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What is the Coliseum?

The Coliseum is a place located in neutral grounds where Aurals from everywhere in Najwa go to test their strength against the beasts of the land. Any Aural can fight in the arena, no matter it's rank or stats. 

The Coliseam is a large, cicular arena made by Nature Energy Aurals who have grown trees so tightly together that there is no space between them and the walls are high, ending in the tops of those trees, so depending on the season, there may be leaves, there may not be leaves, it's up to you. A Nature Energy Aural will let opponents in and out of the arena. 

How the Coliseum works:

You will need a tracker journal to get your results. 

You will make a piece depicting your Aural fighting one of the arena beasts. Each beast has a difficulty level. This has nothing to do with how many stats your Aural has or the beast has, if just makes a longer battle, giving a higher chance of your Aural getting injured. 

Each opponent gets so many turns. The turns depend on the difficulty level of the beast your Aural is fighting. On each turn, your Aural has a chance of landing a hit or missing the opponent. The opponent has the same chance to hit or miss your Aural. If a hit is landed, 1-5 damage is rolled randomly. The fighter who has the most amount of damage at the end of the turns loses. 

If the winner is your Aural, you'll get a rewards roll. 

Can there be teams?: Yes! You may depict up to teams of three in the arena, but they must have an enemy depicted for each. It does not have to be an enemy of the same difficulty either. Each Aural will earn rewards and win/loose the battle separately. Just because one Aural wins in the team, doesn't mean anyone else will.

Are the Enemies/Aurals killed?: Aurals cannot be killed in the arena. The enemies are killed, yes, but try not to depict them dying violently, as you don't know the outcome of the battle.

Aurals do have a higher chance of injury during a battle! 35% chance of injury. 

Coliseum Loot and Trade in Prices: Coliseum Loot

Coliseum Enemies:

Easy Opponents: 3 turns
Sable Abominable Chupacabra by ReapersMenagerie  Abominable Chupacabra by ReapersMenagerie 

Medium Opponents: 5 turns
Crag Cat - Silver by ReapersMenagerie  Crag Cat - Tawny by ReapersMenagerie 

Difficult Opponents: 8 Turns
Emerald Sand Serpent by ReapersMenagerie Sand Serpent by ReapersMenagerie

Each Enemy has AAH and a T looking symbol beside them. This means average Aural height to give you a general size comparison of the enemy to your Aural. 

Art/Writing Requirements:

- Art must be larger than 300 x 300 pixels
- Art must be colored, clean, and have a BG at least
- Art must depict 75% of the Aural(s) battling and at least 50% of the opponent(s). 
- Writing must be more than 800 words
- You may depict up to three Aurals in each piece. 


- Submit your Entries to the Coliseum Folder and then to this log to get your results:…
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Submitted on
November 15, 2017