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Wed Nov 28, 2018, 5:54 AM

Commissions! How does it work? Read my rules, check my portfolio, request a model, pay the deposit, wait, pay the final fee, and enjoy your character in 3D!

I only accept payment via PayPal. All of my prices are stated in Great British Pounds.
If you wish to make a purchase or inquiry, email me at - Contact me on Email, DeviantArt or Discord for questions and information.

Examples & Prices

Semi-Realistic Full Body - £200.00, additional +£40.00 per hour - Once an existing commission is completed, this will take highest priority
ZBrush - Semi-Realistic Jowwi by Rebecca1208 
Rough Portraits - £25.00 or 3,000 Points
Daily Doodle #002 by Rebecca1208 Daily Doodle #007 by Rebecca1208 Daily Doodle #005 by Rebecca1208  Aurvandil - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208  Interrobang - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208
Smooth Portrait - £40.00, additional +£25.00 per hour
ZBrush - Kimo Head 2 WIP - Blue Eyes by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Glass the Absol Final by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Glass the Absol Previews by Rebecca1208  ZBrush Commission - Mckinley Funky Portrait by Rebecca1208
Detailed Portrait - £60.00, additional +£25.00 per hour
ZBrush - Bubblegum, Bogsneak - FlightRising by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Penya Leviathan by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Golden Spikey Chinface (doodle) by Rebecca1208  ZBrush - ''Beryl'' Gemstone Dragon Bust by Rebecca1208  ZBrushCore - ''Kimo Krayt'' Dragon Bust by Rebecca1208
Semi-Realistic Portrait - £75.00, additional +£25.00 per hour
ZBrush - Jowwiscree Teaser by Rebecca1208 Arudite FINAL - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208  Arudite TEXTURELESS - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208  ZBrush - Garden Snake by Rebecca1208 Xalis FINAL - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208
Simple Full Body - £100.00, additional +£30.00 per hour
ZBrush Gift - Gregg the Tidal Frogpod by Rebecca1208  ZBrush - Cute Jowwi by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Cute Pokey by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Skah by Rebecca1208  ZBrush Gift - Draki by Rebecca1208
Detailed Full Body - £150.00, additional +£35.00 per hour
ZBrush COMMISSION - Veles by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Shah Dalamadur by Rebecca1208  ZBrush - Eternum Rek'sai - League of Legends by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Tea Noodle by Rebecca1208  ZBrushCore - Full-Body Dragon 01 by Rebecca1208
Additional Assets/Features; - This will be stacked on top of the deposit
Moderate/Heavy Asymmetry/Posing - £30.00
Accessories/Outfits - £15.00
Companions - To Be Determined
Backgrounds/Environments - Not Yet Available
Retopology (ideal before animating) - Not Yet Available
Rigging - Not Yet Available
Animating - Not Yet Available

Payment, Ordering

Bullet; Blue Check my rules and requirements, browse my gallery, understand I am still learning 3D artwork, and then inquire either here or via email.
Bullet; Blue Inform me that your payment is about commissions. If you send me a blank payment, I will assume it is a donation.
Bullet; Blue Wait for my approval before sending payment - If your commission is not accepted, I will refund you. If you pay without approval again, I will accept it as a donation.
Bullet; Blue Any deadlines or urgencies must be expressed ahead of time - Otherwise, expected wait time will be up to 3 months (depending on queue).
Bullet; Blue I reserve the right to decline and/or cancel any commission.
Bullet; Blue A deposit is required before I begin - Once the commission is completed, I will send you a low-res preview and the final bill. Once payment is fully completed, I will send you multiple shots and views of the final HD piece, and an interactive low-resolution model via SketchFab.
Bullet; Blue The deposit is the initial price listed above, the final bill is the total accumulated price after.
Bullet; Blue Once the commission is complete, I will provide plenty of angles and views, and an interactive low-resolution model via SketchFab I can also provide an exported .obj or the project files, however I do politely request some credit or reference as the author of the 3D model itself should you use it in projects.

