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Winter Phase Arctic Fox by ReapersSpeciesHub Blue Arctic fox by ReapersSpeciesHub Tawny Arctic fox by ReapersSpeciesHub Summer Phase Arctic Fox by ReapersSpeciesHub

:bulletgreen: Winter Phase Arctic Fox - 100 AT
:bulletyellow: Blue Arctic Fox: - 150 AT
:bulletorange: Tawny Arctic Fox - 200 AT
:bulletred: Summer Phase Arctic Fox - 250 AT

Harbor Seal Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Charcoal Harbor Seal Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Ribbon Seal Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Cream Ribbon Seal by ReapersSpeciesHub
:bulletgreen: Harbor Seal - 200 AT
:bulletyellow: Charcoal Harbor Seal - 250 AT
:bulletorange: Ringed Seal - 300 AT
:bulletred: Cream Ribbon Seal - 400 AT

Walrus Hide by ReapersSpeciesHub Sandy Walrus Hide by ReapersSpeciesHub  Sable Walrus Hide by ReapersSpeciesHub Piebald Walrus Hide by ReapersSpeciesHub
:bulletgreen: Walrus Hide - 300 AT
:bulletyellow: Sandy Walrus Hide - 350 AT
:bulletorange: Sable Walrus Hide - 400 AT
:bulletred: Piebald Walrus Hide - 500 AT

Polar Bear Pelt by ReapersSpeciesHub Cream Polar Bear by ReapersSpeciesHub Cinnamon Point Polar Bear by ReapersSpeciesHub Silver Polar Bear by ReapersSpeciesHub

:bulletgreen: Polar Bear Pelt - 450 AT
:bulletyellow: Cream Polar Bear Pelt - 500 AT
:bulletorange: Cinnamon Point Polar Bear - 550 AT
:bulletred: Silver Polar Bear - 700 AT


- The Arctic is not a viable gathering place. Here Aurals survive on mainly meat and trade for plants-


- the Arctic is not a viable digging place. The ground is always rock hard and that's it you can find dirt, being that it's covered in at least a foot of snow all year roun-


You may find Junk items if your foraging rolls came up empty.
Tumbleweed by Hellusination Beetle Carapace by Hellusination Assorted Feathers by Hellusination Fish Scales by Hellusination  Old Peice of Leather by Hellusination

:bulletgreen: Dried Weeds - 5 AT
:bulletgreed: Beetle Carapace - 10 AT
:bulletyellow: Assorted Feathers - 20 AT
:bulletorange: Fish Scales - 30 AT
:bulletred: Old Piece of Leather - 50 AT
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November 13, 2017
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