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What is the Log System?

The Log System is the series of comments on your Sindows import sheet. It is typically taken care of by admin, save for a couple things: breeding reservations and geno ownership transfer, these two things are taken care of by the owner of the Sindow. You may also post your Sindows tracker underneath the LOG comment. 

You can take a look at Arie here and check out how her Log is set up:
CRS Arachnophobia (#494) by ReapersSpeciesHub

:bulletgreen: Again, you only comment on the log system to reserve a breeding slot for another user to your Sindow. You will also only comment on the log system to transfer a geno that your female Sindow has produced to another user. And again you can post your tracker under the log. 

Trainings: Any training your Sindow does will be posted here by Admin with their score IF the training is scored! 

Breedings: This is where your breedings are posted and where you make your slot reservations. 

Breeding Certification: DO NOT respond to this comment with your breedings. This for admin to post your breeding certification pieces and score!

Items: Any permanent items are put here (by admin!). You do not post the item to your Sindow.

Achievements: Ownership updates as well as AP (Rank up) updates are put here. 

Show Entries: Anything done for Monthly shows are put here. 

Examples of Breeding slot reservations:… (this is the old layout, so you'll be responding DIRECTLY to the Breedings comment.) 

- It's a big help to you and the person using the slot for you to put what the slot is for (trade, gift, purchased) and if they should let you know before breeding plus any other breeding agreements, like who gets first pick etc... 

:bulletgreen: ALL discussions about breedings, who gets what offspring, etc... should be done anywhere but the actual import sheet. DO NOT have conversations in the log system.

Examples of Ownership Transfer:…

:bulletgreen: Again, all discussions about ownership should be done elsewhere. Don't have discussions in the Log system. 
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