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;u; I should use textures more often. Lol.
Yay! First real art since a long time, it seems. I think even over summer vacation I was doing mostly colored sketches.
Ah, and about this started out as a drawing in my sketchbook because I really wanted to draw a guy with a giant turle-neck type thing, which developed into a scarf, that I added rips and tears into because I just really like drawing torn cloth...and giant boot cuffs, poofy sleeves, tights, tunics, and pirate tails. :> The cardinal was added after scanning the original traditional sketch in cause I thought his hand looked awkward and incomplete all held out like that with nothing in it. XD feels like I haven't drawn this style of clothes on people in forever, like I used to all the time. Lately it's been hoodies, T-shirts or no shirts.

Oh, also! I'm thinking of doing a mini series of drawings with themse like this. Like, another guy dressed in a similar fashion, except with cold colors and holding a blue jay. And another, holding a canary, etc etc.

EDIT: Woops! Almost forgot to credit-
[link] (tunic texture taken from here)
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Sep 19, 2010, 8:29:10 PM
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this is lovely. i especially like the bunching on the sleeves. very nicely done