Commission Form

Here's what I need to know before we can agree on a sale;
Bullet; White What your character looks like; a visual reference is required
Bullet; White What style you are purchasing - Do you want a simple portrait? A complex full-body sculpt?
Bullet; White Do you want it coloured or textureless? (not available for Rough Portraits)
Bullet; White What do you desire for your character - emotion? expression? action? different colourscheme? Is your reference old or missing anything?
Bullet; White Am I making a literal duplicate of your character, or a different style (eg. anthro/feral), or my own interpretation?
Bullet; White Be as detailed as possible for your request, so that I can fulfill it as swiftly as possible
Bullet; White Is there a deadline or time-table? Inform me ASAP
Bullet; White Do you want your commission to be private? Can I livestream it? Can I make a video of it? (livestreaming/videos are an unrelated consensual agreement, nothing will automatically be published, but I would appreciate the ability to livestream and/or make a video. I will respect your privacy if you decline)
Bullet; White And most importantly; Can you provide the deposit up-front, and pay the remaining fee upon completion?

Commission Limitations & Rules

What I Can Do
Bullet; Green Animals, Creatures, Hybrids etc. (real and fantasy)
Bullet; Green Humans, humanoids, anthros
Bullet; Green Original characters, fan characters
Bullet; Green Moderate blood and gore
Bullet; Green Moderate asymmetry 

What I Can Try
Bullet; Yellow Robots, cyborgs, bionics, implants etc.
Bullet; Yellow Rough feathers, feathered wings
Bullet; Yellow Clothing, outfits, accessories
Bullet; Yellow Reasonable/tasteful nudity
Bullet; Yellow Poses, stances, heavy asymmetry
Bullet; Yellow Semi-Realism
Bullet; Yellow Human faces

What I Can/Will Not Do Yet
Bullet; Orange Retopology (simplifying polygons, necessary for animating)
Bullet; Orange Rigging, animations
Bullet; Orange Environment, backgrounds
Bullet; Orange Hyper-realism, rendered fur, full-body feathers (ZBrush4R7 required)  *UPDATE: I now have ZBrush4R7! Currently learning to do fur before I sell

What I Will Not Do
Bullet; Red Pornography, Fetishes (disproportionate anatomy, rape, vore etc.)
Bullet; Red Hate-speech, harassment, politics
Bullet; Red Copy-righted characters
Bullet; Red Ridiculously detailed/outfitted stuff in an extravagant pose, unless you're willing to wait a long time and pay a fortune

Additional Notes
Bullet; Purple I am a full-time Content Creator on YouTube & Twitch - My time is precious and limited
Bullet; Purple I will NOT rush commissions - Quality is important, even if my time is limited
Bullet; Purple I will charge via a combination of time taken (specified above) and complexity of the model (features and assets, not polygons)
Bullet; Purple I am typically a fast drawer, thus wait times should not be terribly long - availability of the free time itself is the key factor here
Bullet; Purple I record everything I draw, thus timestamps will be available. These commissions will not automatically be livestreamed and published, however I will respect your wishes if you do not want me to livestream or create videos of the commission.
Bullet; Purple Time taken WILL include minor breaks during sessions - Timestamps will be a reference, not a record. I will be reasonable, but I will not include massive breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions, Notes, and So On...

