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Phoenix and Dragon

07.12.2007, Conté pastel pencils on 32" x 40" black paper.

A great silver dragon births a phoenix from his fiery breath, as they fly around a sun mandala.

In Chinese literature, the Dragon represents the male, or Yang, while the phoenix represents the female, or Yin. They complement one another, creating balance. When together, they are the symbol of marital happiness and harmony.

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Whoa, truly a masterpiece! :o

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Could use this as droning earth vol75 cover art, mostly psychedelic/stoner music, all i can give is credits, its a free download.
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Hands down this is legendary
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Awesome work! Great design, colors & detailing :) (Smile) 
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I love the detail you put into this piece! It looks amazing!:o (Eek) 
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Insane detail here!
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So deautiful  :heart:
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Your very welcome! :)
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