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amana 2011 suite for rainmeter

By reb70
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amanasuite for rainmeter | 2011 | Extended Edition (version 2.0.4)

The weather widget is mod of the ~FlyingHyrax`s Do I Need a Jacket? skin and also thanks to flyinghyrax for some code .

This is an open project. If you have a skin or an idea for this suite and would like contribute with me, please feel free to contact to me.
I looking for a programmer who is can make a exclusive configuration tool with using AutoIt.
We can complete this suite together.

Addons for amanasuite
Amana Launchers and Weather ~fe9i
amana mod for rainmeter by ~guerrilive
facebook reader for amana suite by ~magafaka
Amana System by ~stardeht
and Amana Audio Player, Weather, and System Status by ~davidross
This suite doesn`t incloud the contributors` works. Please, visit to authors site for download.

added wifi and battery indicator and a Image RSS Reader (beta)
added a contribution panel and a QuickStart option.
fixed player configuration problem
added a dock
reworked background (dim)
added a volume control
reworked welcome panel with settings and configuration button
added a simple launcher to welcome panel
added a weather and a NG Photo of the Day widgets
fixed a bug on date and problem with text height on reader
added Configuration Tool
fixed ImageTint and Sound bug on reader

Stock image
Girl with the camera
by ~NikxStock and amana screensaver
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AidenDrewHobbyist General Artist
Featured :
Rainmeter Skins
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Just amazing
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Just amazing! Thanks!

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ActiveColorsHobbyist Interface Designer
Could you say which font had you used to write "amanasuite"?
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ActiveColorsHobbyist Interface Designer
Big Thanks!
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epic-FUZZHobbyist General Artist
Thanks dude! Helping me build my custom desktop one piece at a time
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black-clicheHobbyist Writer
how do you get the music player and photo viewer to work?
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citoelaHobbyist Digital Artist
I recommended this skin on my blog [link] Thanks :D
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This isn't the most important thing in the world but is it possible to remove the dim effect on certain things such as the Photo of the Day, Picture Gallery, RSS feeder, Calendar etc.?

Thank you all for any future replies!
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the simplest way to delete the dim folder.
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Also, is it possible to fix the issue with numbers on certain things such as the calendar and RSS feeder? It overlaps with a line or something.
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there are lots of alternative: fast and simple to reduce the font size.
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motocoldHobbyist General Artist
great work, I'll try it out today
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answnstlr111Student Digital Artist
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SolInvictusHobbyist Photographer
This is quite possibly the most beautiful suite I have ever used for Rainmeter. I love having this on my desktop!

I wanted to add, in case anyone is having problems with the weather tool, go into the config file under the weather skin (\Rainmeter\Skins\amana\weather) and where you see:

Change to:

If you have two include statements, they have to have separate identifiers, else it'll ignore one. In my case, it wasn't reading the settings.txt, so it was always stuck at "balmy" even though it is quite chilly. ;-)

Anyway, just wanted to point that out just to help other users who were having trouble. This is one of the most polished, well-written suites I have had the pleasure of ever using! It's really functional and aesthetically pleasing! Thank you reb70! :)
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Thank you for your kind word and many thanks for help. There are still too many bugs and I'm a very lazy (or actually busy) to fix my old stuff. I promise I will collect myself and I will fix it soon. ; )
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SolInvictusHobbyist Photographer
Oh not to worry - we're a community here and we'll help each other out whenever possible. And this is a fun project, so I know you'll get to it when you can. Besides, you already put a lot of hard work into it. I just wanted to appreciate what you've put together here, it's beautiful. :)
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Selner1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, and the dock isn't working.
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SolInvictusHobbyist Photographer
If you go to the config file for the dock (located in \Rainmeter\Skins\amana\dock) and open the file, you should see in separate lines:
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["Browser"]
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["Messenger"]

You need to add the # symbol before and after "Browser" and "Messenger" - so it should look like:
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["#Browser#"]
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["#Messenger#"]

The dock should work after that. The # symbol in Lua scripting means it's referencing a variable from the include file, so that should take care of that.
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Selner1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh ok. Thanks a bunch! :)
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