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EDIT: each time one of my OC's gets tagged, I'll add it here.

I got tagged by WhisperingIllusion who picked Vanessa.

1) The bracelet Vanessa always wears was something she found in an old box in her house, and it's made
out of gemstones that can only be found on planet Darya. 

2) Vanessa was adopted by a man and woman who are also from Darya, and their names are a bit of a WIP ^^;. Her real parents (along with her real village) perished after being victims of a mudslide that occurred in her home village. Vanessa was the only survivor (or so she thinks ;p I might use this plot later), and she doesn't remember anything about the mudslide that killed her family.

3) Vanessa has a HUGE book collection- she has over 200 books that she's read! Many of them are rare books that can't be found anymore and she is fiercely protective of them.

4) Due to her powers being the tides, and essentially the ocean itself, she has the ability to breathe underwater without casting a spell. When I saw season 5, I believed that Aisha should have this ability and I'm sad she never got it.

5) her hair was actually not its current color at birth- it was actually black. She was exposed to the magic later than most babies on her homeworld and that had more than one effect on her hair. The blue part didn't appear until she was two.

6) She absolutely hates shopping. Not because she doesn't like chic clothes (even though she does hate them at first), but because those stores are always so crowded and bright. So don't ever try to get her to go to the mall or something with you, because she will never accept and will probably curse you to boot.

7) her father is the village.. not chief, exactly, but the person in charge in her village, and her mother majored in Magical Law when she went to college. Vanessa also has a younger brother who is studying Combat Strategy at Red Fountain, and Vanessa herself wants to major in either Protective Magic or Oceanography.

8) Vanessa's eyes are heat-sensitive. Darya doesn't have many sunny days, and as a result, she needs to wear special contact lenses in order to be able to see when off her home planet.

I tag:
NessaLILY - Cora
898331- Kirsty 
mythicaldove - Rosella

Second tag time!! :D (Big Grin) I got tagged by MajicJane who picked my shy girl Rosemary~ (pretty sure we know each other from WCA buuttt I could be wrong) SCREW WTF IS WRONG WITH MY IMAGES NOT SHOWING AHHH

1) Rosemary has yet to earn her MT, or 'first wings' due to her shyness. She has a habit of running away from the battles instead of towards them.. I am a dummy! 
2) She has a very small family who have lived on Lynphea since it was 'founded'. A breakdown of her family:
Bullet Blue Alex Cox- Uncle, professor at Lynphea College (powerless)
Bullet BlueEmma Freeman- older sister, 3 years older than Rosemary. Studying medicine on Zenith. (powerless)
Bullet BlueJulie Dixon- mother, owns a flower shop (fairy of pollen)
Lee Freeman- younger brother, stuck as a frog (long story)


3) Rosemary used to be pretty accident-prone when she was young. Her very first potion lesson, she put the wrong ingredients in and turned her younger brother permanently into a frog by mistake.. Stardew face 

4) She hates the dresses that students at Lynphean College wear, and shoes. Basically, her dream day is to lay down in the grass outside Lynphea College barefoot and sleep there all day. :XD:

5) Rosemary is a strict vegan, she refuses to eat any meat or dairy. Because of this, she has iron deficiency and is prone to fits of dizziness and chest pains, often collapsing/passing out in the middle of classes.

6) Rosemary is allergic to bees. When she gets stung even just once, she will have a severe allergic reaction that ends up getting her in the hospital during the spring/summer if she is caught off guard. She always keeps emergency medicine in her bag that's kind of like lotion, and it smells like chocolate ;p She developed this medicine herself.

7) She only really gets along with other nature fairies, because Rosemary is under this impression that other fairies don't understand nature or herbs. And her favorite flower is the rose, because Rosemary has a supersense for avoiding the thorns in them.

8) Rosemary has a huge scented pen collection. Her pencil case usually smells like a tropical explosion whenever she opens it :XD: she owns 5 blueberry pens because that's her favorite scent and often uses them for taking notes whenever she's doing potions/healing. 
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