Bullet; Black Q: Why the steep pricing?
A: 3-Dimensional means I have to look and judge from every perceivable angle. The final outcome may be displayed in 2D but I still must consider every side and view, which takes a lot of time, calculating and planning. Additionally, the time spent on commissions will directly compete with video-making and livestreaming time, thus the potential revenue must compete as well.
Bullet; Black Q: Why increase the Price Per Hour if higher-detailed models will take more time too?
A: As mentioned in the notes below, I am a fast drawer. The time I take to create smooth lines and clean surfaces isn't too different from the time I take to create a multitude of textures and definitions. Additionally, more detail still requires more planning, while simple designs are more just down to simplicity and polishing.
Bullet; Black Q: How long do these typically take?
It varies wildly depending on style, features, complexity, pose and all that stuff. The rough portraits take on average 30-60min while everything else can vary from 3-10 hours recorded, sometimes over the course of a couple of days. Larger and more complex stuff may of course take longer.
Bullet; Black Q: How will Price Per Hour be determined?
0-15 minutes = Rounded to zero, no charge | 15-45 minutes = Half an hour, half the price | 45-60 minutes = Rounded up to an hour
I record all of my art for potential video purposes, thus I will be recording the time taken anyway. I will also set up a stop-watch for entire commission sessions. Minor breaks (such as planning, stretching or finding references) WILL count, but larger breaks will not count.
Bullet; Black Q: Why offer "Semi-Realistic" and not full realistic?
A: Because I do not yet consider myself capable of realism, nor do I want to set unrealistic expectations. Additionally, my version of ZBrush does not support fur and hair.
Bullet; Black Q: How do you determine what is complex/detailed and what is simple?
A: The style - NOT the polygons or features (unless it really is a lot of features). A simple piece is polished and smooth, like vector art. A detailed piece has greater complexity, such as muscle definitions, wrinkles, tufts of fur and so on. A semi-realistic piece is me try-harding the hell out of it and constantly referring to photographs, as well as defining individual scales and all that jazz.
Bullet; Black Q: Can we trade? Can you gift me? Can I get a discount?
A: No.

Customer/Patreon Feedback

From what I've seen I must say that she takes this sort of things seriously. The quality of her works is stably high so you mustn't worry about it. She always tries to consult the customer to figure out some details so the end result turns out to be what you originally wanted (or at least as close as possible to it). I won a raffle (still a bit hard to believe, haha) and got a 3D model of my OC (that Tea Noodle). All process was streamed so I managed to see all the process from beginning to an end so I can relate for the stuff said earlier. And the end result was far better than I was originally expecting. So yeah, you can trust this woman! ;D ~by Alespill
Even though it took longer than expected, I fecking love it! Absolutely amazing! Thanks for making this for me! ~by DarkDemonDragon
Becca's work is phenomenal, and her attention to detail is amazing. The amount of effort she puts into her work is astounding, and you can rest assured that the work she puts out is of stellar quality. The realism, or even expression she managed to get on the work she did of my character Glass was breathtaking, and you can usually catch a stream to see it all happen in real time, if you're interested in watching her work on your piece. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who loves this kind of art. The prices are expensive, but well worth it. ~by ShatterGlassStudios
I'm so amazed by how much work and detail you put into this, not to mention I think you're ever so slightly mad for attempting to hand-sculpt almost every scale. The end result speaks volumes for itself, though! This is my favorite sculpt of yours so far as well, and I don't think that it's just me being biased because it's my character. I believe I got exactly what I paid for, and I will absolutely be commissioning you again in the future. ~by Oreloki 

Skin created via!/resource…

This is special and I figured it warranted sharing :heart:

Howdyho people and peoples!

First of all, thank you all very much for all of the wonderful birthday messages :hug:
I had a wonderful birthday, and in particular one that was filled with an overwhelming amount of wonderful and incredible art. They were all just absolutely stunning and special, and I can not thank you all enough for it! Here are some examples in particular that I want more people to see and appreciate;

Triceraspinax by Galaxy Reach</span>

Draki & Jowwi by DrakiLady

Jowwi Raptor by CalyTones

Next up! I'm very happy and excited to share that I have reached 200,000 subscribers on YouTube! This is a monumental milestone for me, one I by far never expected to obtain, and I want to share my excitement with everyone! First up is this megabuild I've been slowly working on over the last couple of months, immediately rushed over this weekend, and am really excited to share :giggle:

And last but not least, as is usually the case with my milestone celebrations, I have opened up a raffle of sorts. Comment in the video on any particular creation or character concept that you'd like to see made, whether it be an OC or movie/game character, and I'll randomly choose at least 10 comments to recreate in Spore, and one or two to recreate in ZBrushCore. Good luck!

Once again, thank you all so very much! You're all amazing, and I hope you have a wonderful day ^^
Just throwing this out here in case anyone old or new visits my page and sees everything has been removed.

