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Grey Squirrel Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Red Squirrel Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Black Squirrel Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub White Squirrel Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub

:bulletgreen: Grey Squirrel Pelt - 50 AT
:bulletyellow: Red Squireel Pelt - 100 AT
:bulletorange: Black Squirrel Pelt - 150 AT
:bulletred: White Squirrel Pelt - 200 AT

Red Fox Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Cross Red Fox Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Blonde Red Fox Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Silver Red Fox Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub

:bulletgreen: Red Fox Pelt - 200 AT
:bulletyellow: Cross Red Fox Pelt - 250 AT
:bulletorange: Blonde Red Fox Pelt - 300 AT
:bulletred: Silver Red Fox Pelt - 400 AT

Mule Deer Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Pied Mule Deer Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Cinnamon Mule Deer Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Sable Mule Deer Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub

:bulletgreen: Mule Deer Pelt - 300 AT
:bulletyellow: Pied Mule Deer Pelt - 350 AT
:bulletorange: Cinnamon Mule Deer Pelt - 400 AT
:bulletred: Sable Mule Deer Pelt - 500 AT

Elk Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub  Cinnamon Elk pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Silver Elk pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Blue Elk pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub

:bulletgreen: Elk Pelt - 450 AT
:bulletyellow: Cinnamon Elk Pelt - 500 AT
:bulletorange: Silver Elk Pelt - 600 AT
:bulletred: Blue Elk Pelt - 700 AT


Pinecone by Hellusination Toadstool by ReapersMenagerie  Blackberries by Hellusination Raspberries by Hellusination Lady Ferns by ReapersMenagerie

:bulletgreen: Pinecone - 50 AT
:bulletyellow: Toadstool - 100 AT
:bulletorange: Blackberries - 150 AT
:bulletred: Raspberries - 200 AT
:bulletblue: Lady Ferns - 100 AT


Dirt pile by Hellusination Worms by Hellusination Roots by Hellusination  Plain stones by Hellusination

Bullet; Green Pile of Dirt - 25 AT
Bullet; Yellow Worms - 50 AT
Bullet; Orange Roots - 75 AT
Bullet; Red Plain Stones - 100 AT

Crystal by ReapersSpeciesHub Agate by ReapersSpeciesHub Bumblebee Jasper by ReapersSpeciesHub Opal by ReapersSpeciesHub Green Jade by ReapersSpeciesHub
:bulletgreen: Crystal - 200 AT
:bulletgreen: Agate - 250 AT
:bulletyellow: Jasper - 300 AT
:bulletorange: Opal - 400 AT
:bulletred: Jasper - 500 AT

Emerald by ReapersMenagerie Ruby by ReapersMenagerie Sapphire by ReapersMenagerie Purple Tanzanite by ReapersMenagerie
:bulletgreen: Emerald- 800 AT
:bulletyellow: Ruby - 900 AT
:bulletorange: Sapphire - 1000 AT
:bulletred: Purple Tanzanite - 1,200 AT

Iron Ore by Hellusination  Silver Ore by ReapersMenagerie Gold Nugget by ReapersMenagerie

:bulletgreen: Iron Ore - 1,000 AT
:bulletyellow: Silver Ore - 1,500 AT
:bulletorange: Gold Nugget - 2,000AT 


You may find Junk items if your foraging rolls came up empty.
Tumbleweed by Hellusination Beetle Carapace by Hellusination Assorted Feathers by Hellusination Fish Scales by Hellusination  Old Peice of Leather by Hellusination

Bullet; Green Dried Weeds - 5 AT
:bulletgreen: Beetle Carapace - 10 AT
Bullet; Yellow Assorted Feathers - 20 AT
Bullet; Orange Fish Scales - 30 AT
Bullet; Red Old Piece of Leather - 50 AT
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Submitted on
November 14, 2017