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ZBrush - Semi-Realistic Jowwi

It is finally done! This has been a long and enjoyable personal project of mine, to try and recreate my Jowwi character in a more realistic format. I dub it "semi-realistic" as it is afterall a fictional alien reptile-thing, nor can I handle true realism in 3D yet. The entire point of this project was to push myself and see what I was capable with my current knowledge, to practice, explore, and learn new techniques. This has been a very enjoyable and educational experience.

Process Part 1 -…

Process Part 2 -…
Process Part 3 -…
Process Part 4 -…
Final Result and Thoughts -…

Species: Jowwicera - Reference Sheet by Rebecca1208
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I saw the process videos you did for this sculpt too! Loved them! Makes me wish the Jowwi actually existed! .w. Maybe the dilophosaurus or a variant of raptor existed that looked like your Jowwi!

Keep up the awesome work!
Rebecca1208's avatar
Aha I could only imagine, that would be so neat if they happened to look alike! Or even just blue :D

Thank you very much!
Xenoxzerin's avatar
La is puking Rainbows Epic clap  well done!
Nincen1945's avatar
I won't look aty my chickens in my backyard ever the same.
Skarh-sabishi's avatar
dam boi how do u draw dat good?!
ShadowAura-I's avatar
looks really good,  the textures are really realistic too
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awesome work, keep it up.
DinoDragoZilla17's avatar
I saw your YouTube video making this! It’s very impressive!
Rebecca1208's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
DinoDragoZilla17's avatar
Elienna707's avatar
damn i love them <3 
TheChosen1GroxPL's avatar
This looks sooo cool and realstic owo
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