Thanks to a lovely gift from an anonymous user, I now have a Core Membership! I haven't had Core since around 5 years ago, so I want to check out the features, and of course remove a few that may have been lingering around from all those years back.

This also means I'm getting off my butt and am finally going to redo my folders (and now sub-folders, woohoo!) so once again, things may briefly appear empty. I'll update this journal once I'm finished, or things have calmed down. If you wish to view any of my art, I recommend checking the ALL tab, until more folders become available. Sorry for any inconvenience!

edit 1; Done for now! The majority of the folders in the gallery are now set up and organized, next I'll need to do the smaller more specific things, mainly Miscellaneous content. After that, checking out some of the new widgets and redoing my front page. I'll get to all of that tomorrow :)

edit 2; Right I do believe I am finished! Took a bit longer than expected, but my folders are organized, updated some pieces, and my front page looks quite more interesting now (haven't looked into CSS yet). I'll still be looking around at the features and just generally updating stuff (who doesn't?), but I'd say things are otherwise completed.

Cheers all! :hug:

Howdy Everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for all of the lovely Birthday messages :hug:

I don't have much to share or announce, other than that I had a great day!
I spent some time today working on a Dragon just for the fun of it, and I wanted to share the result here :)

Enjoy yourselves, and thanks again!

If you have a request, please share it in the video comments itself!

I don't feel great spamming/advertising this, but it's a pretty big deal to me, and I want to have as many people as possible get a chance to join in. Cheers, and good luck!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful support! :hug:

Go to the video, enter in the comments what ever request(s) you may have, and hope they get randomly chosen!
This is all short-notice and an idea I've only just came up with now, so future milestones will be celebrated properly.
But for now, this is what I want to do as a thank you. As much as I'd love to, I can't respond to every request I receive.
For these celebration requests, I'll put everything aside and make sure the request is complete ASAP.

It would make things easier if all requests are posted in the YouTube comments, but if for whatever reason that proves an impossibility, I'll find a way of posting the comment on your behalf.

Thank you everyone for the lovely Birthday messages! :hug:

And also thanks everyone for the wonderful comments, favourites, donations and llama's while I've been on hiatus :)

As some of you may know, I'm becoming more and more serious with YouTube (and soon Streaming) which means since I'm always producing something new to share, I'm being a huge slacker by not sharing it on DeviantArt.

Prepare for a (possibly slow) influx of new creations.

Also my apologies to everyone at SporeHaven that I've been slacking mega-hardcore.

PS; I slacked :c

What's a Journal?

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 22, 2012, 7:55 AM
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I have got to stop leaving randomly and then coming back being all 'herp derp hai guys I'm back'. But hey, let's just do it again.

Thanks everyone for the lovely birthday messages. and it's great to see some familiar names there as well :heart:

I... I guess I'm slowly becoming less-addicted to WoW. But still playing games far more than what is healthy. But I *think* I've finally kicked myself into drawing again. No promises. If I do become active I'm redesigning my DeviantArt profile. It's all blegh.

So uhh... I hope everyone is doing well? :D

By the way... for any WoW / LoL players out there, I can't promise I'll play any games but I'm always happy to chat when I'm not busy... and I'm finished with Spore >:
WoW - Twisting Nether EU, Characters: "Nemesyth", "Éros", "Sarnet"
LoL - EU West - Account Name: "Aarknakh"

Also, am I right in saying you can freakin' change usernames now? o_O

Commissions | Portfolio | Facebook | YouTube | Gallery

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This is super insanely old and no longer active. Commissions are not open.

Commissions | Portfolio | Facebook | YouTube | Gallery

Well, it's finally happened. Official commissions and requests and shizz, like I promised I'd do. Long story short, I want to try and produce an income to help out later on. But also, a little practice and experience for working life. Plus I like drawing and think it would be nice for others :3 Please read My Rules and Payment before requesting!

