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The Detective and The Doctor

a design for a bag and later a tshirt :O you can buy it on redbubble!
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Hey, I love your work and this one is my favourite. I was wondering what programs you used for your work because the one I use is rubbish
13blackhats's avatar
Yeeeee. This is beautiful. I have all of the jellies.
PerkyPastry's avatar
I have this bag! Best bag ever :D
stephrc79's avatar
I looked, but I don't see it on redbubble...
AndyMagnuseth's avatar
wh-why do i suddenly feel like a Biker AU is neccessary
sherlock you can't smirk at me like that i get ideas
and not good ones either
PickleWeasel's avatar
Very neat! I love Sherlock's expression.
mei0023's avatar
How does this not have more comments? o_o Shut up and take my money!
Twinkel13's avatar
want thissssssssssssssssss
Ashbrie13's avatar
Dammit why do you make Sherlock so damn sexy? I'm fangirling obsessively over this.
Hatake-Kat's avatar
Benedict cumberbatch is naturally sexy:3
awaicu's avatar
Omg, I have this on a bag (got it from you at a convention this past year), but now it's on a t-shirt?! The amazingness never ends! :la:
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