Off to Greece - Update1#
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Like the title says, I'm off to mainland Greece tomorrow :D 2 week holiday, should be fun. I'll be sure to check messages and such when I get back... got 3,700 already, gawd. Hopefully will draw a fuckton to get past the airport and make myself less scared on the airplane. Hopefully :C

bai x

Update 1# --- I'm back! ... and I have 9,147 messages. Uhhhh, I'm a bit scared to look right now. Jetlag :D

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jellyman12|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I actually got back from Greece a week and a half ago, have fun :)
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LizzietheRatcicle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have fun when you get there.=D
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KuraiNekoSan|Student Digital Artist
See you when you get back, and i understand the airplane thing. the very first time i was on an airplane ((doesnt mean it's your first)) i was scared so bad XD but I got used to it as it became a main transportation to use at least about 2 times a years sometimes.
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Zepp95|Hobbyist Writer
Not a fan of flights, then? :p Either way, have fun.
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VEE141|Student Digital Artist
off to Greece, to.
going around the islands in a cruse.
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AaronMk|Student Digital Artist
Say hi to Zeus for me.
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MarkyDMan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooooo have fun!


No need to be scared, as apparently you're 2200x more likely to die in an American car crash than in a jet. Also, you're pretty much on the same odds as the lottery.

Just try and fall asleep which is what I do :)
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