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Well, it has been a while since I have had any real updates. I have worked on my stories for a little bit and my game some but due to life I have not gotten much done. I may elaborate on those life problems at a later date... but probably not. To keep it simple I am in a position where I cannot get as much done as I would like.

The game is still coming along albeit at a diminished pace. I have had to scale it down by multitudes - I was far too ambitious for my first game. Although I have come far from knowing nothing about game design, coding, etc, I still don't know enough and I do not have the time to put in the level of detail I would like. I keep running into road blocks that take hours to overcome. Coding issues, lightning problems, texturing madness, etc. So, my far game project has been altered greatly. Same genre: horror, only this game will be much less story-based. I am really trying to aim for an October release but I'll need a hefty amount of luck and work to make that happen.:bademoticon: 

I have uploaded a page of Of Beasts and Men. It has been far, far too long since I worked on it so since I had some time I decided to pick it back up. I'll try to get back into a better routine but I can only promise to update my comic if I can get enough work done.

I have been so adamant on trying to get work done recently that I have even gone back to drinking Coke - which I don't really like but it keeps me awake and focused enough to get something done. I have worked over... 70 hours this week on projects. Which is surprising because I do not normally get that much done.

I hope to have more for you guys soon.
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As any who follow me are aware I have not been updating my DA and my comic in some time. This is because I am currently in the progress of game designing. Yup, just me all by my lonesome. I started this project some time in October and I am very close now to finishing. No spoilers! All I will say is that it is a horror game and that I am quite proud of my work so far. From knowing absolutely NO coding, 3D modeling, you name it, I have almost finished making a game.

I am currently working on prettying it up and to make a game trailer so I can put it up on Steam and hopefully get it greenlit. I am quite sure it will.

I have also been working on numerous books: Beyond the Horizon, Allworld Chronicles, and Relentless: A Rust Story. Relentless is technically already written since it is based off of true events - it is currently half way written. I will continue working on Beyond the Horizon and Allworld Chronicles after I get some more work done on my game. I have a working alpha/prototype but I want to show it off on Steam soon to get the greenlight. After that I will pace myself on my game and go back to work on my books and my comics.

I have too many passions to complete in a single lifetime. But one can try. :)
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So, I started writing a new story. I have many stories but this seems to be flowing rather nicely. This is in large part to my recent contemplation on the nature of the universe (pseudo-scientist-mode-activated). I immediately thought of a story to go along with it. As chance would have it was holding a contest for "hard science fiction" stories. So, I got to work. I gathered material that I had already written from long ago, added my new thoughts to it, gave it a - VERY - slight polish, and BAM! I have a contest entry for a story. Within a period of 16 hours I have written 2 chapters or 4600 words. I cannot remember the last time I wrote so much. I do not believe that is the most I have ever written in a short amount of time but considering - just like my art skills - I have not written in a very long time I would call it a personal achievement.

The book can be found here. If you enjoy what I have so far consider backing the book so it can be published!…
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So today is my birthday (yippee!). Another year older. Another year wiser. In the case of this birthday - another year drunker. I drank more than I ever have in my life.... And I don't drink. Like, at all. Literally. None, zip, zilch, nada. Not going to lie, myself and everyone else are surprised at how well I hold it. So there is that. :)

Anywho, I am still working on the comic. OB&M is coming along smoothly, I have been busy fleshing out the characters and story line so that when I do get back to actually drawing the damn thing the pages should be coming out at a consistent rate rather than the sporadic rate they have been at. We shall see.

I am tired. One thing this alcohol is definitely doing it making me sleepy. So thank you to all who support my comic simply with views and to all a good night. :)
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Hello everyone!

I just felt like writing a quick journal update. I am still working on OB&M as well as a few other projects. I have also picked up animation again - which I started years and years ago but never truly pursued. So hopefully I will be able to put up some stuff soon. I am still doing style practice. I will try to get another page or two out soon between practice sessions. I would prefer to have me style set in stone before then but if I do that then the story will never progress. I have also started to write out the story itself rather than having a ridiculously long web-like outline. So hopefully that will help me churn out more pages since I have some story aspect set in stone.

I have been listening to a lot of music to help me get motivated and working. I cannot get two songs out of head - which I am listening to now. The Riddle by Nik Kershaw - though I am mostly listening to the dance version by Gigi D'Agostino, yay for Italian-euro-dance-remixs! - and Stamp the Ground by ItalioBrothers - who are actually German but perform Italian-euro music.

I am going to get back to work! Check back for updates soon. :)
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Greetings all,

I have been away for a little while. To put a long story short I have been trying to get a few things in order.

I have not been idle though. While I have not been working on my comic I have been working on my drawing abilities. I personally have not been satisfied with my style so I went back to basics and technique. I think it is starting to pay off.

I also seems that drawing while blaring anime-inspired music has been been increasing the quality of my work. Coincidence? Probably. But I am not about to break a decent streak. Hopefully when I actually get back to work on my comic it will show.

When will I get back to OB&M? Soon. The next few pages need a few more details sorted out. I consider myself to be rather creative with weapons, however... armor is tricky. I'll let you guys ponder that. ;)
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Finally graduated college with two degrees! Woot-woot!

With that out of the way hopefully I will have a little more time on my hands to work on comic drawing.

I have been getting some severe migraines recently which have made updating extremely difficult. Nevertheless, I pulled three all-nighters to start and finish pages 12 and 13. I hope everyone enjoys them. I also have been working on fleshing out a lot of the characters and the story-line so with a lot of luck (and maybe a dash of pixie dust) updates will be more often.
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I have been working extra lately with the free time that I currently have. I should be able to post another page soon. I also made some minor alterations to existing pages after noticing some flaws in them.

