the flower from Google.


Kelli Rose
MaddieCruz Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018
Cool story haha, is it with my oc Terra?
RebelWinxGirl Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Yea actually, I had to some up with s o m e  way to explain Terra leaving the group (because she's yours now)
I don't get why I made it so tragic though, probably because it was what popped into my head ^^;

And I'm glad you like it:D. How's Terra's enchantix coming along?
MaddieCruz Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018
I still need to come up with the wings, it is a hell making wings ugh
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