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Map of Najwa by ReapersMenagerie

Basic Information:

Najwa is a continent located in it's own realm. There are no humans or human civilizations on Najwa. Aurals are the largest and predominate species. They are the only sentient species on Najwa. There are general fauna, birds, deer, snakes, etc... that are exactly what you'd find on earth and then there are the special fauna, like unicorns and other mythical creatures. Some are completely unique to Najwa. 

Najwa holds a variety of climates, ranging from desolate arctic regions to burning desert sands. Aurals may live in any region they please. 

Biomes of Najwa:

Arctic: The Arctic regions of Najwa are flat barren lands that are always covered in snow. They have one season, cold and snowy. Harsh blizzards and sting winds are common, creating snowy, icy dunes that can take on a variety of shapes. At night, if the skies are clear, the stars sparkle brightly. Aurora Borealis band across the sky. Very few animals inhabit this area, but seals are common prey.

Tundra: Summer is very short in the tundra, but there is a summer season in which plants, animals, and all life scrambles to hunt, procreate, and make the most of the warm weather and bountiful food. Moose, bear, fox, and caribou are common. Elevation ranges from flat lowlands with vast sparkling lakes, to mountain peaks and areas of pine forest. 

Mountain: There are other areas in Najwa that are mountainous, but the mountain regions are predominately jagged peaks. Boreal forest is common in the mountains. Cave systems are scattered throughout. Bioluminescent mushrooms and other strange underground plants can be found there. It's a rugged life in the mountains. Winters are typically longer and temperatures are colder, but there is a warm summer season. Mule deer, elk, bear, fox, and mountain lion inhabit these regions. 

Pine Forest: Pine forest is mostly pine, but that does not mean there are other trees in the forest. There are meadows and clear areas among the large proportion of pine trees. The forest floor is typically covered in a matting of pine straw and there is very little vegetation underneath the pines where they are most concentrated. Mule and Whitetail deer, elk, bear, fox, and mountain lion are common in these regions.  

Deciduous Forest: Filled with maple, birch, ash, and other deciduous trees, this region has four distinct seasons. Springs are typically rainy and mild, summers are warm, autumns are mild, and winters are cold, yet not devastating. There are meadows, thickets, sparkling rivers and lakes, the Deciduous forest regions are a great place to live. Whitetail deer, black bear, fox, and squirrel are commong in these regions.

Plains: vast and open prarie ranging into rolling foot hills. There are areas of trees, but they are intermitten. Seasons are a little warmer, but there are still four distinct seasons. Snow falls less for a shorter period of time. Summers can become scorching. As it extends into scrubland the plains become hotter. antelope, fox, jackal, and praried dog are common here. 

Scrub: the merging of plains into desert, scrubland is dry, but has a rainy season and a dry season. It can be a harsh place to live, but boutiful if you know the ropes. There are thickets of acacia trees, termite mouds, and cactus varieties. Antelope, camels, and fox are common here. 

Desert: Little rain falls here and when it does it's in small amounts. The desert is a harsh place, filled with dunes. The lucky Aurals who live here have laid claim over an oasis to call home. Other wise, sand expands forever. The Thana desert is rockier, having more mountainous regious and platues of red rock rather than the flat, vast expanse of the Bero. 

Tropics: Humid, hot, and a rainy and a dry season, the tropics are a place of paradise for some. Others see it as a place filled with poison plants and animals. Aurals that live here learn vast properties of the plants around them and know poisons and medicines like the back of their paws. Near the shore there are tropical beaches with clear blue water. 

Trading Routes and Neutral Areas

Trading Routes are highlighted above in the center map by yellow lines. Trading routes are ancient and have been around since Aurals started to travel their land. There are unknown trading routes and trading stands, not all have to travel. Sometimes a traveling band of traders will come through. This is how some Aurals in desolate areas get their food and goods. 

The large and well known trading stands are marked by red boxes. All well known trading stands are considered neutral areas. No fighting amongst different clans is allowed. Typically, neutral areas are used for festival gatherings and for friendly clans to meet in peace. Clans like to come together to trade gossip, knowledge, and news. The neutral areas are thought of as sacred, blessed by the gods. Only the most trouble making clans dare to cause problems in a neutral area. 

Points of the Warriors

During it's lifetime, an Aural may choose to go to the points of the Warriors to finish it's Journey to the Gods, visiting a sacred place where each Warrior has blessed. These areas are rarely visited due to the difficulty of the terrain around them. The Warrior Points are sacred areas and the sacred ritual, The Warriors Journey, is just another level of skill for an Aural. More about the Journey to the Gods here: Journey to the Gods

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