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Savora VS Khanna


Savora VS Khanna

Khanna spoke. "Just give up. I'm not going to kill you." She drew a glowing green laser blade. Savora was breathing hard, and bleeding from her arm, hand, and neck. She chuckled a little. "My former master found out I'm really bad at giving up." She finally managed to draw her pistol. She took aim fast and started shooting, her shots going wild because of her mauled wrist. Khanna rolled quickly igniting the blade aiming at the pistol. Her blade sliced through it. Savora reflexively dropped her ruined pistol and slashed at Khanna’s face with her bad hand. Her hand slammed into Khanna’s head, and Savora let out a cry of pain and stumbled back, leaving Khanna with a row of shallow gashes. Savora clutched her hand against her side, the pain written over her face. Khanna had a couple cuts, but Savora had faired much worse from the hit, bending her already broken wrist in a way it never should have bent. Khanna circled her, limping as she did so. Savora did know how to use her claws


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The Black Claw


Lost In Company Space: part 3


Lost In Company Space: part 3

    Finally, the morning came. A large vehicle pulled up outside the building.    Rover had fallen asleep and was snoring like a chainsaw. Flyspur pushed at him. "Something’s here."    A pair of Humans walked in, one male, one female. They looked at the three prisoners and started talking to the man behind the desk. "The Torf's getting a red tattoo for escaping," the man said. "The two kids are just orphans, so blue for them."    "What's a red tattoo?" Flyspur whispered as Rover started to move a little at the commotion, but he didn't wake up.    Falto’s head hung low and his brownish feathers drooped, but he looked at the k

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I'm a twenty-something Montana ranch girl and author. Almost every picture I draw has a story behind it and pretty much every creature I draw is one of my characters.

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I don't pick favorites
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Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the new Planet of the Apes series, John Carter of Mars(I had to put it here because I feel sorry for it.)
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The Clone Wars, Avatar, Revolution, Jericho, Green Lantern TAS
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Ashes Remain
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Too many to mention
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Kat Falls, Bryan Davis, Kyle Robert Shultz, Brandon Sanderson
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Role playing
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Pen, Pencils, Wacom Tablet, Clip Studio Paint, Scrivener
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Writing, animals, ranching

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After four months of solitary confinement, my uncle (a Vietnam vet) died today. I'm not that sad about his passing from a prison pretending to be a hospital to his true home. He's free now. I'm just furious at the government for forcing millions of

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BritanniaLoyalistHobbyist Digital Artist
PsalmSevenBooksHobbyist Digital Artist

Hi! I remember you from back when I was a regular on this site. Hope you're doing well. It looks like you've published some books recently? so I'm looking forward to checking those out. :D God bless!

Rebel-RiderHobbyist General Artist

I'm trying to remember you. I feel like I do but I don't see any older art in your gallery, and I tend to remember people's art better than their names.

PsalmSevenBooksHobbyist Digital Artist

No worries, I don't think we actually talked much... I was the original founder of the ChristianOCs group and I mostly just observed. My old account doesn't exist anymore but I'm using this one now and trying to reconnect a little bit with the community. :)

Rebel-RiderHobbyist General Artist

Grea! I still submit to the group.

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Thanks for watching~
What was the results of the poll you had? About government arrests.