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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello! My name is Rebecca, and I am an avid gamer and artist. I started this DeviantArt account when I was 15 years old, with the aim of sharing everything I produce across multiple platforms. Nowadays I aim to use it as a gallery for my Spore and YouTube related projects, while continuing to add whatever else I may produce overtime. Stick around, I hope you enjoy what I may share! :hug:

YouTube Channel: DarkEdgeTV

My YouTube Channel is where I spend most of my time and resources, with my DeviantArt account being used as a gallery to share whatever I produce over at YouTube. Over there you'll also find videos showing the entire process of creations and 3D artworks.

Patreon: DarkEdgeTV's Patreon Page

Here is my Patreon, in which allows me to focus on making entertainment and artwork my business and profession. Consider pledging, have access to all YouTube video content early, and depending on the weight of the pledge, your very own personalized requests, too!

Spore Profile Page | Facebook | Twitter | Twitch Channel

If for you ever wish to contact me, you are welcome to do so within any of the private messaging formats within DeviantArt or the above social-media links, or if you prefer email, you can reach me over at :)

* * *

Many thanks to these people for all their help, donations and premium membership! :heart:

:iconguardian-of-animals: :iconsheegrah: :iconmarkydman: :iconnmr-studios: :icondracon-artwork:
Cute Jowwi fan by RoseOfTheNight4444


Rebecca1208 has started a donation pool!
2,019 / 10,000
Here, simply if you're feeling generous, want a place to dump some points, or paying for a commission/service. I'll likely be using them for premium membership (1,200 for 3 months) :giggle:

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Wed Nov 28, 2018, 5:54 AM

Commissions! How does it work? Read my rules, check my portfolio, request a model, pay the deposit, wait, pay the final fee, and enjoy your character in 3D!

I only accept payment via PayPal. All of my prices are stated in Great British Pounds.
If you wish to make a purchase or inquiry, email me at - Contact me on Email, DeviantArt or Discord for questions and information.

Examples & Prices

Semi-Realistic Full Body - £200.00, additional +£40.00 per hour - Once an existing commission is completed, this will take highest priority
ZBrush - Semi-Realistic Jowwi by Rebecca1208 
Rough Portraits - £25.00 or 3,000 Points
Daily Doodle #002 by Rebecca1208 Daily Doodle #007 by Rebecca1208 Daily Doodle #005 by Rebecca1208  Aurvandil - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208  Interrobang - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208
Smooth Portrait - £40.00, additional +£25.00 per hour
ZBrush - Kimo Head 2 WIP - Blue Eyes by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Glass the Absol Final by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Glass the Absol Previews by Rebecca1208  ZBrush Commission - Mckinley Funky Portrait by Rebecca1208
Detailed Portrait - £60.00, additional +£25.00 per hour
ZBrush - Bubblegum, Bogsneak - FlightRising by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Penya Leviathan by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Golden Spikey Chinface (doodle) by Rebecca1208  ZBrush - ''Beryl'' Gemstone Dragon Bust by Rebecca1208  ZBrushCore - ''Kimo Krayt'' Dragon Bust by Rebecca1208
Semi-Realistic Portrait - £75.00, additional +£25.00 per hour
ZBrush - Jowwiscree Teaser by Rebecca1208 Arudite FINAL - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208  Arudite TEXTURELESS - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208  ZBrush - Garden Snake by Rebecca1208 Xalis FINAL - COMMISSION ZBrushCore by Rebecca1208
Simple Full Body - £100.00, additional +£30.00 per hour
ZBrush Gift - Gregg the Tidal Frogpod by Rebecca1208  ZBrush - Cute Jowwi by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Cute Pokey by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Skah by Rebecca1208  ZBrush Gift - Draki by Rebecca1208
Detailed Full Body - £150.00, additional +£35.00 per hour
ZBrush COMMISSION - Veles by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Shah Dalamadur by Rebecca1208  ZBrush - Eternum Rek'sai - League of Legends by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Tea Noodle by Rebecca1208  ZBrushCore - Full-Body Dragon 01 by Rebecca1208
Additional Assets/Features; - This will be stacked on top of the deposit
Moderate/Heavy Asymmetry/Posing - £30.00
Accessories/Outfits - £15.00
Companions - To Be Determined
Backgrounds/Environments - Not Yet Available
Retopology (ideal before animating) - Not Yet Available
Rigging - Not Yet Available
Animating - Not Yet Available

Payment, Ordering

Bullet; Blue Check my rules and requirements, browse my gallery, understand I am still learning 3D artwork, and then inquire either here or via email.
Bullet; Blue Inform me that your payment is about commissions. If you send me a blank payment, I will assume it is a donation.
Bullet; Blue Wait for my approval before sending payment - If your commission is not accepted, I will refund you. If you pay without approval again, I will accept it as a donation.
Bullet; Blue Any deadlines or urgencies must be expressed ahead of time - Otherwise, expected wait time will be up to 3 months (depending on queue).
Bullet; Blue I reserve the right to decline and/or cancel any commission.
Bullet; Blue A deposit is required before I begin - Once the commission is completed, I will send you a low-res preview and the final bill. Once payment is fully completed, I will send you multiple shots and views of the final HD piece, and an interactive low-resolution model via SketchFab.
Bullet; Blue The deposit is the initial price listed above, the final bill is the total accumulated price after.
Bullet; Blue Currently, project files will not be available, but I will provide plenty of angles and views, and an interactive low-resolution model via SketchFab.