Here's a guide for examples;

Available Commissions

Traditional Art:

:bulletblue: Simple Sketch (£1.00) - A basic rough drawing or lineart of your choice.
:bulletblue: Moderate Sketch (£4.00) - A more detailed and worked on sketch.
:bulletblue: Detailed Sketch (£10.00) - Better than the previous.
:bulletblue: Coloured Sketch (£8.00) - Moderate Sketch-Quality, Shaded & coloured.
:bulletblue: Ink Cartoon (£1.50) - Felt-tip cartoony style.
:bulletblue: Portrait (£1.00 per hour) - Photo(s) required! This can be for both animals (and characters?) and people.
:bulletblue: Coloured Portrait (£1.25 per hour) - Photo(s) required! Similar to the above but alive with colour.

Digital Art:

:bulletblue: Avatar (£0.50) - A small 50x50 pixel image of your choice, for your DeviantArt avatar.
:bulletblue: Cartoon Digital (£2.50) - A very basic digital drawing.
:bulletblue: Shaded Digital (£5.00) - Much like the option above, but with further detail and less outlines. Any additional characters or figures will cost +£1.00 each.
:bulletblue: Detailed Digital (£12.00) - An improvement of the above option. Additional characters or figures will cost +£1.50 each.
:bulletblue: Vector Portrait (£5.00) :new: - Photo(s) required! This can be for both animals (and characters?) and people.

Extras: You must specify what you want!

:bulletblue: Simple/Coloured Background - Free! White as standard.
:bulletblue: Patterned (£0.25) - Basic and improvised.
:bulletblue: Simple Environment Background (£0.50) - Simple means there wont be a huge deal of shading and detailing.
:bulletblue: Border - Free! Default is 12-24 pixel black.
:bulletblue: Text - Free! Default is Arial Black at an appropriate size.

Special Offers:

:bulletblue: Colour This! - Give me one of your drawings and I'll colour it for you. Basic colours are £0.50, while the best quality is £4.00.
:bulletblue: Work in Progress (£1.50 per hour) - Via email or messages here, I can show you the progress and finish of your request in advance, and respond to any wishes or feedback you may have until you get what you desire. Waiting times between responses will not be charged, requests will be cancelled if the waiting time is over a week without explanation.

My Rules

:bulletblack: I will only accept payment to PayPal in British Currency (£) to "". Please include your DeviantArt name so that I can confirm your payment.
:bulletblack: I have the right to accept and refuse what I want.
:bulletblack: Please be polite and patient.
:bulletblack: First come, first served, however first paid has higher priorities.
:bulletblack: Those who do not pay will not get their artwork, no exception.
:bulletblack: I will likely add my "logo" to the artwork; It's usually small and in the corner.
:bulletblack: Feel free to request here if you want, however notes may be easier. For WIPs, definitely use notes.

Please use the following form for requests, as this will make things a lot easier for me, and better for you (doesn't have to be coded)
Digital or Traditional : . . .
Pen or Pencil : (skip if Digital)
Animal or Humanoid : . . .
Appearance : (please provide a link if you can!)
Pose / Expression : (optional)
Background: (optional)
Text: (optional)
Anything Else?: (optional)

What I Can Draw:

:bulletgreen: Animals, Mythical Creatures, Monsters
:bulletgreen: Fan-Art and OCs

What I Can't Draw (well):

:bulletyellow: Landscapes
:bulletyellow: Humanoids & Humans
:bulletyellow: Weapons

What I Will Refuse:

:bulletorange: Animation (until I get the right software or talent)
:bulletred: Porn or Sexually Explicit Scenes
:bulletred: Strong Gore
:bulletred: Vulgar Language, Racism & Personal Attacks
:bulletred: Stolen Characters/Content




Why is price for TRADITIONAL: Coloured Sketch lower than TRADITIONAL: Detailed Sketch? - Coloured sketches will be roughly the same quality as Moderate Sketches. However, as colouring is more of an effort for me it'll be charged slightly higher than Moderate Sketches, but I don't think it should be as much as Detailed Sketches, or at least not yet.
Back from another year's expo. Must say, that was really fun :) Personal thoughts;

Skyrim didn't impress me. It was just flashy graphics and that's it, mindless wandering. However it may be because I literally just jumped on and played, I don't know much about it other than something about killing dragons *derp*

Hit-Man actually looks pretty good. Not realistic graphics, but really good for it's style. Game play looked really fun - I don't know much about the previous two versions, but my friend says that it definitely keeps to the theme and gameplay, however improved.

