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This list is for all traits and what they do and all items and what they do.

:bulletpurple: These are all the current traits and items, however more will be added over time. If you have an idea for an item or trait, comment on this journal! Not all will be accepted, mind you, but if I feel it'll work it'll be added and you'll get a the trait or item you suggested to add to one of your Siva's! 


:bulletgreen: Traits are earned from completing supplementary activities like Primary Discipline Training, Sivtag Introductory Course, as well as completing a gold score Basic training. There is also a small chance to earn them while completing the category they are under. So, if they are showing there is a small chance they could get a showing trait on every entry. Every breeding theres a small chance they can get a breeding trait, etc... More ways to earn traits may be added! 

:bulletgreen: Traits can be passed down to offspring. 
:bulletgreen: There is no limit to how many traits a Sivatag Can have!

Scoring/Showing/Working Traits:
Hoping for Gold- Adds +5 points to any scored activity
Stat Smarts - Adds +2 to all stats (these stats are counted for breedings) 

Breeding Traits:
Color Wonder - adds 5% to gene pass down rate (not base colors)
Powerful Parent - all offspring get an aditional +1 to each stat
Random Factor- Radomizer, chances of random genes showing up in the offspring

Exploring Traits:
Explorer - gives +1 roll each image
Nose for Treasure - adds 5% to finding rare items 
Money Bag - doubles all SC earned from traded in exploring items. 

Health Traits:
Injury Evader - decreases chance of getting injured by 5% 
Vitatlity - gives +2 hp in every healing


:bulletgreen: Items are equipped to the Siva or 'given' to the Siva and typically work with traits as well. 
:bulletgreen: Items can be bought or earned through many methods. 
:bulletgreen: A Siva can have unlimited items, but not doubles of the same item. 
:bulletyellow: Item images will be added soon! 

Breeding Items:
Fertility Supplement by ReapersSpeciesHub
Fertility Supplement- Temp +1 to litter, one time use, can only be used 1 at a time

Strange Stone Idol by ReapersSpeciesHub
Strange Idol - permanent item, gives 5% chance in all mutations

Exploring Items:
Explorers Map by ReapersSpeciesHub
- Map - allows Siva +1 roll for exploring - permanent

Showing and Working Items:

Biscuit Treat by ReapersMenagerie
Biscuit Treat: Gives temporary +5 to stats of choice (cannot be 1 single stat). 
- one use, can only be used 1 at a time

Bacon Treat by ReapersMenagerie
Bacon Treat: Gives Temporary +1 to stat of choice. 
- one use, can be used up to 3 at a time

Health Items:

Med Kit by ReapersSpeciesHub
Med Kit - can be used 5 times before it's gone - prevents injury

Vitamins by ReapersSpeciesHub
Vitamins - 1 time use, decreases chance of injury by 5%

Permanent Stat Point Items:
- if there is info in the item descriptions, just ignore it
- each type of item may be equipped to the Siva, but not more than one of the same item
- the stat points in these items DO NOT count towards breedings. 

Simple Bandana- Red by ReapersMenagerie Simple Bandana- green by ReapersMenagerie Simple Bandana- Blue by ReapersMenagerie
Bandanas: Adds permanent +1 Stat to your Siva
- only one can be equipped (color is your preference) 

Simple Collar- Brown by ReapersMenagerie Simple Collar- Black by ReapersMenagerie
Leather Collars: Adds permanent +2 stats to your Siva
- only one can be equipped (color is your preference)
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June 9, 2017
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