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Judas (collab)

You were the one who created teeth in my mind so I could chew my thoughts and swallow them without feeling the pain of the sharp edges of my memories that I still can’t seem to forget. You drank my blood from one of your precious wine-glasses to expunge all of my feelings. All of them were gone the moment you swallowed the last drop of crimson-coloured blood. You ate my heart and took my sun and moon, my clouds and my rain. The flame burning so passionately within me extinguished the moment you took it all and even though I could see the stars fall down I couldn’t wish for life anymore because I had died long before you took my he


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How I recolour horses - Basic colours


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land and space

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Beach Walk


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ELLVINTERIA Silver, Zirconia, Aquamarine, Topaz


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Bauble 1

sculptures and crafts

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big cats and wolves

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Pinto arabian Stallion/offlead/6

horse stock

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Diamond of the Night

Killer Whales

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Embers on the Tundra - Spring Event 2021 - Closed!

The 2021 Spring Event runs from March 26th - May 7th 5pm EST. Event Progress | Token Slot Exchange | World Info Event Overview: This is a linear story-based event. Each entry awards 2 copies of a single random ingredient, and include a 20% chance for a special slot token - a Jade Bracelet or Wooden Nickel. One of these can be exchanged for a single slot to one of our new starters. An Ushas slot can be obtained by trading in a Jade Bracelet. A Rajani slot can be obtained by trading in a Wooden Nickel. To earn the Embers on the Tundra badge, your Nir must complete each of the 4 story prompts. This badge gives a 50% chance of bringing back +1 item when hunting. Additionally, this event introduces a number of new features to the game, including new marking anomalies for our uncommon color marks, and two new mutations! We are finishing up their guides but all are currently available in both normal breedings and aether token rolls. You can view some of these new anomalies and genetic

important journals

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Isegrim II

wolf stock

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Sky Stock

cloud stock

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Lazy Day II

other animal stock

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Light fractalius Version ~ Old Tree ~ Night STOCK

tree stock

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Heron Stock

bird and wing stock

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horse rolling stock 10

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Grey andalusian run 5

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Comm - Hummingbird

Designs for me

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Eleonora - BM Com 1/3

my characters drawn by others

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N7735 Marionette - Mare

Horses I have a slot to

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N7690 Padro Foal Design

Character foals

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Stare 3D

Customization Stuff

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SAI Brushes 2

Gimp brushes

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Padro Info Sheet - Pahka Mutation EXTINCT

Padro Mutations

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Equine Colors- Champagne

horse color ref

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