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Play Softly

a commission for [link]

edit: if you want this on your tumblr blog, please reblog it from the source, don't repost it. i appreciate the link backs though.

original: [link]
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Hey love your work but what happened to pillow fort I can't see what happens to the lambs?

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I dont ship it

but hot dauym
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Fuck this is beautifull *-*
poppey40's avatar
This is beautiful.  Not that I'd expect anything less from you.  You're a fantastic artist.
Ace-the-FSMLC's avatar
So beautiful! <3 Really, really wonderful work!
love your johnlock stuff
licantropia's avatar
i love u Reapersun <3 *-* <3 your work is just delicious!

Greetings from Perú :D
Ame-Kunoichi's avatar
I. Friggin. LOVE. This. :stare:
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i love it when people include johns dog tags!
Its so moving... The way art should be.. makes you feel just by looking at it...beautifully done.
So..peaceful...quiet...and vulnerable..
Yaoi-Stuffs's avatar
Very nice image. The way Sherlock is holding the violin is bothering me, but it's still lovely.
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Your art is so beautiful!
Pheasanttail's avatar
Just noticed that Sherlock us wearing John's dogtags. D'awwww
PickleWeasel's avatar
Love the emotion in this!
Barenchine's avatar
Seen on Tumblr : I LOVE THIS. (and Sherlock's hair look so fluffy *.*)
Severen13's avatar
I love this pic....:love:
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so sweet! :love: this is one of my favorite johnlock pictures of all time!
animefreakhacker897's avatar
I don't understand how i can evenproduce this many tears. Reaperspun, you've whisked away my heart.
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I really feel like hugging someone when I see this picture (-0v0-)

and omg there is just so much going on in this pic that I want explain
oh god yes<3
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Awwww, this makes me want to cry! So well done, the expressions and body language especially... Just... *sniff*
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