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I am not responsible for adding emotes to the legend therefore i cannot make any changes. I created this for a bit of fun. How was i supposed to know it would get added.... jeez :roll:
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Fucks sake people that's one of the best emoticons here and the old one probably sucked :lol:
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May I use this on msn please????
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uhm... seriously, who wipes their LEFT crying eyeball with their RIGHT hand? lame.

bring back the old one.
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and seriously. have a bit of consideration... you wouldn't like it if i threw a fit on one of your pieces of artwork. so why should you do the same? :unimpressed:
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Umm sorry but i can't do anything.
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Couldn't they have called this happycry2 or something? D:
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I have no idea. it was just as much as a shock to me to see them replace :iconhappycry-plz:
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It's a happy thing, but it hurts so much to see a good friend go.

Exactly where we put our good friend :happycry: to use.
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It's always hard to see a good frined go, but we can always make new friends along the way. I hope the same said for this emote :happycry:
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It's a very proud beginning for it. :happycry:
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Not the :happycry: emote! :noes: Don't get me wrong, this is an excellent remake but : happycry : was far too precious.
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..... wow it got added to the ledgend. I agree the original was one of those that i didn't want to see being replaced
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:nod: Oh well. Congratulations though :)
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Just to let you know this emoticon has been featured in this weeks volume of So i herd u liek emotes?? :aww:
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