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I'm sorry I've been neglecting my Deviant Art page for a while. A lot of people requested if they could put my art in their collections and I didn't check my account for over 6 months and most of the inquires had expired. If you didn't hear from me, that's why. If you submit another request, I'll be sure to honor it.

I found out over Thanksgiving that Google unranked my website,! It's a site that I've established since 1996! I'm not exactly sure why, I think a lot of websites linked to mine and they considered that spamming now. Even though my site is still indexed, it's got absolutely no traffic. I haven't been monitoring this site, but according to Google Analytics, I've had like 15 hits in the last 3 months and no Google info! I think it has been unranked since the summer when I saw a major drop in my Etsy sales.

Anyway, Deviant Art is now my most ranked gallery, so I'm going to pay attention to it for now on.

  • Listening to: Bruno Mars
  • Reading: King's Man by Angus Donald
  • Watching: Expanse (from sy-fy)
  • Playing: epee fencing
  • Eating: Dairy Queen
  • Drinking: Sweetened Green Tea