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This is super insanely old and no longer active. Commissions are not open.

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Well, it's finally happened. Official commissions and requests and shizz, like I promised I'd do. Long story short, I want to try and produce an income to help out later on. But also, a little practice and experience for working life. Plus I like drawing and think it would be nice for others :3 Please read My Rules and Payment before requesting!

Here's a guide for examples;

Available Commissions

Traditional Art:

:bulletblue: Simple Sketch (£1.00) - A basic rough drawing or lineart of your choice.
:bulletblue: Moderate Sketch (£4.00) - A more detailed and worked on sketch.
:bulletblue: Detailed Sketch (£10.00) - Better than the previous.
:bulletblue: Coloured Sketch (£8.00) - Moderate Sketch-Quality, Shaded & coloured.
:bulletblue: Ink Cartoon (£1.50) - Felt-tip cartoony style.
:bulletblue: Portrait (£1.00 per hour) - Photo(s) required! This can be for both animals (and characters?) and people.
:bulletblue: Coloured Portrait (£1.25 per hour) - Photo(s) required! Similar to the above but alive with colour.

Digital Art:

:bulletblue: Avatar (£0.50) - A small 50x50 pixel image of your choice, for your DeviantArt avatar.
:bulletblue: Cartoon Digital (£2.50) - A very basic digital drawing.
:bulletblue: Shaded Digital (£5.00) - Much like the option above, but with further detail and less outlines. Any additional characters or figures will cost +£1.00 each.
:bulletblue: Detailed Digital (£12.00) - An improvement of the above option. Additional characters or figures will cost +£1.50 each.
:bulletblue: Vector Portrait (£5.00) :new: - Photo(s) required! This can be for both animals (and characters?) and people.

Extras: You must specify what you want!

:bulletblue: Simple/Coloured Background - Free! White as standard.
:bulletblue: Patterned (£0.25) - Basic and improvised.
:bulletblue: Simple Environment Background (£0.50) - Simple means there wont be a huge deal of shading and detailing.
:bulletblue: Border - Free! Default is 12-24 pixel black.
:bulletblue: Text - Free! Default is Arial Black at an appropriate size.

Special Offers:

:bulletblue: Colour This! - Give me one of your drawings and I'll colour it for you. Basic colours are £0.50, while the best quality is £4.00.
:bulletblue: Work in Progress (£1.50 per hour) - Via email or messages here, I can show you the progress and finish of your request in advance, and respond to any wishes or feedback you may have until you get what you desire. Waiting times between responses will not be charged, requests will be cancelled if the waiting time is over a week without explanation.

My Rules

:bulletblack: I will only accept payment to PayPal in British Currency (£) to "". Please include your DeviantArt name so that I can confirm your payment.
:bulletblack: I have the right to accept and refuse what I want.
:bulletblack: Please be polite and patient.
:bulletblack: First come, first served, however first paid has higher priorities.
:bulletblack: Those who do not pay will not get their artwork, no exception.
:bulletblack: I will likely add my "logo" to the artwork; It's usually small and in the corner.
:bulletblack: Feel free to request here if you want, however notes may be easier. For WIPs, definitely use notes.

Please use the following form for requests, as this will make things a lot easier for me, and better for you (doesn't have to be coded)
Digital or Traditional : . . .
Pen or Pencil : (skip if Digital)
Animal or Humanoid : . . .
Appearance : (please provide a link if you can!)
Pose / Expression : (optional)
Background: (optional)
Text: (optional)
Anything Else?: (optional)

What I Can Draw:

:bulletgreen: Animals, Mythical Creatures, Monsters
:bulletgreen: Fan-Art and OCs

What I Can't Draw (well):

:bulletyellow: Landscapes
:bulletyellow: Humanoids & Humans
:bulletyellow: Weapons

What I Will Refuse:

:bulletorange: Animation (until I get the right software or talent)
:bulletred: Porn or Sexually Explicit Scenes
:bulletred: Strong Gore
:bulletred: Vulgar Language, Racism & Personal Attacks
:bulletred: Stolen Characters/Content




Why is price for TRADITIONAL: Coloured Sketch lower than TRADITIONAL: Detailed Sketch? - Coloured sketches will be roughly the same quality as Moderate Sketches. However, as colouring is more of an effort for me it'll be charged slightly higher than Moderate Sketches, but I don't think it should be as much as Detailed Sketches, or at least not yet.
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September 27, 2011


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