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GAIA09 Rainmeter Suite v2.0


GAIA09 Rainmeter Suite



weather feed and cpu problem fixed (06.08.09).

read me.txt for the settings (07.08.09)

version 2.0 (09.10.09)
© 2009 - 2022 reb70
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can you make this to .rmskin? pls???? thanks
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copy paste this folder in rainmeter skin folder . open rainmeter > there is options for making rmskin package
This theme is one of the best i ve ever seen.
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can anyone help me with the gmail im from ger. so this link dont work for germans: [link] i tryd this new one
[link] but it doesnt work too !
tryd btw all possibilitys like at the end of the user: etc. making user to Email or passwd to password bla bla ... . it wont work : / pls help
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sorry dude but where do you input the weather code for the weather? i put it next to "Code=" and nothing next to "Unit=" so i can have Fahrenheit. But it still says error..did i do something wrong? i have the correct weather code
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When downloaded this skin?
I modified long time ago.
If you download again, you will find the following line under [Variables] section: URL= h t t p: // / weather/ local /HUXX0019?cc=*&dayf=5&link=xoap&prod=xoap&par=1127170666&key=8ebef5bb4dda1978&unit=m
You need to replace the "HUXX0019" and "m".
Save and refresh skin.
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i dunno how to use sighT_T
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[link] a little help for use.
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Nice nice test gracias
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i really love your project
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I'm sorry but the twitter directions are extremely unclear. Would you mind explaining how to get it working?
I've switched the userID with mines and link to the person I wanna follow but it does nothing. Again Im not sure what it is I have to do so Im sure what I did is wrong.
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Your identifier is not your username. You can find the userID, when clicking on the "RSS feed of username 's tweets" text. Your userID number is in the last part of the heading.
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Yea I know. I put the numbers there and nothing.
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Unfortunately, I do not know where is the problem.
Is there anyway to make the note widget larger? For some reason, I can't stretch the actual background image even I edit it in the config and I have no way of editing the actual background myself.
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If you enter the your text the window resize itself.
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I love this one :D
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awesome suite. :wow:
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