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ZBrush - Nile, Wildclaw - FlightRising by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Nile, Wildclaw - FlightRising :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 99 9 ZBrush - Wildclaw Head BASE - FlightRising by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Wildclaw Head BASE - FlightRising :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 235 13 Species: Jowwicera - Reference Sheet by Rebecca1208 Species: Jowwicera - Reference Sheet :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 122 13 ZBrush - Semi-Realistic Jowwi by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Semi-Realistic Jowwi :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 488 15 ZBrush - Golden Spikey Chinface (doodle) by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Golden Spikey Chinface (doodle) :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 76 8 ZBrush - Tea Noodle by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Tea Noodle :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 82 18 ZBrush - Tea Noodle TEASER by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Tea Noodle TEASER :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 33 2 ZBrush - Jowwiscree Teaser by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Jowwiscree Teaser :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 45 7 ZBrush - Skah by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Skah :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 48 4 Cool Gregg by Rebecca1208 Cool Gregg :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 21 7 Smiling Draki by Rebecca1208 Smiling Draki :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 50 6 ZBrush Gift - Gregg the Tidal Frogpod by Rebecca1208 ZBrush Gift - Gregg the Tidal Frogpod :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 38 6 ZBrush Commission - Mckinley Funky Portrait by Rebecca1208 ZBrush Commission - Mckinley Funky Portrait :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 34 9 ZBrush - Light Fury (HTTYD3) by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Light Fury (HTTYD3) :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 157 13 ZBrush Gift - Draki by Rebecca1208 ZBrush Gift - Draki :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 77 14 ZBrush - Cute Pokey by Rebecca1208 ZBrush - Cute Pokey :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 56 3




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello! My name is Rebecca, and I am an avid gamer and artist. I started this DeviantArt account when I was 15 years old, with the aim of sharing everything I produce across multiple platforms. Nowadays I aim to use it as a gallery for my Spore and YouTube related projects, while continuing to add whatever else I may produce overtime. Stick around, I hope you enjoy what I may share! :hug:

YouTube Channel: DarkEdgeTV

My YouTube Channel is where I spend most of my time and resources, with my DeviantArt account being used as a gallery to share whatever I produce over at YouTube. Over there you'll also find videos showing the entire process of creations and 3D artworks.

Patreon: DarkEdgeTV's Patreon Page

Here is my Patreon, in which allows me to focus on making entertainment and artwork my business and profession. Consider pledging, have access to all YouTube video content early, and depending on the weight of the pledge, your very own personalized requests, too!

Spore Profile Page | Facebook | Twitter | Twitch Channel

If for you ever wish to contact me, you are welcome to do so within any of the private messaging formats within DeviantArt or the above social-media links, or if you prefer email, you can reach me over at :)

* * *

Many thanks to these people for all their help, donations and premium membership! :heart:

:iconguardian-of-animals: :iconsheegrah: :iconmarkydman: :iconnmr-studios: :icondracon-artwork:
This is special and I figured it warranted sharing :heart:


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ZBrush - Nile, Wildclaw - FlightRising
First time doing feather, fur, and flowers. Based on one of my FlightRising Dragons.

The genes on my Wildclaw are XXX Crystal, Facet and Glimmer, which is why this model is so bright and shiny. Probably a terribly hard one to start with, but I figured it would be an interesting endeavor. I'm aiming for my next sculpt to have a more natural colourscheme, so that it can contrast with this one.

Wildclaw - Belongs to "FlightRising"

BASE Model Sculpting Process -…
Nile Sculpting Process -…
ZBrush - Wildclaw Head BASE - FlightRising
The start of a project I've been meaning to do for quite some time now. I was really surprised with how this has come out, especially as this is the first time I've used this new fur technique, and my first time ever making feathers, thus I couldn't resist posting a WIP/Base of it. I do plan on colouring it in, somehow.

Wildclaw - Belongs to "FlightRising"
Species: Jowwicera - Reference Sheet
At last, the Jowwicera "Jowwi" have been updated and converted to their own concept, instead of a Spore-dependent creature. This is now the official design for the Jowwi species.

Character/Concept belongs to Rebecca "DarkEdgeTV".

Character/Species F.A.Q.

Q: Can I use this character/creature/species/concept?
A: No. Explicit permission by me must be granted first. No exceptions.

Q: Why is Fan-Art allowed?
A: Fan-art assumes credit and context, and falls under Fair Use policy. I'm perfectly happy for others to draw the Jowwi as fan-art, but they may not claim any characters or OCs based on the species without my consent. The same falls for hybrids; For example, seeing a Jowwi/Wyvern hybrid is cool and welcomed, but claiming the Jowwi/Wyvern hybrid as a character is not.

