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Zelina tossed and turned nervously. She couldn’t sleep, but she suspected she wasn’t alone.

On the nearby balcony, looking out at the forest beyond, stood Lila. She held a small bottle that resembled her fairy dust- and she held it tightly. Her black hair blew in the wind. It had only been a few days since Lila’s earning Enchantix, but none of them could think about anything else. Lila had turned into a cold, distant fairy.

“Hey, Zelina,” Lila said. She didn’t sound surprised.

How did you know I was coming?” A stupid question, but one that needed answering. Lila’s powers seemed to have changed, too, which was very strange. That never happens..

Fast forward two weeks. The Trix, Karisa, Mara, and Serafina, attack Alfea while the senior fairies are away. It’s just the 1st and 2nd year fairies now, and the battle is not going well.

A fairy named Sabrina gets knocked down to the ground. She attempted to sit up but gets knocked down by a stray magic bolt. “Star Blast!” cried a fairy named Amaryl. A witch was hurled out of Alfea and into the forest.

The sounds were too disturbing. Zelina could barely hurl her electric ropes fast enough. Next to her, she heard Lila gasp and clutch her head with both hands. She fell to the ground and lay still.
Terra ran over and grabbed her. “Lila! What’s wrong?”
The trees..” she said weakly. “I can feel them, sense them. They’re in so much pain.”
“Let’s get you back into the battle,” Terra replied. “You’re essential, after all.”
Lila smiled. “I have some explaining to do, don’t I?”
“Yeah,” Terra said, laughing. “Quite a lot.”

Fast forward half an hour.

Lila, Terra, Zelina, Reyna, and Jordyn have found Karisa, Mara, and Serafina, who are controlling the entire army from three black thrones (guess who they originally belonged to?). Now, they are in an epic showdown!! (ugh I was stuck on a transition.. sorry if that messes the whole thing up)
Zelina: Electric Blast!
Karisa: Darkness!
Jordyn: Fire Arrow!
Terra: HEY! Earth Blast!

“This isn’t going well,” Zelina explained. “We need a super strong spell to finish them off!”
Terra got knocked down to the floor and frozen in ice. “Terra!!” Jordyn cried. “Flame Fire!”

Icy dodged the blast, but it hit Karisa head-on. She flew into the air and landed a half mile away with a loud BAM!
Jordyn landed a few feet away from Terra and quickly unfroze her friend.“Thanks,” Terra said.
“You’re my friend,” Jordyn replied. “Did you really think I was going to leave you behind?”
Reyna flew behind them and smiled. “This is lovely, you two, but we have a fight to win!”
Terra sat up, groaning. “They will not take Alfea from us,” she whispered. “Not again.”
“Zelina! Lila! Jordyn!  Reyna!” she called. “Let’s do this!”

Jordyn: Flame Storm!
Lila: Nature's essence!!
Zelina: Electric Wave!
Terra: Earth Essence!
Reyna: Magical Wave!!!!

A cloud of smoke enveloped everything, and when it cleared, the Elementix girls shakily sat up and looked around. Where Karisa, Mara, and Serafina had been standing, three large holes in the ground were all that remained. Several tree branches had been cleaved from their trunks and littered the ground.
"Where did they go?" Zelina asked, holding a hand to her forehead. "Ow. Serious headache."
Terra groaned and brushed some leaves out of her hair. "Yeah.. it's like they disappeared."
Reyna stood up and walked over to something. "No, it's much worse," she said, looking up.

Above them floated THE TRIX!!!
They were each holding one of the witches in their arms, cackling. "It's not over yet," the one in the middle said. "It's only just beginning."
They flew away, and suddenly all of the Elementix girls collapsed- all of them except for Lila, for reasons none of them understood.
I might make a epilogue-style finish to this chapter, but I want your opinions on it first. I spent such a long time on this and I am very proud of everything I wrote:squee: , but I still want to know what you think. 
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