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Dumbledore's Pain - The Duel

Grindelwald Vs. DUmbledore is the most famous wizard duel in the history of the fictional Harry Potter universe (prior to the events of Deathly Hallows, at least).
Grindelwald IS holding the movie version of Dumbledore's wand, under the assumption that it IS the Elder Wand as suggested in the books. I had to do some research on Dumbledore's though since Rowling never actually states what kind he had in the first place. Being born sometime in either July or August, this would make his Druid Calendar tree (which is how JK picks out wood for wands) Hazel, hence the twisted wand Dumbledore has (it suits his beard and hair, and Hazel is considered to be the most magical of woods in general).
Grindelwald is a bit more foppish, with his taste for dark arts, i figured he'd probably be more flashy, with shorter hair, but still good looking. DUmbledore has already started teaching hogwarts at this point, so he has more scholarly robes and the beard. He also looks rather sad and meditative...but how would you feel if you were about to battle to the (almost) death with the man you once loved?
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I love this and your interpretation of the moment. It's quite beautiful and I wonder if in the future (probably not the near future) I could color this for fun. Colab of sorts unless you're planning on coloring it. XD
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There isn't a single line in the books which states these two were romantically involved. Sorry but I have friends I grew up with that I couldn't kill no matter what they did, and it angers me when people say that you have to be romantically involved with someone to feel that way! It is closed-minded and prejudiced!

You're a very talented artist and this drawing is amazing but your comments are hurtful.
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Doesn't matter if it was in the books or not, though the emotional attachment is strongly implied. JK Rowling herself, however, has said in interviews and public events that she has always seen Dumbledore as a homosexual and that the great tragedy of his character was his doomed romantic attraction to Grindelwald. Therefore, the author (their creator) says Dumbledore loved him. Your comments are ignorant and show a horrible bias against things about society you don't agree with, as does your signature. There, facts and logic. Throughout the long span of history, Truth has had a liberal bias. Remember, Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved. Do you want to bitch about my research into the wand he's holding too?
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This is sooooooooo cool!
Your Grindewald KICKS ASS! :clap: the look, the pose, the everything!!!
simply brilliant! earned a :+fav:
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This is so brilliant, I love it to death.
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very well done, so detailed and well structured, facts and research cool!
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omfg i love this and i love how you paid attention to all the detail and stuff including the origin of Dumbledore's wand which i didn't know (lol), this would have been perfect for the version of harry potter in my imagination <3 definite fav!
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Huh, I ended up being right about his wand completely by accident,Albus' original wand that is--I made one twisted like that for him too.

This is a beautiful picture so far though, I can't wait to see it coloured!
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Wow that is excellent- and I love how you did all your research!
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