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Steam Punk Alice in Wonderland

I painted this for the CG Society's Steam Punk Myth/Legends Challenge. Although I got the painting done in time, I didn't read the instructions properly and never submitted a large size format jpeg. I think it doesn't matter, because the competition was tough and I already had my favorites picked out among the other entries to win. Nevertheless, I like what I did, and hope to paint more steam punk fairy tales. I already have some ideas in mind. For this piece, I went through the whole gamut of subject matter before I picked Alice in Wonderland. I considered Lady of Shallot, La Dames sans Merci, King Arthur, and Joan of Arc. Eventually, I thought painting Alice would be more fun, with a giant mechanized caterpillar and some characters and critters from the story. I even stuck my dogs in it (again). Ripley as a puppy and my aussie rescue, Freckles. If you look carefully, Alice is reading Tesla's Wireless Transmission of Electricity.
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Now this would be a great book cover to find!
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Incredible! Great art, and I really love the steampunk touch you´ve added to this picture <3
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aahhh my god my favorite movie and also steam punk :D 
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Cool as concept!
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Seeking original Art.  Please respond to request at

We are in need of some old school / steam punk type art for an auto wrap.

Pieces needed

Old Style 3 Ring Leader with top hat (steam punk style) Hat in hand removed with gears for brains.

Many old world back ground in the style.

We are looking for Old World Circus meets Steam Punk meets Bio Shock

Please e-mail with any questions you may have.

Work for Hire.

Thank You

Joe Walker

CEO-  Ruthless Wraps LLC

Austin Texas

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I love the creativity and vibrant colors!
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This Is Beyond awesome! absolutely love it!
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Beautiful work!
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I love this! What a great idea: Steam punk Alice in Wonderland
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You have been featured here: [link] :squee:
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I love this rendition! Wonderful colour and great use of the characters!!! YAY!
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beautiful piece of work, two of my favourite things mixed up in one pic ^^
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This is absolutely amazing! Love this so much
Hi I used this picture in a blog post at [link] (I cited you, don't worry). Please let me know if you would like me to remove it! I posted it because I really like this picture :)
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what is steam punk
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its a style that is based on the Victorian steam age, things like laced boots, corsets, clockwork and that type of stuff :) what i told you is probably not all of the steam punk, but it is a really awesome thing that i and my mom are obsessed about XD
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Nice steampunk painting!! I notice the reflection of the Mad Hatter and the white rabbit in the caterpillar's polished metal face. A robotic steampunk caterpillar- what will you think of next?

Have you studied Nikola Tesla much? He is one of my favorite inventors. Many of his crazier notions were simply ahead of their time- wireless transmission of power, aircraft that fly on power beams, and particle beam weapons have all been studied seriously in the 20th and early 21st centuries. Witness the lightcraft and Strategic Defense Initiative, for instance. His more prosaic inventions include our entire AC electrical system that the electrical grid is still based upon.
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Fantastic work!
May I share it on my Tumblr, please?
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Of course you can! Thanks! As long as you put by Sandra Chang-Adair on it.
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Lovely :)
Deviantart automaticaly adds the credit but since you requested I also added your name. [link]
Thank you! :hug:
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