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New Pokemon type symbols and chart



Oh look, I'm not dead.

Here's a type chart I worked on last week. I had all of the types except Fairy planned from 2011. It was the rumor of a Fairy type in X and Y that got me to finish this thing.

9 new main types; 15 overall.
26 main types and 9 special types; 35 total.

Not very good at type matchups and whatnot, so some type interactions might be weird.

I'll explain the type energy symbols:

Bug: a mixture of a winged insect and a scary bug face with mandibles.
Crystal: A random pattern that I made so it wouldn't look more like the Ice type that it already does. xP
Fairy: I imagine it as having a relation to the Dragon type, so the symbol is based around it.
Flying: A staff design. Resembles a bird from above.
Ghost: Based off the Fog badge.
Ground: A negative space fissure.
Ice: A snowflake. Duh.
Light: I was thinking of a stylized sun, since Dark is a stylized moon (I think), but I went with 8 light beams out of a prism. They could also be seen as god rays.
Magic: A random rune symbol.
Poison: Koffing's symbol.
Rock: Based off the Boulderbadge.
Sound: A sound wave... I guess an ear might've been a better symbol but it would've looked weird.
Star: A stylized star was the only space-related thing that would've worked aside from a bunch of little stars.
Virtual: I think "Digital" might be a better name for this. Anyway, the symbol is a computer chip.
Virus: A typical biohazard sign.
Wind: Typical wind swirls.

Heart: Uh.
Shadow: The same Shadow type from Colloseeum and XD. It's the Heart type symbol but broken and filled with inky blackness.
Spirit and Soul: Ying and Yang. I have absolutely no idea what these two types would do.
Bird: The bird type makes me think of the Sky Attack graphic from Gen II, since Missingno. and M have Sky Attack.
???/Arcane: "Arcane" is the name given to the ??? type after you "unlock it"...somehow.
Rainbow: A hypothetical type that is a combination of all the main types. Also, the Rainbow Energy is awesome and they ruined the design in the HG/SS set.
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I like the Virus type, and i give you the relationship with the other elemental types:

- Is strong against the Grass, Normal and Flying types because these are common living beings and they can get sick but is weak to Grass because the medicinal plants can cure the diseases

- Is Strong and Weak to Water type because the water can help to reproduce the virus but drinking water can cure any disease (same reason of Grass)

- Is Strong and Weak against itself because they are different Virus Types and they kill each others

- Is Strong and Weak against Fairy type (Similar to Poison) but the Fairies can use the mystical powers to heal the diseases

- Is not effective against the Fighting type because the fighters can endure the diseases

- Not effective against Steel because is a material which it doesn't get sick

- Is weak to Fire because the extreme heat can kill them

- Is weak to Ice (Same reason of Fire but with the Cold)

- Is weak to Bug because some bugs can cause diseases too

- Is not effective against Ghost because they are deceased and they can't get sick