Assassins Creed Revelations looked incredible. Again, I hadn't played much of the previous versions, but it looked very fleshed out and organic, really impressive graphics, based on a far more artistic viewpoint, not just "hurr durr shinneeeyyy" like most games :giggle: Also that the city is incredibly varied in many levels, as well as new weapons looking really fun (melee seems slow, but new weapons look incredible).

New Batman game - Not a batman fan myself, but I can't deny that looking really good too :3 The developers are all fans and really want to keep the story and legend as accurate as possible, so I imagine that'll be good for other fans.

So yeah. Good times. Also me and my friends danced in public (badly) and I was followed home by a scary drunk.


Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2011, 7:42 PM
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Yeah, I cba to think of a title.

k, random unplanned break from the internet (sort of) is over. I hope. Too much fricken time on WoW, I didn't think I'd get hooked this time. But hey. Made a couple new friends there. Even met a Spore fan and an oldfag, that was funny.

I'll be honest; I've got no idea what's going on with #SporeHaven and #Darkspore-Fans. So much potential, I had so many plans, but every time I make the step to contributing I just some how run away from it. I'm tempted to just 'give' the groups to someone else, but who? Even if I've done eff all lately it's still one of those things that are hard to just give away. I dunno. I'll get over it eventually. So there's something to think about for any of the huge Spore and Darkspore fans.

#Minecraft-Artists, still happy to help out there, unless my lack of contribution this last month or so has been too much. #Dracon-Artwork... I'm gonna have to have a serious think about that.

I had about 10,000 messages, and a lot of profile messages and comments that I've looked at too late. So I'll say it here for anyone reading - Thank you all very much for the lovely birthday messages, I had a wonderful day then :3 Better than I expected, tbh. Greece was epic, again, much better than I expected. Lovely place, lovely people. I'm hoping to post my photos very soon - I'm surprised I've not done so already. I have it organized, just not uploaded. Thanks everyone for the many comments, favourites, watches and llamas, much appreciated. And thank you to that one person for buying a print - I made 10 cent! :3

I had an epiphany tonight. Also I couldn't sleep, hence why I'm up so late now (3:39am atm). So related to that, I may restart doing requests and commissions soon, but more effort, and unfortunately, a higher price. I can't get a job atm, but do need some money.. Hopefully that becomes official soon. I'm starting to miss drawing. I'm also gonna get back to writing, but not with Dracon, unfortunately. I'm finally going to get a start on IMPACT. I wont be giving out any info or art on that (I think?). This, I seriously do hope to get published. So fingers crossed I start and finish it soon, as I've been wanting to do for years.

Can't remember what else I was going to say now..... eh. ty for reading my life story x

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Off to Greece - Update1#

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 3, 2011, 2:46 AM
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Like the title says, I'm off to mainland Greece tomorrow :D 2 week holiday, should be fun. I'll be sure to check messages and such when I get back... got 3,700 already, gawd. Hopefully will draw a fuckton to get past the airport and make myself less scared on the airplane. Hopefully :C

bai x

Update 1# --- I'm back! ... and I have 9,147 messages. Uhhhh, I'm a bit scared to look right now. Jetlag :D

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Animal Lovers - Please Sign

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 13, 2011, 12:25 PM
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I understand that not everyone here is a lover of animals or nature, but to those of you who are, please take a moment to read this. I don't want to get into awful details, but to put a sad story short, a pod of dolphins have been captured and are at risk of death, either stress or suicide, for entertainment purposes.

This disgusting behavior can not continue. Please help put an end to this before things get out of hand by signing this petition;…

~Thank you.

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I'm not gone/back/something

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 12, 2011, 5:11 PM
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Sorry for the random absence, I got distracted with things.. yeah.. totally didn't get back into WoW, that would be crazy!

But seeing how I actually have about 4,500 DA messages, I think it's about time I clear it out. Down to 48. I'll reply to comments and notes tomorrow.

