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Power Couple

i accidentally kept calling this the power couple artwork and the name just stuck lol
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YES This is so awesome
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i cant stop admiring your art!
seriously wonderful work!
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Wow, I love this. It's all action-y! :D
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Shuddering because this is so perfect.
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Just bought this at AX and i love it! amazing artwork!
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this is beautiful!
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<3 This is cool.
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*-* Oh God. Bless
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Love it this art! Colors and lines!!! amazing work!
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hehe, Sherlock's furling coat does look rather Batman-y... suitable for Hatman?

I also like how John has a gun and Sherlock's all, bitch please, I have a magnifying glass.
they are perfect, together, as a power couple and in your drawing are even more amazing!!!
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You are one dA?!?! Excuse me, I'm going to go and favorite pretty much everything. I love your art!!!!
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Sherlock looks waaay hard core in this picture. Absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing!
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Fitting title really.
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This is so perfect! <3
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I am head over heels for you Sheerlock art!! It's Awesome!!!
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I want this hanging on my wall dammit!
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