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Eridan Shimeji

Click over on the side where it says "Download" ---->
It's in .RAR.

Ive been working on this for far too long.

But yeah! Eridan Shimeji.
Because I wanted one. And there weren't any really cool ones. So I made one. Even though my art is far from 'really cool' xD
Oh well. Whatever.
I referenced a Karkat shimeji from here on dA (that my internet is being too slow for me to find you a link right now) But its a really amazing shimeji, the Karkat one, it has a lot more pictures than most and it looks really
This one has extras because of the files I used.
My favourite one that looks really good is that he can actually run instead of just walk and walk fast. There's walk and run.
And a lot more too. :'D

There are some problems with it.
I'm not going to pretend there's not. xD
Like, for the BLUH (which you can really only see if you right click on the icon and select the 2nd one down, and then wait) It like... Its int he wrong place. But whatever. You can still tell what it is and all that. If you find any more really big problems or anything, tell me :'D
Ill fix it if I can xD

Hope you guys like it.

Eridan-Homestuck- Belongs to Hussie.
© 2011 - 2021 Reauki
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When i try to run it, it says i need java 6

I already have it but it keeps saying that


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If you're on Eclipse mode it looks like the new download button is just underneath the image, right above the title! I tried downloading it and it seems like it works still but I may be wrong.

You will need a program like winrar to open it (:

Hope that helps!

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ty now it works aa!!

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wweh! amazing aa!! i have him wandering around rn >:]
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I can't get it to work for some reason,, my computer just tries to open the rar file in photoshop
onion sad 
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Have you downloaded winRAR?
It's the program that lets you open .rar files (:
If you already knew that/ already have it you should be able to change the program it opens with to that 
I wish I had java 6 but no...
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i got here from crash bandioot art
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I accidentlaly 1 eridan of .rar

is that bad
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Gog bless you child
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BEHOLD PEASENTS! I am Eridan Ampora cutest of them all!
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waaa that's adorable !!
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that's really cool!
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This is a problem that I have with all shimejis. It says I need to install Java, which I did. But then when I tried to install it again it still says I need to install Java ._.
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i can't install it, i need a... Japanesse Java(??? but when i installed it, the proggram says i need the java when i installed the java ;----;
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Okno, Eridan in this way looks so cute q,w,q)
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