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These Aurals have taken upon themselves to be the closest thing to a police force Najwa has. They have formed a coalition of Aurals that does not interfere with Clans who follow the principles of good. No stealing, no murder, no rape, pillaging, or otherwise nefarious behavior. They mainly patrol and guard neutral areas. They will track, hunt down, and take out Aurals who have done away with the principles of good. The Najwanian Guard was founded by a now long dead Oracle who was shown by the Gods what the principles of good were. They made a mantra to uphold, recruited 'soldiers', and founded the Najwanian Guard to help protect the innocent and helpess. 

Location: The Neutral zone between the Starfall Lakes. 

Daily Clan Life: The bulk of the clan is working daily and out of the territory. The Aurals that are left in the clan territory during the day keep intruders out and often live a great life. They never know harship. The hardest things that Najwarian Guard clan members go through is losing fellow members to evil and finding those they could not save. 

There is the subtle authority of ranks, but everyone is pretty equal. There are no omega's in the Guard as they are all found a place. They will also patrol around their neutral area to help others in need or who are lost. Some go out of their way to help clans in need. The patrols of warriors can be found in all points of the land and can be gone for months at a time. The warriors are often given a brand on their left shoulder that shows they are Guard. They go through this quick pain for the honor and saving others. 

Alpha Pair:

Alpha Kaliska by ReapersSpeciesHub  Alpha Abelio by ReapersSpeciesHub


Beta Ingrid by ReapersSpeciesHub  Beta Varg by ReapersSpeciesHub


NPC Healers:
Lead Healer:
Healer Mansi by ReapersSpeciesHub

Healer Niyol |*| by ReapersSpeciesHub

Non-NPC Healers:
[1 spot open]


NPC Warriors:
Lead Warrior:
Warrior Hosni by ReapersSpeciesHub

Den Guards:
Warrior Izel by ReapersSpeciesHub
(scares the hell out of the pups, but kept at the den because she's scare looking)

Warrior Farida by ReapersSpeciesHub  Warrior Xipilli by ReapersSpeciesHub

Non-NPC Den Guards:
[7 places available]

Non-NPC Warriors:
[unlimited slots available]


NPC Hunters:
Lead Hunter:
Hunter Piri by ReapersSpeciesHub

Non-NPC Hunters:
[unlimited spots available]


NPC Gatherers:
Lead Gatherer:
Gatherer Jeno by ReapersSpeciesHub

Non-NPC Gatherers:
[unlimited spots available]


NPC Scouts
Lead Scout:
Scout Duska by ReapersSpeciesHub

Non-NPC Den Scouts:
[7 spots available]

Non-NPC Patrol Scouts:
Unlimited spots]


NPC Caretaker:
Lead Caretaker:
Caretaker Donoma by ReapersSpeciesHub

Caretaker Ikram |*| by ReapersSpeciesHub

Non-NPC Caretaker:
[1 slot open]

Want to join the Najwarian Guard? Note the group with this form filled out:

[link coming soon]
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Submitted on
November 6, 2017