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2016/06/02 - Book Cover - Relentless: A Rust Story by RearmedDreamer 2016/06/02 - Book Cover - Relentless: A Rust Story by RearmedDreamer
Yet another book cover for yet another story. It seems I may have finally broken through a shadowy wall called writer's block that I have been battling for years and years. I finished a tenth, 1/10, 10th, 10% of this story in under 5 hours....... That is definitely a record for me.

This story is inspired by true events that occurred in the game Rust by Facepunch Studio. Garry Newman of Facepunch Studios actually gave me permission for reference Rust for my story which is beyond exciting.

Story info!

This is my second entry into the Nerdist video game contest. Why have two entries? For two reasons: (1) the first project is a passion project years in the making and this contests provided the perfect opportunity for it, (2) why not?

This story takes place in the world of Rust - developed by Facepunch Studios. If you are a gamer chances are you have heard or even played this game. This is a true game of "survival of the fittest." To be honest, Rust transcends typical game-hood. It is a social-survival-simulation.

The following story is based on true events. Names and locations have been changed for the players’ protection. This is the least developed of my stories... but it is coming along... fast. This story is one part fictionalization, one part act of recording Rust history.

I was compelled to write this story when tensions in a server broke out to epic proportions. The things that happened, the events that played out were as though they were in a movie and it was scripted.

These events were real. The players are real. Their emotions are real.

Welcome to Rust.…

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June 2, 2016
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