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Just throwing this out here in case anyone old or new visits my page and sees everything has been removed.

Thanks to a lovely gift from an anonymous user, I now have a Core Membership! I haven't had Core since around 5 years ago, so I want to check out the features, and of course remove a few that may have been lingering around from all those years back.

This also means I'm getting off my butt and am finally going to redo my folders (and now sub-folders, woohoo!) so once again, things may briefly appear empty. I'll update this journal once I'm finished, or things have calmed down. If you wish to view any of my art, I recommend checking the ALL tab, until more folders become available. Sorry for any inconvenience!

edit 1; Done for now! The majority of the folders in the gallery are now set up and organized, next I'll need to do the smaller more specific things, mainly Miscellaneous content. After that, checking out some of the new widgets and redoing my front page. I'll get to all of that tomorrow :)

edit 2; Right I do believe I am finished! Took a bit longer than expected, but my folders are organized, updated some pieces, and my front page looks quite more interesting now (haven't looked into CSS yet). I'll still be looking around at the features and just generally updating stuff (who doesn't?), but I'd say things are otherwise completed.

Cheers all! :hug:
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October 17, 2017


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