In other news, I now have advertising by ProjectWonderful so if you wish to bid for ad space on my site you are more than welcome. At the moment it is free ($0) so get your space now before someone else does! :)

For those of you who are not familiar, ProjectWonderful is an ad service that allows anyone to bid for space on sites.
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It is now 5 minutes to 7 in the morning where I am. I have not been able to work on the comic for a while so I tried to make up for it by pulling an all-nighter and finishing a page from start to finish. I hope everyone enjoys the series so far. A lot of love and sleepless nights are going into it.

The full comic can be found on:

I have also been working on my S.C.P. comic. I should have the first couple of pages finished soon.
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I took the plunge. I put my work on Patreon and launched ( Here's to hoping to making a living off of creativity. A dream come true, that would be.

In other news. I updated a few pages on the website ( I haven't gotten the updates on LINE just yet so I will be working on that tonight. All my progress up til now is up on Patreon. If you like any of my work consider donating even the smallest of amounts. Every little bit counts and bills (unfortunately) still need to be paid.
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Thank goodness for spring break. Because of it, I have been able to churn out more work than I have in the past two months. I have numerous pages of "Of Beasts and Men" done and they will be up on LINE (…) and my website (…) soon. My style has changed some (as was warned) but nothing too drastic. I personally think I am getting slightly better at drawing so it is nice to see I haven't become completely useless with a pencil (or a stylus in this case).
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Yet another sleepless night but not in vain.

I updated "Of Beasts and Men" on my website (
I submitted it to TopWebComics a day or two ago (…) so if you like what you see so far or think it is promising, please vote for it.
Tonight I submitted my comic so far to LINE Webtoons (…). Same principle applies here as does for TopWebComics.
I did some work on the comic itself.
I did even more practice sketches and refining my style. Hopefully I will have a solid and consistent style that will be satisfactory for the comic soon. One trouble I always have is reproducing something I have already drawn. So, I have been practicing drawing and redrawing the same characters and things over and over and over and over again. :dizzy: revamp

Pray for my sanity and good sleep. I shall need it in time. :)
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I have updated "Of Beasts and Men." The latest page can be found as usual on my website at or at

I am starting to work ahead and make up for lost time these past few weeks so I may be able to update on a weekly or a once-every-two-week basis. We shall see.

As per usual, I hope all enjoys my creatives. :)
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I have gotten a few pages done since my last journal entry. I am starting to get into a better pace of things, balancing other life-obligations and my hobbies. I personally believe that my work is getting better and better slowly yet surely which pleases me considering how long I have spent away from art. I have a lifetime to catch up on and I intend on doing overtime until I am finally at the level that I strive for. I will post the new pages on my website and some of them here on DA as soon as I finish and finalize a few more pages (just in case I need to add or remove something).

I shall get back to work. It is almost 2:30 in the morning... No rest for the wicked!
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It has been a long while since I have done any updates or any real drawing. For the past few months I have been too busy with school to really focus on drawing but now that I have some time on my hands I am going to be focusing more on my hobbies - such as drawing and my comic. However, in the past week or two I believe I have made some ground in that respect. I have posted the first few pages of a comic/manga I am doing called "Of Beasts and Men" which can be found on my website at I have finished the final touches on the prologue and I have started the first chapter (already putting the final touches on the first two pages of said chapter).

I am still working at my drawing skills that I have abandoned for way too long. I hope all enjoy my creative endeavors.

I am going to get back to work now. :)
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I have not posted anything in a while. This is mostly due to trying to get my drawing skills back from years of inactivity. I am pleased to say that it is coming along moderately-nicely. I have almost packed a sketch book full of practice drawings that I may upload at some point - perhaps others will find my practice sketches to be of some use in their own endeavors.

Aside from practicing drawing, I have been re-learning Photoshop and have even started my own comic! I have had the idea for the comic mulling in my head for a long time though at the time I was thinking more along the lines of a novel. But for some reason that eludes me I find that drawing out my story has led to less writer's block - and why it never occurred to me to draw comics instead of writing a book after years of try-and-fail I will never know. This is by far not my first story idea nor is it my first idea for a comic but it is one that I think I will enjoy starting with. I am still working out some details and brainstorming good titles but thus far I have two pages done and a third that will need some final touches. I suppose I will give greater details at a later date when I have more to post up but so far it will be a anthro-fantasy(-possibly sci-fi, still working that detail out) comic. Due to my learning process the style may change from chapter to chapter or even page to page but I plan on it being long-running. Needless to say I am excited. :)

Oh, my computer screen broke so work is going to come along slow. Thus far I have been relying on my eBay-new Cintiq as a screen. I have also gotten back into paintball so I split my time between rest, fitness, and drawing. Gotta stay healthy! :D
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Hello world! (as introductory programmers would say).

I have had this DeviantArt account for 6-ish years now and a previous account that is probably around 10 or so years now. Alas, I have used neither, much to my great regret. Many issues in life have made pursuing such things as art and leisure very difficult to nigh-impossible. So I today proclaim "no more excuses!" I have decided since last month to thoroughly pursue every avenue of art and creation that I have always wanted to pursue. First order of business? Hunt down and post every drawing, sketch and doodle I can track down from my dusty tomes of sketch books to scattered and lost scraps of paper hidden in the void of long forgotten boxes. I have 24 years of age on me and I shall no longer stand on the side lines and watch. Life is a game with no reset button and I intend on being a player. I am a Dreamer Rearmed...

**Player 1 has entered the game**

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