Commission Form

Here's what I need to know before we can agree on a sale;
Bullet; White What your character looks like; a visual reference is required
Bullet; White What style you are purchasing - Do you want a simple portrait? A complex full-body sculpt?
Bullet; White Do you want it coloured or textureless? (not available for Rough Portraits)
Bullet; White What do you desire for your character - emotion? expression? action? different colourscheme? Is your reference old or missing anything?
Bullet; White Am I making a literal duplicate of your character, or a different style (eg. anthro/feral), or my own interpretation?
Bullet; White Be as detailed as possible for your request, so that I can fulfill it as swiftly as possible
Bullet; White Is there a deadline or time-table? Inform me ASAP
Bullet; White Do you want your commission to be private? Can I livestream it? Can I make a video of it? (livestreaming/videos are an unrelated consensual agreement, nothing will automatically be published, but I would appreciate the ability to livestream and/or make a video. I will respect your privacy if you decline)
Bullet; White And most importantly; Can you provide the deposit up-front, and pay the remaining fee upon completion?

Commission Limitations & Rules

What I Can Do
Bullet; Green Animals, Creatures, Hybrids etc. (real and fantasy)
Bullet; Green Humans, humanoids, anthros
Bullet; Green Original characters, fan characters
Bullet; Green Moderate blood and gore
Bullet; Green Moderate asymmetry 

What I Can Try
Bullet; Yellow Robots, cyborgs, bionics, implants etc.
Bullet; Yellow Rough feathers, feathered wings
Bullet; Yellow Clothing, outfits, accessories
Bullet; Yellow Reasonable/tasteful nudity
Bullet; Yellow Poses, stances, heavy asymmetry
Bullet; Yellow Semi-Realism
Bullet; Yellow Human faces

What I Can/Will Not Do Yet
Bullet; Orange Retopology (simplifying polygons, necessary for animating)
Bullet; Orange Rigging, animations
Bullet; Orange Environment, backgrounds
Bullet; Orange Hyper-realism, rendered fur, full-body feathers (ZBrush4R7 required) 

What I Will Not Do
Bullet; Red Pornography, Fetishes (disproportionate anatomy, rape, vore etc.)
Bullet; Red Hate-speech, harassment, politics
Bullet; Red Copy-righted characters
Bullet; Red Ridiculously detailed/outfitted stuff in an extravagant pose, unless you're willing to wait a long time and pay a fortune

Additional Notes
Bullet; Purple I am a full-time Content Creator on YouTube & Twitch - My time is precious and limited
Bullet; Purple I will NOT rush commissions - Quality is important, even if my time is limited
Bullet; Purple I will charge via a combination of time taken (specified above) and complexity of the model (features and assets, not polygons)
Bullet; Purple I am typically a fast drawer, thus wait times should not be terribly long - availability of the free time itself is the key factor here
Bullet; Purple I record everything I draw, thus timestamps will be available. These commissions will not automatically be livestreamed and published, however I will respect your wishes if you do not want me to livestream or create videos of the commission.
Bullet; Purple Time taken WILL include minor breaks during sessions - Timestamps will be a reference, not a record. I will be reasonable, but I will not include massive breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions, Notes, and So On...

Bullet; Black Q: Why the steep pricing?
A: 3-Dimensional means I have to look and judge from every perceivable angle. The final outcome may be displayed in 2D but I still must consider every side and view, which takes a lot of time, calculating and planning. Additionally, the time spent on commissions will directly compete with video-making and livestreaming time, thus the potential revenue must compete as well.
Bullet; Black Q: Why increase the Price Per Hour if higher-detailed models will take more time too?
A: As mentioned in the notes below, I am a fast drawer. The time I take to create smooth lines and clean surfaces isn't too different from the time I take to create a multitude of textures and definitions. Additionally, more detail still requires more planning, while simple designs are more just down to simplicity and polishing.
Bullet; Black Q: How long do these typically take?
It varies wildly depending on style, features, complexity, pose and all that stuff. The rough portraits take on average 30-60min while everything else can vary from 3-10 hours recorded, sometimes over the course of a couple of days. Larger and more complex stuff may of course take longer.
Bullet; Black Q: How will Price Per Hour be determined?
0-15 minutes = Rounded to zero, no charge | 15-45 minutes = Half an hour, half the price | 45-60 minutes = Rounded up to an hour
I record all of my art for potential video purposes, thus I will be recording the time taken anyway. I will also set up a stop-watch for entire commission sessions. Minor breaks (such as planning, stretching or finding references) WILL count, but larger breaks will not count.
Bullet; Black Q: Why offer "Semi-Realistic" and not full realistic?
A: Because I do not yet consider myself capable of realism, nor do I want to set unrealistic expectations. Additionally, my version of ZBrush does not support fur and hair.
Bullet; Black Q: How do you determine what is complex/detailed and what is simple?
A: The style - NOT the polygons or features (unless it really is a lot of features). A simple piece is polished and smooth, like vector art. A detailed piece has greater complexity, such as muscle definitions, wrinkles, tufts of fur and so on. A semi-realistic piece is me try-harding the hell out of it and constantly referring to photographs, as well as defining individual scales and all that jazz.
Bullet; Black Q: Can we trade? Can you gift me? Can I get a discount?
A: No.