Back to college starting tomorrow >: But only three more weeks left and I've officially finished my year. So woo.

Birthday coming up. SO MORE GAMES :D

And.. err... I totally have lots of art done to share.. yeah.. um... IT WAS NICE TALKING TO YOU ALL AGAIN BAI<3

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Regarding Commissions and Requests

Journal Entry: Mon May 23, 2011, 4:06 AM
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God, why am I doing so many journals lately? I used to never touch this thing...
Just giving an update ... I'm currently trying to juggle around between work, exams, concept work, gifts and commissions. So any requests and such might not be done ASAP. Managed to get the first two finished in time, which I'm pleased with, but time runs quickly and I don't want to miss some other things.

Also once my exams are finished (so close now!) and I have a bit less work to do, I'll start accepting official commissions and requests. Fortunately I've learned some new things with GIMP, so maybe I can make better quality things. I'ono. We'll see.

So yeah. I AM going to finish them at some point, just maybe not so soon, but not forget until a month later like I used to do -.-

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I have been Left Behind

Journal Entry: Sat May 21, 2011, 10:16 AM
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Kimo is gonna be pissed with me this Rapture.

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Another Mini-Vacation and Other Things

Journal Entry: Fri May 13, 2011, 2:27 AM
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Just so ya'll know, I'll be away to the Isle of Wight again this weekend :3 Can't wait.

Hopefully I'll have at least one new sketch done by then.

In other news, I may have two potential job offers, so on the one side you'll see more sketches, on the other, MAYBE a bit of animation. Still excited to get started ^__^

And also, I finally have Spore GA working, so I can do more scenes and models and such. Hopefully I can get C&C working too soon, I nearly had it done. We can only hope though.

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'TAGGED' Meme - 10 Facts About Yourself

Journal Entry: Thu May 5, 2011, 9:21 AM
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I was tagged by ~VEE141

1 .You must post these rules
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5. No tag backs.

1. I love animals. Especially Tigers.
2. Dragons are *NOT* my favourite animal or mythical creature, contrary to popular belief.
3. I have dark blue eyes.
4. I'm somewhat crazy at times. And I'm not just saying that because "hurr durr we're all crazy", but I do act like a completely hyperactive ADHD nutter sometimes. And that's without sugar.
5. I've grown up in a family of 'artists', or people with artistic talents. I'm the last one who still draws.
6. I can semi-play drums, guitar, bass, piano, accordion, and used to attempt with singing and break-dance.
7. I have a noticeable scar on my forehead which people don't seem to notice until months later.
8. My favourite genre of music is a combination between heavy metal, classical/violins and techno.
9. Anime-fan in the making.
10. I played my first MMO when I was 9. Thinking back, players unknowingly listening to a 9 year old girl is pretty hilarious to me.

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I'm lost for words

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 23, 2011, 8:28 AM
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The last two days have been the most nerdy, yet greatest achievement for me.

As many of you saw, I made a modded creation in Spore called King Hyacinthinus, right? Simple, basics. But what I did not expect, by a long shot, was the attention and praise it got.

DeviantArt gave me at least three new watchers, 122 favourites on one picture and 82 on the edited one, adding up to 2,295 total views and 44 comments.

Reddit helped my link get onto the first page of Gaming and Reddit, with the karma adding up to about 221, and still changing (250 when I last checked).

Now, YouTube? I was keeping it secret but I applied for a partnership a couple days ago. Haven't got high hopes, but it's worth trying. Well. Thanks to Reddit and DA, the video I uploaded only yesterday reached 103,200 views with 28 honors. Boost of subscribers and 2 "Most Viewed" honors for my channel - I was the #8 Most Viewed in the UK. My previous record was an 80,000 viewed video I uploaded in 2009.

I don't know what to say. All of that in the span of one, maybe two days? That is insane. And that I do all of this as a hobby just adds to it. I couldn't say thank you enough if I tried.

And I think Davopotamus deserves a crap load of praise, too. Without him I wouldn't even have made that beast of a Dragon. Cheers mate, even if you can't see this.

You guys are all epic :heart: Thank you.

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