My computer's screwed.

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Commissions are currently OPEN.

My commissions journal is down for the moment while I update it, but will hopefully be back up soon. For now, basic commission info is available in this current journal.

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Well, shit.

So this morning I woke up, tried to get on my computer, and discovered that the screen was completely dark. I guess this means that the backlight doesn't work anymore. Of course, I don't have money to fix this. And this seems like such an expensive thing to fix, I might as well just get a new computer- but of course, I can't afford that, either.

To anyone who has commissioned me, I'll still be able to complete your commission. I'll have to use my boyfriend's computer, so it may take a little longer than expected since we're sharing one.

Commissions Are Open!

I'm now open for commissions, and could really use the money. My commissions journal is currently under construction, but as a basic outline:

I do chibis for $15/character (and/or $5/Pokemon, if you're interested in Pokemon chibis).

I do realism/semi-realism digital headshots for $25.

I do realism/semi-realism digital portraits for $50.

I do realism/semi-realism digital full body for $75.

Anything with a detailed background, extra characters, or anything else that will add a significant amount of time/work may add to the cost depending on complexity. Anything non-human- creatures, animals, landscapes, whatever- also depend on complexity.

I will hear you out on anything else you've got in mind, so just ask, and I'll give you a quote! :)

For payment (through PayPal only):
I usually ask for half the payment up front, and the second half upon completion. Once I receive the first half, I create at least one thumbnail concept and send it for approval and input. Upon completing, I send a small watermarked thumbnail for approval. If all is good, I ask for the second payment and send the full size once I receive it. If not, I will make a revision with any desired changes (I do one free revision of desired changes, but if any are desired after that it may affect the price).

All this will be put together better and posted to my commissions journal as soon as I get time to do so.

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crimsondeathgoddess4's avatar
sorry to hear your having computer problums id send you one of mine but dave would kill me lol none the less i do hope you can fix it soon :tighthug:
RebeccaFrank's avatar
Haha, well thank you. I really hope I can get it fixed soon- I might die without my computer. :faint:
crimsondeathgoddess4's avatar
i know the feeling i have 4 computers my main one has 3 monitors when i working on my photos i usually have all 3 screens going with something i know im a LWZR
RebeccaFrank's avatar
I would LOVE to work with another monitor. That would make everything so much easier. :noes:
crimsondeathgoddess4's avatar
RIGHT!!!! im aweful complete nerd i know but hey we all have to have our hobbies :D
RebeccaFrank's avatar
crimsondeathgoddess4's avatar
i cant live a day with out my computer dave says once i plug into my system (put my head phones on) theres no stopping me lol
RebeccaFrank's avatar
I'm the exact same way, haha. XD
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ben7855's avatar
need some tech support becky? what machine you rocking, what OS, will have a look about ;)
RebeccaFrank's avatar
Backlight doesn't work anymore on my HP Pavilion dv2000, running Windows Vista. I just can't really afford to have it fixed at the moment, and I'm not really confident that I can fix it myself from the DIYs I've seen online. :/
ben7855's avatar
have ya tried this >> [link] ?
RebeccaFrank's avatar
Hm, removing my battery and putting it back in did seem to work. Is it just a temporary fix? Will this be something that keeps happening until I can afford to get it fixed, or should this keep the computer running for a while longer? Thanks for the link, by the way! :D
ben7855's avatar
i'd say cheap fix for now, what happens when you remove the battery and just run it off the power supply? same thing or does it work, i'll keep an eye out for more long term fixes for now ;)
RebeccaFrank's avatar
Hmm... When I hook my computer up to a second monitor, it works fine. No problems. The second monitor is kind of flickering, though. Not flickering on and off... Just kind of... I don't know how to describe it. The display just doesn't look totally right, if that makes sense.

Does this mean it's not the backlight that's the problem?
ben7855's avatar
try fiddling the resolution settings and refresh setting's not sure why the monitor would be flickering so that might sort it out ;)
RebeccaFrank's avatar
Nah, same thing when I run it without the battery- and it's back to not working again at all. D: I can see when I shine a flashlight to it, but no luck otherwise.
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