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Winx Club Fairy Profile: Ariana Del Rosa
:bulletpink: Name: Ariana del Rosa
:bulletpurple: Nicknames/alias: Aria, Ari, Sweet Pea
:bulletpurple: Age: 16 Years (Charmix level)
:bulletpurple: Birthday: 5-17 (May 17)
:bulletpurple: Occupation: Student of Magix University 
:bulletpurple: Origin: Planet Linphea, Artistan District
:bulletpurple: Fairy Sign: Satyr
:bulletpurple: Weapon Specialty: Rifles (yes, guns)
:bulletpurple: Likes: Reading a book outside; spending time with her sister; researching flowers; being in the greenhouse; shopping; Flying in the air :heart: ; to eat sweets 
[Bullet; Purple] Dislikes: Cooking; organic chips or coffee; being in the city; pressure; wintertime; being on the ground
Dream: To be a veterinarian 
[Bullet; Purple] Appearance: Blonde hair with goldenrod brown eyes, fair skin, and pink-brown lips. 
[Bullet; Purple] Personality: Ariana is the exact opposite of her sister Alina- where Alina is more quiet and loves to stay in the library, despite being the more attractive of the two, Ar
:iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 1 0
Winx Club Fairy Profile: Alison Vega
Winx Fairy Profile: Alison Vega
(F2U) - music notes border
(F2U) - music notes border General Statistics(F2U) - music notes border
(F2U) - music notes border
Name: Alison Vega
Nicknames/aliasAli, Ice Queen
Age: 16 (first year), 17 (second year). 19 (third year)
Birthday: July 27
Occupation: Alfea Student, Beginner's Alchemist, Crown Princess of Planet Crysalis
Origin: Planet Crysalis
Fairy Sign: Hippogriff
Likes: hanging out with friends, chemistry; subjects like alchemy, potions, and math; ice cream; writing essays and doing experiments; being alone; wintertime; watching horror movies
Dislikes: bright colors, such as pink and pastels; people who break the rules; hot foods; the heat; girly clothes (dresses, skirts, etc); getting
:iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 2 0
Winx Fairy Profile: Aislyn Mizuki
General Statistics
Name: Name: Aislyn Mizuki 
Alice, Sleepy, Sandgirl
Age: 16 years old (first appearance), 18 (at Enchantix level)
Birthday: November 3rd
Occupation: Student of Alfea College; Guardian of the Solarian Library (formerly)
Origin: Birihāni, Solaria
Fairy Sign: Salamander
Weapon Speciality: Dream Dust
Likes:  books, especially fantasy and fairy tales from Earth; tea; wintertime (because she gets to throw snowballs); butterflies; daydreams; History of the Magic Dimension class; gold and silver jewelry; collecting gemstones; calming music (not classical, but calming sounds in general); cloudless nights
Dislikes: Being teased; tests in school; pretty much all loud noises; cemeteries; summertime; idiots; the ocean (because she can't swim); bitter foods
Dream: to become a Magic Spells professor
Appearance: Alice Has straight blonde hair that
:iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 1 2
Alice by RebelWinxGirl Alice :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 10 2 WIP: Jordyn Pyros Casual by RebelWinxGirl WIP: Jordyn Pyros Casual :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 3 0 Once In a Blue Moon by RebelWinxGirl Once In a Blue Moon :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 8 2 WSF: Outfit by RebelWinxGirl WSF: Outfit :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 3 6
8 Facts About Rebecca
I got tagged again, this time by PunkFairyofGreenDay. I know this is a long time coming, but I honestly didn't want to do this until recently. Like, five minutes ago. So, here we go!
1) Out of all my OC's, Rebecca has gone through the most changes in regards to her powers. To be exact, she her power has changed FOUR different times! First she was the Fairy of Watermelons (a joke, something that just popped into my head at the moment), then Fairy of Summer, then the Fairy of Energy before finally becoming the Fairy of Gardens. 
2) Rebecca, unlike most OC's who are from Earth, was actually born there. She is a Terrestrial Fairy, but not a Tir Nan Og Fairy, and therefore she has a Magic Winx form like other fairies. 
3) I picked Russia for Rebecca's birthplace on purpose. I've never been there, but I hear it's beautiful with all the snow. Plus, what better place for a Fairy with a connection to plants to be raised in? Yup, I have a sense of irony...
4) Rebecca hadn't touched a
:iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 3 5
Okay, Announcement Time...
And, before you ask, NO I AM NOT LEAVING DA. Sorry for the caps, but I just want to make it clear.
now, are you ready?
I'm stepping down as the person-in-charge of Fairyix. For all those confused, YES, this explains  Jade's exit at the latest episode's end. I already let the others know, and I have to confess I can't keep this up. You may be wondering what I'm talking about. Well, let's see. In essence I am more or less miserable right now... I don't want to say I'm depressed, because I don't 100% know what it is, but I know I'm just really not okay. 
I informed the others in Fairyix that I no longer had the time or motivation to run the project, and... I can't tell you how much it means to me that you all understand. We worked things out, tied up loose ends so I could step down without too many issues. Gerganafen is now in charge of the project, if you haven't figured that out already, and I have complete faith in everyone else that things will b
:iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 4 2
CE: Coincidence, Inevitable by RebelWinxGirl CE: Coincidence, Inevitable :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 8 7 Golden Paw Coord by RebelWinxGirl Golden Paw Coord :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 3 2 WIP: Contest Entry by RebelWinxGirl WIP: Contest Entry :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 1 0 CE: Ange, Angelic by RebelWinxGirl CE: Ange, Angelic :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 7 6 Sakurauchi Riko! by RebelWinxGirl Sakurauchi Riko! :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 3 0 {FLAT COLOR} Ako Satome: Ice Dance by RebelWinxGirl {FLAT COLOR} Ako Satome: Ice Dance :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 1 2 Something, FINALLY by RebelWinxGirl Something, FINALLY :iconrebelwinxgirl:RebelWinxGirl 9 10


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Lila's two daughters Alina and Ariana (along with Zelina) are my only OC's that are related to other OC's I have. Aka, they're my only OC next gens, if that makes sense.
Turns out I was wrong... it's not 29 OC's, like I thought, it's 30. Including family members. I added both of Lila's daughters to the equation, along with Caylum's cousin Hestia (and now Tariya). They'll probably just get casual designs, because... minor characters, y'know? >.<
Sorry for the spam, lel. I've just been eager to do these bios, you know?
Alison is the next girl to get her bio complete! This one has been a long time coming, too.
One out of 29 OC's now have their bios complete! Alice's was done first, with some minor changes being made. Most to her likes/dislikes section, and the name of her family members.Her birth name has also been edited! It's been changed to Aislyn. Don't ask where I got the name from, since I don't remember.

My two new OC's will also be making their debuts soon. I have names for them both, but have yet to decide on a power for the second one.
W h o o p s.


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