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.:~Vent Art~:. Caged


Description i really need a description? probably not, but i'll put some info anyway;

Blue: "I'm alright! honest!...." The tears i keep hidden away, to always make people believe that smile i put on is telling the truth, when really, i'm just fooling every one.

Red: "Don't worry, I forgive you. No harm done...." The anger i keep locked behind a smile and kind words, when really, my head is screaming, saying "don't forgive them you idiot! they've hurt you once, don't let them do it again!"


well, im going to be now, night everyone.

all art (c) me.
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I think this is great.
It sort of describes the horrible situation I am about to dive into unwillingly, just because I love her so much that I can't let go.