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What are Survival Trials?

They are three tests your young wild Sivatag Hound will take to prove itself in the pack. It is essentially basic training for your wild Sivatag Hound.

Trial 1: The Hunt - Hunting comes naturally, so it is typically the easiest step for a Sivatag Hound. Still, some don't do as well as others. Draw or write about your young Siva going on it's first solo hunt to prove itself. 

Trial 2: Shelter - On it's own, the young Sivatag Hound must be able to find shelter. This can be in a cave, a den in the ground, in a thicket of bushes, etc... It must be able to find a safe place to rest on it's own. Draw or write about your Siva finding a good place to rest. 

Trial 3: Fight- Your Sivatag must be able to defend itself from enemies. Draw or write about it fighting off a strange Siva or another large predator from it's reserve location (ei: African Savanna can be a lion). 


- You may depict up to three Siva's in one piece
- 80% of the Siva's body must be shown
- Art must be larger than 300 x 300 pixels
- Art must be colored and have a semi-detailed background (no hastily colored sketches)
- Writing must be more than 800 words per piece


These trials are not judge on the art, but art effort will add a bonus. They are judged by your Sivatag Hounds inborn skills. For these trials the Intelligence, Strength, and Speed stats will be judged. 

All three stats will be added up and you will earn a score based on the range your Sivatag Hound scored in. 
Current Stat range is 1-20, scores will be edited as more people get the Siva's stats up
**Score ranges may be edited

Effort Range: 1-10
- effort is compared to what you have in your own gallery

Gold Score: 56 -70
Gold Training Token [Wild] by ReapersSpeciesHub
+8 stat points 
2,500 SC
x1 Scoring or Health Trait (randomly chosen)

Silver Score:21 - 55
Silver Training Token [Wild] by ReapersSpeciesHub
+5 Stat Points
1,500 SC

Bronze Score: 4 - 20
Bronze Training Token [Wild] by ReapersSpeciesHub
+2 Stat Points
1,000 SC

Submit your trials to be judged here:…

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June 17, 2017
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