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Just got a new dog, he's a pure-bred Siberian Husky and I'm calling him Kodiak. He is totally my dream come truee, I love himm!

Like the picture? Let me know what you think. I <3 comments.
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You are too cool and very beautiful!! I love your work ^_^ !
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:( I wish I still had him!
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Lol. You guys are cracking me up!
I love Sibs. <3
But they were to big for me, so I got a Shiba...who does not care for glasses. Lol. ;)
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How does this NOT have a DD?
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All I can say is... Twins. lol Very cute! XD
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A great image! You have an amazing dog :heart:
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I love this!
One of my favorites! Your dog is awesome and you are beautiful! ;)
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So it! Its a bit very intellegent for me.

Greetz from Germany
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Nice and very funny. :heart:
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you and your husky are really beautiful :) not trying to say youre a dog or anything but... nice photo ^^
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Wow, a nerd and a very attractive girl with glasses.
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AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO PAINT THIS! (or something like this!!!) OH MY GOOOOSSSHHH!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!)#&%!#)%&!&#%)
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paint it! i'd totally buy it :).
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Very cute picture. You have a great style.
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