Customer/Patreon Feedback

From what I've seen I must say that she takes this sort of things seriously. The quality of her works is stably high so you mustn't worry about it. She always tries to consult the customer to figure out some details so the end result turns out to be what you originally wanted (or at least as close as possible to it). I won a raffle (still a bit hard to believe, haha) and got a 3D model of my OC (that Tea Noodle). All process was streamed so I managed to see all the process from beginning to an end so I can relate for the stuff said earlier. And the end result was far better than I was originally expecting. So yeah, you can trust this woman! ;D ~by Alespill
Even though it took longer than expected, I fecking love it! Absolutely amazing! Thanks for making this for me! ~by DarkDemonDragon
Becca's work is phenomenal, and her attention to detail is amazing. The amount of effort she puts into her work is astounding, and you can rest assured that the work she puts out is of stellar quality. The realism, or even expression she managed to get on the work she did of my character Glass was breathtaking, and you can usually catch a stream to see it all happen in real time, if you're interested in watching her work on your piece. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who loves this kind of art. The prices are expensive, but well worth it. ~by ShatterGlassStudios
I'm so amazed by how much work and detail you put into this, not to mention I think you're ever so slightly mad for attempting to hand-sculpt almost every scale. The end result speaks volumes for itself, though! This is my favorite sculpt of yours so far as well, and I don't think that it's just me being biased because it's my character. I believe I got exactly what I paid for, and I will absolutely be commissioning you again in the future. ~by Oreloki 

Skin created via!/resource…


Unplanned Hiatus Ending Asap

Hey everyone, I apologize for the sudden hiatus that's happened lately, and especially to the commissioned artists I have hanging at this moment! I have contacted them individually to inform them but I also want my followers to be aware as well.

Simply put, stuff keeps breaking. I host 5 ARK: Survival Evolved servers for my Patreons and supporters which get a lot of action. And then the servers broke. Took a few days to fix. Then to relax and unwind I played on them for a couple of days. And then the servers broke. Took a few days to fix. Then to relax and unwind I played on them for a couple of days. And again. And again.

You can see the pattern here, haha. This last month has just been the servers constantly spazzing out, which can be extremely stressful as I just hopelessly sit still, waiting for time-consuming updates and file transfers slowly process, to then spend 20-30min to log on (can't wait for that new SSD) to find the solution failed. Rinse and repeat.

Usually when the work week is this heavy, I will pump out my commissions in the evening or weekends. Now my fiance is back to playing ARK again and I'm juggling between working over-time and being social. Back up scenario is I'll stay awake all night and work - now I'm getting older and can't do that as easily, haha.

Such is life, of course. I don't mind it. But I do feel very guilty for not being able to give art and models any love this past month, and for that I do apologize. My mind is racing with ideas but my time is incredibly stretched - anyone who follows me on YouTube has probably noticed this, too!

The server issues appear to have settled for now, as far as I can tell. I'll try to take this opportunity to catch up on some YouTube content and immediately begin the commissions. Hopefully I'll have some more art to show off very soon! :heart: Thanks for reading.
Commission for Ani - 5.5 hours in total, another extremely fun piece, this was particularly challenging due to the character being a visual hybrid between a mammal and reptile. Fortunately it's all mostly scales, which is more my expertise, but it still brought up some interesting hurdles and challenges. I am in love with the antlers, though.

Full Sculpting Process & Texturing -…
Sketchfab Preview -

Bullet; Blue 3D Commissions - Commission portfolio, details, and prices
Bullet; Blue Patreon - If you want to help support, every little bit helps!
Bullet; Blue YouTube - Full-time YouTuber, love playing lots of games and recording most of my art
Bullet; Blue Twitch -  Part-time Livestreamer, games and art
Bullet; Blue ArtStation - Alternative gallery
Bullet; Blue SketchFab - 3D gallery
Aurvandil - COMMISSION ZBrushCore
Here is a Rough Portrait of Grimmla's character, Aurvandil!
I really had a tonne of fun working with this, she's an extremely different type of character than what I am used to drawing, especially with the more precise features such as the teeth, but I am extremely pleased with how it's come out, especially for a quickie portrait.

Check out the full process here -
Check out the 3D Sketchfab preview here - 

Bullet; Blue 3D Commissions - Commission portfolio, details, and prices
Bullet; Blue Patreon - If you want to help support, every little bit helps!
Bullet; Blue YouTube - Full-time YouTuber, love playing lots of games and recording most of my art
Bullet; Blue Twitch -  Part-time Livestreamer, games and art
Bullet; Blue ArtStation - Alternative gallery
Bullet; Blue SketchFab - 3D gallery


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