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Gaia10 Rainmeter

Gaia10 Rainmeter

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A great and simple theme. Great Work!!!!

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looking good! thanks! ^_^ beautiful

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Anyone know how to fix (remove) the ÿ symbols from showing in front of rss feeds?
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Solution wasn't hard. Go into Rainmeter\Skins\gaia10\rss folder and edit rss.ini file.
Replace all "ÿ" objects with ""
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increíble... buen trabajo
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I miss Gaia, those themes looked the best!
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Köszönöm. Azt hiszem Gaia soha nem fog visszatérni. Szép időszak volt ez.
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Yeah it seems the weather part doesnt work anymore
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Hi. Not work Weather !!
nice can I change the time to 12 hour?
There are some weird symbols in front of my rss feed... Any1 knows how to fix this? Also, the email isnt working :{
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Download the latest version Rainmeter 3.3
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Awesome Skin! a few issues though,

1. Recycle Bin skin doesn't load.
2. Winamp Player Skin doesn't play the sound from the actual player itself.

Any idea if or when you can fix these issues?
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I love your Gaia suite, I tested the VS but it didn't fit my needs, but this RM skin is really beautyful ! Nice work ; )
Hi. Im at location POXX0014, Funchal but I cant change my weather.. How can I do it? Where do I insert the POXX0014? Tyvm
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Open the configuration part and you can enter it into the weather part in there.
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my computer said this was a virus...
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Mine did too. Detected "YahLover" immediately after install.
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