Q: Why the strict policy?
A: I am very protective with my concept and have become attached to it over the years. Additionally, it is a core part of my community and my business, therefore I intend for it to remain exclusive and special. I am however open to creating new characters/concepts in the future for general use. Think of the Jowwi as my exception, not my constant.

Q: How can I tell if someone else's artwork of the Jowwi is allowed?
A: All approved artwork will be added to my "Jowwi Empire" collection. Any artwork depicting my concept that does not feature in this collection is NOT approved and was made without consent or respect to my wishes. Additionally, I like to feature all fan-art made for me during my Livestreams, thus any non-DeviantArt fan-art that appears in the livestream are also approved.

Q: Do any approved Jowwi characters/OCs exist?
A: Currently, no. Should any exist in the future, I will update this FAQ.

Q: Where did the Jowwi come form?
A: Quite simply, they were a random creature I evolved many years ago during a playthrough in SPORE. Over time I've grown attached to the Jowwi, as I am fond of little blue raptors with giant eyes, and adopted it as my YouTube mascot. It has since grown wildly popular in my community, and with it I've become very attached to it (hence the need for an official redesign).

Q: What inspired the Jowwi design?
A: Nowadays, I honestly can not remember. I think it was just a random raptor-esque creature I made (I like making Dinosaurs and Dragons a lot). Nowadays, I see them as a bit of a visual hybrid between a Spinosaurus, a Dromaeosaur, and a Dilophosaur.

Q: What does all this mean for the Spore Creations of the Jowwi?
A: They still exist and are relevant, however they will be "updated" to reflect these new changes. One of the major reasons towards this redesign is to detach the Jowwi away from their Spore heritage and to exist as their own independant concept, hence the rename to "Jowwicera".

Q: Why do you refer to them as both Jowwicera and Jowwi?
A: "Jowwicera" is their new official name, which stems from "Jowwicera Sapiensemimus" (Sentient Jowwi) and "Jowwicera Dromaeomimus" (Wild Jowwi). However "Jowwi" always has and always will be their common name. Much like how we call the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a T-Rex, or a Panthera Tigris, a Tiger.

Q: WhY aReN't ThEy AnAtOmIcAlLy CoRrEcT??
A: Because I love my 'lil blue alien spinoraptors, and I love how I've designed them, and how they're often depicted in fan-art. Certain features are indeed exaggerated, but that's just the way they are. They're inspired by and based on Dinosaurs, but are not a real Terran Dinosaur. Certain features such as the overly large horns, giant feet and JP-wrists are intentional and referred to lore-wise.

Q: Why are there so few stripes compared to their old design?
A: The Thylacine stripes and highlighted eyes are the overall "default" design for the Jowwis. Otherwise, more stripes can be added. Much like a Tiger, they can all be different and varied.

Q: What other variants are there to the Jowwi?
A: Their stripes/patterns, horns, frills, and ridges can vary. They all follow the same general archetype, but differing varieties do exist. Note: The lore is still being written, but their changes in appearances begins in the "tribal stage". Designs will be available in due time.

Q: Why are there hybrids of Jowwis' with other creatures?
A: While I'm not exactly sure of the origin, I do personally enjoy hybrid creatures a lot, and since the Jowwi originated from Spore, creating hybrids was a very fun and easy prospect. The idea has since evolved and become embedded into Jowwi Lore, so that all hybrids can, in some way, be canon (if I so desire).

Q: Why did you add sexual dimorphism to the Jowwi?
A: Call me old fashioned, but I like a bit of a difference. As well as the variants, I like the idea of different characters in the future standing out from one another, and not looking too alike. I did however entirely complete the design of the Jowwi before adding any features, that way their differences are subtle at best. I would consider the female to be the "most complete" example of a Jowwi, with the males having some minor extra details to their faces.

Q: Why are some Jowwi depicted as animals and some as sentient characters?
A: Long story short, their species diverged into two groups; the Wilds and the Sentients. The purpose for this is so that artists who enjoy making fan-art can choose between either idea and it still be relevant and true to the species concept.

Q: What is the lore for the Jowwi?
A: It's a work in progress!

Q: What is with the Jowwis' obsession with tea?
A: Why not! It started off as a fun and silly joke, since I do like my tea. I've sinced baked it into the lore that the planet of Jowwi Prime was rich in tea leaves, along with it being a very hot and volcanic environment, therefore it was common for sweet aromas to be present. A lot of creatures from Jowwi Prime have a very calming response to tea, not just the Jowwi.

More Q/A's will be added as required!
So I went and took a nap today, had 6 unread Feedback messages.
Woke up 5 hours later, 106 messages, WTF. Guys, thank you so much! Looks like the Semi-Realistic Jowwi has been extremely well received, thank you!


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